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Mark and Tom

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Court shit

Most things I don’t care for I don’t have an oppinion of– court ain’t one of those. If I ever had a strong oppinion the shit is on my loathe for court, court houses, court cases and court shit.

Muse Magazine: Chiwan Choi

Muse Magazines – Editors Lunch 2.

861859_10151329710507006_271835669_nMuse Magazine had the opportunity and privilege to interview Chiwan Choi and his sidekick
“Silent Charlie” this week. Chiwan Choi is a very established writer native to Los Angeles by way of Paraguay and Korea. He is the founder of Wednesday and author of two books of poetry, Dog fuzz on the ass crack, Tim out of space, and Lo-fidelity Lovesongs. He also is the the Chief Executive of his own publication company Writ Large Press, along-side of his wife Judeth Oden Choi who also writes. He has returned to LA after receiving his MFA in dramatic writing from Tisch School NTU. The interview was set in our “Editor’s Lunch” and based upon the questions of our editor’s staff and their inquiries of publication.

The Lunch was as fun and entertaining as any editor’s lunch could be. All the comically and jovial personality Choi conveys in his writing is absolutely amplified within his presence.  Through an short afternoon of quick pun, cleaver wit, and blatant realism– we were able to get some key points and direction from the seasoned writer.

  • You need a power structure – divide responsibility
  • Always get Physical proof copy
  • Make sure page numbers and TOC match
  • Create a power structure and delegate responsibilities referring to editorial aspects of publish.
  • You have to have a perspective
  • Stats say it’s going to fail in 2 years, so do whatever you want.
  • Editors need to have a little arrogance beyond confidence
  • Know what your publishing
  • For Self Publication : Go the chap book route first photocopy, fold, staple
  • Marketing by readings
  • Readers v. profits
  • Decide what you want

Through all of the great advice and practical knowledge Choi’s message to our editors was mainly this:  what is the purpose of writing and publishing poetry?

You have to have a Perspective and an objective in consideration to publication. “ You are what you publish” was a statement that stuck with me from the interview.

In a recent article of why Choi has chosen to end his 25 year career as a distinguished poet he wrote this:  “What I’ve been wondering is how publishing helps/hurts readership. Is a writer going to have a bigger readership by having a book published by a traditional publisher or poems published in a subscription journal or is that actually going to make a writer’s possible reader pool smaller?”

I think this should be a relevant consideration to any publisher or editor when considering content to fill a publication.

The Bat Cave – Rialto Ave


The Bat Cave

The Bat Cave – Rialto Ave

a relentless ambition

Im going to try to blog from my new phone my mommaz got me and see how it go………. Ive been thru so much shit in my lifetime. so many loes and so many woes. I’ve been broke,broken,and just plain fucked up so many times the shit is dumb. But im saying that to attest to my fuckin fortitude towards my ambitions. It’s such an inspiration to look outside of myself in the midst of depression, transgression, oppression and a destructive aggression to see a determined mfka not only perservering through, and progressing toward,but accomplishing everything he aspires to accomplish. it seems no matter what the circumstance or how dire the situation, im going do whatever the fuck i want to do despite and in spite of it all. Ive never been in such a severe situation as ive pickled into now but, its so comforting to see such a resilent spirit evoke from inside me. im truly in awe with the grit and out right audaciousness ive shown in this present crunch i made. i think life is what you doing and not so much what youve done and not at all what you are going to do. i just admire my consistant will to manifest the ambition i have. the shit is relentless!

My Peeplez… Matthew Pettegrew

Matthew Pettegrew

Rest In Paradise Matt Pettegrew

Riverside County, California — March 16, 2013

Officials say a motorist died after crashing his vehicle into a tree in Beaumont Saturday afternoon.

According to California Highway Patrol, 28-year-old Matthew Pettegrew of Fontana was traveling in his sport-utility vehicle on Interstate 10 near its intersection with Pennsylvania Avenue when he lost control around 1:40 p.m., left the roadway, and struck a tree.

Mr. Pettegrew died at the scene. He was not wearing his safety belt at the time of the wreck.

Officials are conducting an ongoing investigation to determine the cause of this incident……..

Rest in Paradise to my boy Matt Pettegrew! On march 17th I woke up to a text asking have I heard about Matt P.  My heart sunk immediately anticipating that something may have happened to him. I called a couple close friends that were closer friends of Matt’s only to receive the worst confirmation of my worries. My homie Matt died this Thursday March 16 in a car crash out in Beaumont. Im not sure of the details but Im so sad my such a good dude is gone and Im again reminded how fragile anybodies life is. Such a Big and Gentle guy never deserved such a fate. I love bro, thanks for always loving me homie and Ill miss you as long as Im alive.  rest in paradise -Mark Howard

Take the City

Take the City.

