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A quiet Man

The Spirit of a Quiet Man speaks so Loud….


Gritty Quotez

“it takes a winner to lose for his principles” – Gritz

letterz 2 Shame #4

whats up daddy. Im super proud of you and all the lil cool shit you do.  I like how comfortable you are with yourself. keep up the good work k. popz got a lot going on right now.   I wish I could explain it to you better, but I just like to see you safe, happy, and healthy.  Im tryna set u up mini mogul style by j.High. so keep reading and focus on your biz gBaby. I love u.  muah.

A Heavenly Watch

I fuckin love the moon!  Ever since I was lil I felt like it was following me and watching over me. I still think that’s the case. Especially when its full.

The more I learn of God the more practical I learn things are. Everything has a reason and purpose. I think gods practical purpose for the moon is to watch over, and out for–mark. 

That’s truly how I feel and what I think-no bullshittin. I love feeling like that too. It’s so comforting a feeling to know God would put such a dynamic element in place just


constantly reassure a nothing ass nigga that he is loved, relevant special, and cared for. I appreciate that shit so much that I love it. I thank Yah for loving me and I thank God for my moon. “Goodlookin” (wink)

Word of the month

Dissemble : to put on a false appearance : conceal facts, intentions, or feelings under some pretense

Fuck eve

Selfish ass… If God gave you a perfect man who loved you in a paradise of endless pleasures for you and all your children– you’d throw it all away.  You dumb bitch.

And Adam u sucker for love ass mufuckka. How could you acccept a woman’s foolishness as your own.  Let that bitch eat poison on her own. U think Jehovah wont give u a new one with bigger titties? U got 11 more ribs fool.

I’m not the judge but hands does ables blood really have account. Poor Able. Imagine his flock in perfect conditions. Instead he be the first victim to death. Did his mother consider him ? Ol’ Selfish ass.

Poor Cain imagine his fruitage in paradise conditions. What did he know of jealousy rage and death. He didn’t mean to kill his brother. Cain did not know what death was nor that it was possible. Thanks mom. Did she think of him and his aggression?

Im still not her judge but o think it was selfish as fuck  to compromise your man and your childrens provisions in paradise
To satisfy her mischievious curiosity for her only restriction.  Pretty women don’t listen to shit though.

Auntie Josh and Angelica

Jocelyn Craven is my angel. Shes been so nourishing to my spirit as a troubled child. Even just as impressionable child my auntie was always so genuinely loving. I feel that her love shows so much through the reflection of her children and grand children as well.


My auntie has nourished so much love in her daughters and there children that its overwhelming to me at times to feel how strong and genuine that they all love me. I feel guilty some times at how free there love for me is. Its like I didnt do any thing to deserve so much agape from one direction.
They really make me want to do better.

I really dont want to Let them down. Especially my little grown cousin I want to be example budd and doshas boys but I also want to be a good compliment to Angélica’s brilliance too.

I dont want her to feel so lonely in her success and potential that it limita her. I want her to feel comfortable to go as far as she can and feel confidente that her family is capable of keeping up and following her lead I think Angélica is such a blessing to my/out family.

Through such an Ángelic spirit of my auntie and my cousin tamika. I think aun~ge~leek is like god’s golden child in out family. And I love her,her mom,her daddy, her brother, her sisters,her grannyz, her grammy, her auntie,her auntie babyz, her mind, her spirit, her smile, her love, and he example.

Thank you auntie for loving me and showing me i could have such a warming spirit and thank u angelica for being such a great example/extention of that loving spirit. I love u guys.





Shit aint even that bad. You just have to lean upon God sometimes. I used to be so stuck on hustle Boy shit that I actually started believing in myself and my grind more than my God. In reality hustle-shit became my god. And any dummy could tell u how Long that shit last. Idolatory come in alot of forms. I feel that alot of niggas my age fall in love with flossing and broadcasting themselves as a particular image. Truth is balling is not realistic all the time. Deeper truth is the shit aint even practical sometimes.

I Guess its just a young niggas vice to want to succeed by any means neccessary. I can identify with that closely. But what I cant identify with is the necessity to portray as successful in your struggles or to portray more successful than actual.

I just feel that I can only portray of myself what is actual of myself. Shit life is life; sometimes you up, sometimes you down. Sometimes im rich, this time im broke. Lol.

I dont when see the shame in it. Shame on broke a nigga trying to act like he aint though. Just get it how you live. Focus on better and keep growing. Broke ain’t broken. There’s always a fix. Especially when your focus on fixing the actual issue and not the just the presentation.

RIALTO: Man shoots stripper

RIALTO: Man shoots stripper in face, kills self

A 20-year-old female stripper was shot in the face by a male customer during a private dance at the Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen’s Club in Rialto on Thursday, April 17, 2013. The man then shot himself. The stripper was taken to the hospital and is in serious condition.

