(Fohi Legend) Kris Stevens is My Guy!

Kris Stevens is Really MY GUY!!! I’ve been a fan of his since I was a 12 year old at ELks L.L. and old enough to know about Fontana baseball. Kris became a local hero back in the day when he was drafted 11th pick 3rd round  out of Fontana High to the Phillies A team (right behind Jimmy Rollins)in 1996. He maintained consistent stats (Click to view stats) and established a legitimate 6 year pro career ending in 2002. 

Not only is Kris a STAND-OUT ball player but hes also a all around STAND UP Guy as well. Anyone who knows him knows of his dedication to youth, baseball, Fontana Baseball, The City of Fontana, friends, and his family.  He was recently recognized by the FUSD Board as Lead District Safety Officer for his sole resolution in a Elementary School burgarlary where Kris responded by himself, unarmed, and completely secured the perimeter , detained the burgalar, and retained the stolen property! (Click to view article ) The dude is ICE cool. Theres nothing that can faze him and I love and admire it about him sincerely.

He’s always been a great example, coach and mentor for me and Ive always felt he personally cared for me. I’ve always been an edgy affilate of anybodies. But Kris has always accepted me and treated me as a lil brother since I the first time meeting him.  I think he means so much to the city of Fontana, and it’s Baseball community but what I really appreciate about Kris is his dedication. The Guy is so much heart and it shows in everything he does. From Baseball to Life. From his family relationships with his wife, son, brother, and pops, to all his baseball relationships with pro colleagues, moms and dads from his boys traveling teams, to the players on that team, (Go Aztecs)and many other fontana alumi ballers that have grown up idolizing or envying him and his curveball. He is completely genuine and gives his best effort no matter the situation. The Guy is an awesome example of personable and quality character and I feel such a privilege to have considered as his friend and him mine. Thats why Kris Stevens is my Guy!! 

Just a lil recognition for a stand up Guy who means so much to his community #FontanaBoyzUp!

His card is still available on ebay if you still want to support my guy and what he represents. (click the link)


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  1. -Eric Arnel
    Nice..!! Great Article Mark its actually dead on…!! Kris is genuinely and good dude… Straight up and very passionate about the things he believes in!!! He was an Icon to us as kids never thought id know him personally!!! And the Curveball your not kidding brotha the curveball was waayyy too Nice…!! I have to credit Kris with teaching me so much about P in one short season when I was never really a Pitcher…!! I have to give him all the Credit for my Curveball which he taught me as well as the Change up which both have sooo much movement!! I only play in a Sunday league but every time someone comment to me man dude your Curveball is Nasty, sick, etc it reminds me of Kris!!! Good up the Goodwork Kris keep inspiring ball players!! And Mark my Boi great writing keep it up!!!

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