(Arkansas Abortion Laws)

A Human Heart-beat -(Arkansas Abortion Laws)

In the midst of a new pope, mass murders, Chris Dorner, and gun control – Abortion has taken a back-seat in the ordering of social issues. This month the issue has resurfaced with an eruption. Arkansas legislature has passed bill to revise and toughen the already strict “deadline” for the abortion of a child fetus.  The law will prohibit most abortions after about 12 weeks of pregnancy and is the most restrictive abortion law in the United States. The bill and its passing have marked Arkansas as a sort of ground zero in the battle over women’s/abortion rights in the country.

int_22WK_02aborted fetus_thumb[4]

Under the Arkansas Human Heartbeat Protection Act, which is scheduled to go into effect later this summer, women seeking an abortion who are at least 12 weeks pregnant will be required to undergo an ultrasound. If a heartbeat is detected, the abortion would not be permitted.  In addition to signing   legislature banning insurers who participate in an exchange created under the federal health care law from covering abortions in February, Arkansas’ Gov. Mike Beebe, despite great opposition, issued veto of the controversial Human Heartbeat Protection Act this march. Gov. Beebe and the bills lobbyist have claim that their vote revolves around the states’ consequent attempts to protect and save lives, particularly the unborn life. Read the rest of this entry

RIP Brandon Knight

Knight was in the wrong place at the wrong time last night. Jordan caught a Lob from Chris Paul and emotionally killed Brandon Knight.

DeAndre Jordan over brandon Knight March 11th 2013

The dunk was quickly dubbed the “best of the year” by sportscasters, basketball fans, and teammate Blake Griffin.




-Victor Garcia (Ragz II Royalty)

Happy Birthday Lady T.

Photo: Happy Birthday Teena!

Happy Birthday to my favorite woman ever. She would have been 57 today. I love her and miss her so much. Lady T. I always felt like Her voice nurtured my soul I loved and love her as she was my mother. Ill never forget her spirit the impact she made as an artist and as a soul Woman. Rest in Paradise Ms. Teena #StarChild


The Gritz on…. Gun Control

An objective opinion– not influenced by personal feelings, interpretations, or prejudice; based on facts and unbiased!

Gun control

By Mark Anthony Howard (The Gritz)

Gun control is at the fore-front of every political campaign, and the fore-issues on the America agenda across the county. The issue has spread as a wild fire in the realms of American forum. But what is Gun Control exactly? And why do we need it? Gun Control is any law, policy, practice, or proposal designed to restrict or limit the possession, production, importation, shipment, sale, and/or use of guns or other firearms by private citizens among others.

Gun Control Laws and policy vary greatly around the world. Some countries, such as the United Kingdom, have very strict limits on gun possession while others, such as the United States, have relatively modest limits. The debate grows on the role of federal law their responsibility in the adapting of legislature to limit and moderate the sale and purchase of guns, gun types, and ammunition. The topic also remains a source of intense debate with proponents generally arguing the dangers of widespread gun ownership, and opponents generally arguing individual rights of self-protection and individual liberties such as the second amendment. Read the rest of this entry

The Book of the Month – Wild at Heart

My brother Chris Duran and I are talking of starting a book club. We intend to read one book a month and possibly meet twice a month or to discuss the chapters. This Months book is Wild at Heart by John Elderedge. I think this is one of the best books Ive ever read if not the absolute best. I love it and I think you will too. Its not to late to join and catch up. Just order or check out the book and tell us your reading it.

Ill do a weekly review of the chapters up until the months end.

A Bible Book of Mark’z chapter 7 (Draft)

some shit Im working on… I think its pretty good and coming along pretty well check it out….

