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I’m tired

Jehovah save me.

I’m tired

I’ve fought to say I’m yours.

I’m tired

I’ve given life all I’ve had
And all that I am

I’m tired

I’ve wondered with no home

I’m tired

The dead rest in peace but I live in agitation

And I’m tired

My anxieties compound
And my struggle has no cease

Im tired

My faith in you is deep
But my faith in life is weak

Im tired

Let me be as Enoch And take me.

Im tired


Watch Your Mouth

I think my writing holds so much weight because I don’t have much to say. A person’s opinion loses its validity when it chimes in loosely on everything without any applicable eduction, authoritive insight, or relative experience.  Sometimes you just have to  know when to shut the fuck up!
Less is alot more in the case of relative opinion. A reserved mouth says a lot more than words. In my case it speaks of my integrity and my sincerity without having to say anything. My short verbage and Long consideration is like visa….Every where I go i’m respected and accepted. – Gritty

Fragile satisfaction

Day to day
Minute to minute
Pussy only happy when u in it…

Letterz 2: leenie


Tina Marie Gilbert

I keep thinking about my big sister. Most people that only know me lite weight never even knew I had an older sister. She a lot of my closeted truths. She something else. She is so genuine and so loving but she so fucked up and so losted. I really be worried about her.
I don’t feel like I pray enough for her, do enough for her , or try hard enough for her. But the shit is so sad to me because I don’t think anything.I do can help my sister. I wanna help her so bad.

I hate to see her sad and lost and doing the same shit that she been doing since I was 13. I want her to do better so I try to tell her the best practical shit I know to say applicable to her.

  I know she hear me but she ain’t the type to listen. So the shit just frustrating to me. How can u help somebody that need ur help but don’t want ur help?

She don’t even know how to help her self Smh. (Pause…. This George Benson vinyl album I bought is so bangin!! Haha …)  Sorry. But I’m  starting to get over it.

I think that its sad that my sister is fucked up but how sad can the shit be if that’s all she want for herself. I think that as an accountable adult you ultimately get what you deserve for yourself.

U all u wanna do is repeat a fucked up cycle then u deserved to be fucked up. Grow the fuck up sis I love u but all the cheering and believing that I’ve done with you and for you has left me fucked up sad and I’m really disappointed.

As much as anyone has ever believed in you, I have. As much as anyone has ever loved u I have. And as deep as anyone has ever cared for u, I have and I’m so fucking disappointed in you and fucking mess you becoming. I have faith in God but I don’t believe in bullshit. I hope he’s able to reach u through all of yours. I love u and I still ain’t judging u. But my own growth won’t allow me to continue justifying all the bullshit u put yourself and the people that care for u through.

I remember concurring with you that our mother was at fault for a lot of your habits. I still think she may own some accountability but how the fuck can somebody be more accountable for you than you are for yourself?

I truly love u baby. I ain’t no better than you at all. But you know how hard I go on myself so If your shit was my own Id say the same shit…. stop making excuses stop fucking up. Read a book get your Shit together and grow the fuck boo. I love u —Anthony

An Appreciative Spirit

May god Absolutely bless everyone that has ever felt me. I’ve always been a deeper story than I’ve told. I feel My story ain’t even to be told… Its to be felt.

Spirituality isn’t so much of the churchy connotation that people figure it to be. Spirituality is simple the ability to defer to ones spirit. Of course there are many different levels but all spirituality is based upon is the ability to defer to ones own spirit as opposed to the natural physical senses.

The spirit is deaf and blind. But I believe it speaks so loud and honest if u listen. Spiritual people speak more with their heart than their mouth. I’m definitely that type.
And I’m just grateful for those that have known me attentively and truly felt me,my passioniate ambition, and the heavy spirit I carry. Thanks and blessings I appreciate it – marky Mark   (gritty)