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Gun control

By Mark Anthony Howard (The Gritz)

Gun control is at the fore-front of every political campaign, and the fore-issues on the America agenda across the county. The issue has spread as a wild fire in the realms of American forum. But what is Gun Control exactly? And why do we need it? Gun Control is any law, policy, practice, or proposal designed to restrict or limit the possession, production, importation, shipment, sale, and/or use of guns or other firearms by private citizens among others.

Gun Control Laws and policy vary greatly around the world. Some countries, such as the United Kingdom, have very strict limits on gun possession while others, such as the United States, have relatively modest limits. The debate grows on the role of federal law their responsibility in the adapting of legislature to limit and moderate the sale and purchase of guns, gun types, and ammunition. The topic also remains a source of intense debate with proponents generally arguing the dangers of widespread gun ownership, and opponents generally arguing individual rights of self-protection and individual liberties such as the second amendment.

In the bill of Rights, the Second Amendment to the Constitution reads:

“A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”

The second amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees the right of citizens to keep and bear arms. As of 2011 approximately 47% of America adults report that they have a gun in their home or elsewhere on their property. Lawmakers in the politically moderate state of Colorado are considering a package of gun control measures, including plans that would limit ammunition magazines to 15 rounds and expand background checks to include private sales and online purchases. Both measures cleared democratic controlled committees on 3-2 party-line votes but still need approval form the full senate, which could debate the bills as soon as this week.

The reason for all of the debate is no debate at all. It seems to be a growing fad for emotionally and socially disturbed lunatics to commit rampaging mass- shootings in heavy populated community areas. The possibility that such incidents can happen anyway at any time are an absolute disruption to the peace of mind in every American state, city, town, and mind! The demand for some legislative change and attempt at minimize such a horrific trend is become a roar. Take a look at the recent mass shooting incidents that involve ridiculously high powered weaponry and some endless supplies of ammunition.

For the American people and their government, it is hard to pin point a sensible resolve to such senseless murders. As these incidents occur in every region of the country, restricting civilian access to these weapons is not a state specific problem. The federal government is responsible for nationwide issues and needs to take action to protect all Americans. There may be little anyone can do for the deranged lunatic with a terrorist ambition. But by reinstating the ban on large capacity ammunition magazines they may be taking a step in the right direction. What do you think?

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