A Bible Book of Mark’z chapter 7 (Draft)

some shit Im working on… I think its pretty good and coming along pretty well check it out….

a bible book of Markz

I speak of myself with the authority of christ and our heavenly father. I speak of the wisdom that have enabled me to receive. I speak not to boaster of my quality for it is only of my christ and my fAther thT i am any. I speak lovingly as paul to timothy and and to the thesselonikas. (θεσσαλονικης) I speak to my flock as my lord jesus spoke those great crowds. I speak to touch the hearts pure and in search of godly understanding. I speak of my self and the benefits I have know from my spirituAl resemblance of my lord yeshua the Christ. My mimic of the Christ has unstricken me of fleshly bounds. Those sceptical of my Anointing envy my freedom. It is through the christ and my mimic of him that i am free. I speak of my freedoms through christ and i speak at this instant specifically with concern of judgement. Iam free of judgement because I have judge none!
Of what authority does a man have to condemn judgment upon his brother? as David judged the parable of Nathan man has past judgements upon his brother and his fellow as if his own folly is none. As a perfect Christ- Jesus our lord made judgment of no soul in his walk through life. Amidst a deceitful test of scribes the pharisees brought a woman to my lord and spoke of Moses law of adultery which she had broken and suggest she be stoned. Jesus answered “let he who u has no sin. Cast the first stone. “My lord exclaims….. “U judge according to the flesh. I judge no one”. Is this not Godly wisdom?Is it not Godly wisdom to mimic such character?

Through the entire earthy life example of my Christ his lips condemned none. It is he I aspire to be such. It is he whom enables me to be free. The spirit of Christ can not be bound as with the flesh. And I have witnessed the works of the Christ. I have known them as I have known my own experiences. Some say to know as to have known of. I say I have know the Christ spirit as Adam knew Eve. I have known my Christ Love and My heavenly fathers love intimately and I shall never part from it nor forget! I am the Good Witness. My heart has known the truth and As I mature it burst with overflow of passioniate love. I have known the Love and reciprocation of the Almighty Yahweh and I speak to you with the authority of Christ in regards to its benefits. I speak to my flock in regards to Judgement; To obstain from it is to free yourself from its burden and its obligation. For the Judgement of God is of no mans strength to hold. And it is he that has Judged his brothers woes and folly that shall carry the gravity of Yahweh’s judgement for he is the only appointed Judge of men. So says Christ Jesus Amen.


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