Crazy as fuck

My worst is my best and my best comes from the worst shit u could imagine. 

I been thru so much of myself. The width of my personality exposes me to so many Highs regardless of of my lows. How can u balance ur inbalance?…

Just Pray and try.

Fuck it up and suck it up. pick up all the broke piece and puzzle again.

Everytime i figure myself out i shuffle my deck and deal myself back in.

Everytime i ever win i lose but now matter how many times i lose im always gonna win. 

Thats just Mark. Crazy as fuck. And dont give a fuck. Shit just is what it is and it aint what it aint. So i never gave a fuck about what Nobody think.

My raw ingenuitive brilliance derives from compensation to my ignorance.

Satan hate me but god love me. Demons curse me but angels bless me.

Balance is Contradiction. Im crazy as fuck. Watch how much brilliance reflect from darkness.

Sunday verses 1.0

My god has been great to me. I sincerely feel his spirit in my heart. I appreciate his provision and his love and feel that my life’s purpose had never loosened from the love by which god and I have entwined ourselves.

I want nothing else in my life and for my life than to be wanted by god. Through all my good my bad my up and my down I feel that I have achieved that. I feel that I have been initiated as a man by god and he says that I am good If all roads lead to god which have I taken can anyone say was wrong. If god is my direction and my destination in which point in my journey can u say that I was lost.

My name is Mark Howard. My story is an evolution of a quality character of strength , grit and valor and his intimate love affair with God almighty!

I am relentless in my search for love and I have found it. From this moment forth shall they witness the benefit of holy spirit. Along side Authenic character and relentless seek of the kingdom no such earthly person with ever question the will of my father and the work he has done, will do, and is doing through me.

The almighty is all knowing and I trust so dearly in his wisdom. Ive grown to consider myself as a submissive lover in analogy of my relationship with god and I love it – Gritty

A Gritty Message vlog #1

JG Baseball Poker Tournament/Fight Party Fundraiser

JG Baseball Poker Tournament/Fight Party Fundraiser!!!!!
Date: Saturday May 4, 2013
Time: 5pm
Poker Game Start Time:6pm
Fight Time:7/8pm
Location: TBA
Buy Ins-$50
Re Buys-$20
Non Poker player: $25 (Entry Fee)
Other Games: Dominoes, Spades, Cards and More!!!
Food/Drinks: Included
(All proceeds go to JGB travel and uniforms/hats). Come party and have a great time with the JGB family! Thanks for all the Love a support! One Love! 

Latino Nigga?

Umm I don’t know what to call this but if you know me as a person I don’t just let things that bother me slide for longer it takes me to consider a reasonable address to it. I like to address things directly and head up. So me just being me this is a general address what I’ve noticed…

I’m just disturbed by how many Latino kids are using the word “nigga.”First I notice them (them as in those Latino kids using the word nigga) dressing it up in text as nikka and nicca then just saying fuck it and throwing full nigga out.

The shit is very disrespectful especially in the loose context they use it in. It doesn’t make any type of sense to me why this would be exceptable. It doesn’t make me angry but the shit does bother me that they think that shit is cool. Shit is really crazy when theyve (they as in Latino kids using the word nigga) become so comfortable that they use it with and in front of black people. (Scratching my head)  Sad shit when u that ignorant or that bold.

The shit really bothers me when I see it online. That’s terribly disrespectful. As a personal advocate I like people to be free to say and do what they want but there should always be a line. And cultural lines should be the hardest line.

A cultural line is very disrespectful to be ignorant to. I don’t know what struggle you could have gone through to make yourself identify with the one blacks have owned collectively in the rootage of the word nigga and nigger but I guess I missed it.

“Nigga”is not the same as the word “nigger”. “nigga” is a Black word that is not used by all Blacks but should only be used by Blacks.

Just because you listen to rap on your droid or iphone– Big Sean and Yg lyrics don’t make you a Black person.  Have some respect. – Gritz

Lets talk / less talk

Everything ive been through shows on my face. My spirit is loud as fuck. But you too nosey to hear me and way to touchy to feel me?the more you talk the less u say and  The more u communicate the less u relate. I stay to myself ’cause im selfish. I stay to myself ’cause im selfless and anything I can do to help id truly give my life for.
Not just to say it but to do it And in the actualization of going through with it, ive never been reciprocated. And that aint fair. Thats why I just cool out ’cause u cant be mad at things that u already aware to. U cant unexpect the things that youve already prepared to.
I already know how shallow deep conversations with bitches is[sic] and im way to real as a man to even fake that im interested.
I just want peace in my days and a peaceable way
And ill go about it peaceably with nothing to say.