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New category – The Vinyl

The Vinyl is the new category I’m going to add starting today its a shame I haven’t already done it. But late is just as great sometimes so I hope you enjoy a preview into my vinyl collection as well as I do.


Hold your head AH



Ive always been apprehensive of popularity and stardom because society makes mens lives and mistakes pop entertainment.  Its terrible that people could make, and are making fucking jokes of the severity of this young mans life and situation.

At the end of everyday you have to be respectful to each person’s personal life.  If you arent in his situation and have never been in his situation, I would ask that you reserve your oppinion and speculation. 

I rather pray for preserve of his spirit and his reputation as a baller.(a standout baller at that) Hold your head AH. I respect you as a Man. Every Man is subjective to life compromising mistakes.

It doesnt make you any less of a person, it makes you more of a person. Shame on anyone who feels significant to make a joke of such a severe circumstance for a Man. Shame in you matter fact.

God bless and god chastens. Let god be AH judge not any Man of equal or less. Gritz

Excuse Me Darling – Michael H. Winn


Excuse Me Darling – Michael H. Winn


The best day of my life.

Yesterday was the best day of my life. No Long story just simple shit. Im a simple guy. I am very ambitious but aquired things are not necessary for me to be happy. I just like to be me and be free.


I woke when I wanted. With my son and my lady. Turned down some money. Got head in the morn. Smoked.prayed. Went to my own shop. Got money. Had some important meetings. Made some important phone calls. Then we took a fam trip to the Sante fe train museum and just kicked it.


Me and my boo talked ,kissed, walked, flirted, and laughed at stupid people we dont like. (Mainly Old people) my baby prayed at lunch thanked god for god health.


We learned alot about the history of inland empire cities streets and people we want to be like. We read measure I, came up with a strategic plan while we ate ice cream and laugh at my sons crazy hair.


We left early to have sex. We had the sexiest sex i ever had. Momma rubbed her cute lil booty on me and gave me the best coochie I ever had.


We always have sexy convos when we get it but momma prayed while we was fucking thank god for me our unión our future and our son I said “awomen.” we laughed I looked in her eyes while her hair blew in the fan kissed her and we fucked some more. I bust went to sleep. Ate ,then went to work. I feel in love with my lil fam and The shit was the best day I ever had. Hands down. #fam

No audience

Let me try to say this effectively and accurately as I feel it.

I just want to be myself. For Myself. And most by myself. I feel like the less audience I have the more honest I can be with myself.


  I feel that an audience or a group of spectators compromises the integrity that any action of mine is strictly for myself.

Some people base themselves entirely upon the response of spectators. They anticipate, and re direct their natural actions or verbiage, in order to evoke a particular response.

Ive seen a million times in the barbershop and other places where two or three Men talk and a women walks in and one guy goes completely into a character role with theatric expressions and all types of shit. 

This what I mean in regards to myself.  No matter how many People or how prominent a person may be.  I have a absolute mandate of myself not to be influenced into show. 

And because I feel that I hate, hate, hate, when someone feels that I may be attempting to or aiming to impress them. Or that I have any need to. I hate that shit.

Ill call the whole show off if my audience doesnt Appreciate that the integrity of who I am as a person would absolute conduct himself and carry himself in the same consistant fashion if there were Absolutely no audience.

I dont care to advance myself through my appearance, my behavior, nor the appeal of my speech. I want to be profound in my ideas, perspective, and in my ideals.

Particularly in my ideal to be behaviourly uninfluenced and just be myself, for myself, and most times by myself. 

If u can appreciate that as audience I’d Appreciate that.  If not then Let me have none (audience) in trade for my integrity to behave genuine of Mark.

The Batcav3

Referred to as just the cave by the Private few that have been The Batcav3 is the loungy new Studio boutique by Mark Anthony Howard “the gritz.” The cave is fueled by Tyrant Bus. Mgmt. & Prom Mktg. Service and consist of a cleaver conglomerate of xlothing retail barbers, deejays, a bar, a permforing stage, a lounge área, and a professional photography studio. The cave is very privately appealing but open to anyone


interested in service but by appointment only. Make yours today to come Tour the constuction of the one and only Batcav3.

