Matthew Gaines

Stole this from my big bro Dre’s Facebook post.
Matthew Gaines was a former slave who taught himself to read by using smuggled books because blacks weren’t allowed to educate themselves. After being captured numerous times from trying to escape from him slave masters, he was forced to work as a runaway slave until the emancipation. Gaines established himself as both a Baptist preacher and a politician.
Gaines eventually was elected as a Senator… of the Texas’s 16th district in the Twelfth Texas Legislature.he was a fierce advocate for public education,prison reform,the protection of black voters and tenant farming reformation. One of his greates contributions was his role in passing the Militia Bill, which created a state police force to combat against lawlessness and protect against voter intimidation.
He was eventually removed from his seat because he preached black pride and stated “in the eyes of god, blacks are as good as whites; they should have pride and hold their heads up even in troubled times.”
Just in case yall thought black history month was only for the first week of February like most schools….smh – Drae Perry

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