a bible book of Markz

I speak of myself with the authority of christ and our heavenly father. I speak of the wisdom that have enabled me to receive. I speak not to boaster of my quality for it is only of my christ and my fAther thT i am any. I speak lovingly as paul to timothy and and to the thesselonikas. (θεσσαλονικης) I speak to my flock as my lord jesus spoke those great crowds. I speak to touch the hearts pure and in search of godly understanding. I speak of my self and the benefits I have know from my spirituAl resemblance of my lord yeshua the Christ. My mimic of the Christ has unstricken me of fleshly bounds. Those sceptical of my Anointing envy my freedom. It is through the christ and my mimic of him that i am free. I speak of my freedoms through christ and i speak at this instant specifically with concern of judgement. Iam free of judgement because I have judge none!
Of what authority does a man have to condemn judgment upon his brother? as David judged the parable of Nathan man has past judgements upon his brother and his fellow as if his own folly is none. As a perfect Christ- Jesus our lord made judgment of no soul in his walk through life. Amidst a deceitful test of scribes the pharisees brought a woman to my lord and spoke of Moses law of adultery which she had broken and suggest she be stoned. Jesus answered “let he who u has no sin. Cast the first stone. “My lord exclaims….. “U judge according to the flesh. I judge no one”. Is this not Godly wisdom?Is it not Godly wisdom to mimic such character?

Through the entire earthy life example of my Christ his lips condemned none. It is he I aspire to be such. It is he whom enables me to be free. The spirit of Christ can not be bound as with the flesh. And I have witnessed the works of the Christ. I have known them as I have known my own experiences. Some say to know as to have known of. I say I have know the Christ spirit as Adam knew Eve. I have known my Christ Love and My heavenly fathers love intimately and I shall never part from it nor forget! I am the Good Witness. My heart has known the truth and As I mature it burst with overflow of passioniate love. I have known the Love and reciprocation of the Almighty Yahweh and I speak to you with the authority of Christ in regards to its benefits. I speak to my flock in regards to Judgement; To obstain from it is to free yourself from its burden and its obligation. For the Judgement of God is of no mans strength to hold. And it is he that has Judged his brothers woes and folly that shall carry the gravity of Yahweh’s judgement for he is the only appointed Judge of men. So says Christ Jesus Amen.

Japan looks real serious about three peat coming out the first weeks Pools A & B! check out the scores. Cuba looks nice too though.

RCC Muse Magazine

 MUSE is the annual literary journal of Riverside City College, published each spring. We publish poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction/memoir, art, and short interviews.

To produce a quality literary journal at the community college level, enabling student participants to apprentice in all elements of the process–from writer correspondence to editorial selection, planning and design, printing, proofing/copyediting, promotion, advertisement, budgeting, networking, release events, and distribution.Students also gain current knowledge about the evolving landscape of literary publishing on a wider scale, studying the work of local boutique and regional presses as well as journals with international circulation–including traditional print, on-demand, hybrid, and exclusively electronic formats.


We accept unsolicited submissions between September 1 and February 15 each year. Any work received outside of this window will be discarded. All artwork is solicited in a separate process by staff.

Submission specs: Up to 3 poems, OR 1 prose piece of 1500 words or less (fiction/CNF/memoir) plus cover letter with short bio + email and SASE.

… Mail your work to:
MUSE Literary Journal
Riverside City College
4800 Magnolia Avenue
Riverside CA 92506

Write and Wrong

All I want to do is Write….. Because everything else is Wrong!  – Mark Anthony Howard (The Gritz)


Smh Excuse my title. lol. Thats I feel right now though. Im brilliant in the sense of raw ingenuitive thought. I manufacture completely original parables and practical perspectives on a daily basis. But I think this same brilliance distracts me from basic tasks and focus on less challenging things like not losing keys and not locking your door when you dont have them. smh. It dont take a Smart nigga to realize I do some dumb ass shit on a pretty consistant basis. I’m a fucking Liability in any instance because my brain aint even on earth most times. I be strategize and analyzing some major 2060 shit. and I cant figure out what the fuck is going on in 2013. Im like a smart ass dumb nigga.

Letterz 2; Kelvin Moore

I hate so dearly to see people lose the people that they love so dearly. I just want to pray out loud for my guy Kelvin Moore and the amount of strength I see him manufacturing in process of losing his father. Most people have some type of recentments or some type of regrets towards parents and letting them go stirs some type of anger or bitterness. This is not the case at all in regards to Pastor Moore Sr. His son Kelvin has to deal with passing memories of great guidance, loving expressions, and remnants of a Great Dad that truly cared for him, his siblings, and anyone he ever came in contact with. It’s hard to let people go, but Its evident in Kelvins spirit that it is even harder to let GOOD people go. All of my love and blessing to you big brother, your fam, and the console of the void in your soul. I know you’ll miss your pops forever, and I absolutely support you in your remembrance of him and your grief for the loss of him. Love, Respect, and Regards Sincerely. your friend.  

Mark Anthony Howard (The Gritz)