What up shay?

Ms. Nishe Butler is my bully homie.  I love the assertiveness and energy she shown to me this spring semester.  “Shay” is the oppinion section editor for the RCC’s campus paper RCC Viewpoints.

I never imagined how much time and dedication goes into such a position until I watch ms Nishe struggle and scratch with so many negating issues to underline every published issue.  Managing an entire staff, their egos, editing their papers, Damn near writing their papers, and actually writing their papers that they didn’t write! Go ahead shay. 

I wish I could of helped her a lil more but I couldn’t deal with all that shit lol. So I just watched her fight and deal and succeed in her own dramatic fashion Everytime. And the shit was very impressive to me. So what up shay? I’m super proud of u and I just want to acknowledge what a great fucking job you did this spring momma. 100.

Reading my own writing

As I’ve said before my writing is simply a map of where I’m at perspectively and document to myself to revisit. Kind of like the door marks of childs height as he grows.

So as I re read some of the writings I’m really shocked at some of the verbiage and the harshness in some of the feeling conveyed. I really catch myself saying wow as read. I admire the honesty and love the perspective, because it is consistent, raw, authentic and original. All of my writing truly is a gritty perspective. There is so much abrasiveness in my early writing. I didn’t notice such a tone. But it is blantant and abrupt. I almost want to apologize for how unapologetic some of the entries seem to protrude.

Especially in my grandpopz funeral. Im shocked to read how hard I went with no malice intent and such a nonchalant and balanced tone. I’m a cold brotherat default.  It’s really crazy how true everything I wrote was but I don’t think I would write anything so heavy if I re wrote it now. I guess it is growth or maybe just different styles at different times. But there is definitely a lighter tone between gritz 2013 than gritz 2011. Especially more expressioniate without explicits. I guess I just didn’t give a fuck. lol.

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a Gritty Prayer


No part of the world

Im different. If the world hated Jesus who am I that they would accept? The more I want to succeed in this life the more I see the neccessity to attach to some part or grouping of this world. And my spirituality’s purity wants no parts of it.  I don’t part in a church, club, group, gang, or none of that shit. I don’t even want a membership to the fucking gym.  I ain’t signing up for shit. “No Parts” if it ain’t mine it ain’t what God wants for me in this world. That’s just what I hear and that’s just what I feel.

The Truth

It hurts Mr to say it….. but itll kill me not to.

FantasíAA with 2A’s


My fam is taking over College Campus’ across the Nation! lol.  Super Congrats to my super cousin. Im super proud of you for completing your Associates Degree.  I know how challenging life has been for you at different times and I admire your fortitude and dedication so much for sticking to and thru with all of your goals and accomplishments.  Thanks for setting such a great example for me. I love you and im proud of u. Mark

Happy fathers day popz

Before it turns midnight I want to write happy fathersday to my popz.  John beaudis.  I love the Man he is and how much hes always cared and genuinely showed concern for me.  Im intimidated by how much of a Man he is and I want to make him proud of the Man im growing to be. Thanks for being such a loving example popz. I love u Mark Anthony Beaudis.

Fame is vapor…

Fame is vapor, popularity an accident, riches take wings. Only one thing endures and that is character – Horace Greeley

G – the gritz


Rest in Paradise J.O.

image It’s been about 2 years since my peeples john was killed by Fontana PD. I never really knew what happened but I know Fontana PD as well as I know anything. Read the rest of this entry

Fairmount- the gritz


2pm market st. Riverside CA

BNSF – the gritz


12pm Bnsf Rialto ave San Bernardino CA

Sante Fe history and museum – The Gritz


Sante Fe history and museum 1pm Mt. Vernon/2nd San Bernardino CA