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Satan is a Bitch

Satan is a Bitch. If ever you are on the verge of some type of significant progress He’ll always throw a silly tantrum to vice your whole agenda. You just have to look for his faggot ass be aware of his presence and call him a bitch to his face. With the authority of Christ satan is a weak bitch using a man’s imperfections to gain leverage. Everyone knows how tricky some bitches can be. Think of the most ignorant, manipulative, disloyal and malice agenda’d bitch you know (everybody knows her. let’s not be shy) she is satan mimic. If you give her the attention and the opportunity shell forever ruin your positive progress with some silly ass, meaningless bullshit. This may sound of some comical expression but to my father in heaven I am telling you the realest depiction, description, and alert of satan and his weak ass motives and agendas. He hates to see men progress toward positivity. Thats why transition is always so hard satan is a bitch and bitches hate positive change. Bitches hate progressive plans. I’m just telling you what I know. (Non-fiction) satan is a weak bitch and I don’t fuck with bitches. I know all his faggot ass characteristics. Im familiar with his sully ass voice. His ever present discord with hope, ambition and progress. Satan is a bitch I used to flirt with that wants me so bad but hates me so much because I ain’t fuckin with her, I don’t like her, I don’t think she cute attractive, funny entertaining, or none of that weak shit satan use to vice strong men of god on a verge significance. Satan I’m not your fuckin man! I’m not your fuckin trick and I’m not your fuckin sucker. Leave me and my family the fuck alone! My father’s provision will never let you kill me so…Next time I catch you hanging around me, my space my job, or my car– trying to get me caught up in your silly ass antics– In all the authority of Christ ill fuckin kill u you u bitch. Straight up and down , Stern and sincere without a flinch stay the fuck away from me and don’t ever touch me again. Father bless me from here forth in my abstinence from satan and his silly ass cons Amen


What’s up Fred?


Born a slave in 1818 on a plantation in Maryland, Douglas taught himself to read and write. In 1845, seven years after escaping ti the north, he published Narrative, the first if three autobiographies.

In this narrative Douglas calmly but dramatically recounts the horrors and accomplishments of his early years. An astonishing orator and a skillful writer Douglas became a newspaper editor; a political activist, and a an eloquent spokesperson for the civil rights of African Americans.

He was celebrated internationally as the leading black intellectual of his time, and his story still resonated today! Now that’s what’s up! Thanks Fred looking forward to reading your books sir.


The deepest and scariest premonition I’ve ever had revolves around me and being 29. I’ve never been able to explain convincingly the significance of me turning 29 and what it has meant to me but since I was 9 I remember being fully aware that I would die at twenty 9. Shit is way to morbid a conversation to have with anybody so I’ve never been able to share the feelings I’ve always so strongly felt about 29.

Today is my birthday and the first day of such a revered number and age for myself.  I’m proud of the shit I’ve done and the person I’ve become. But I could have done so much better.

I wish myself a happy birthday as well as a peaceful and productive year.

I pray that such a crazy and disturbing premonition misses And my god Yahweh grant me an extension as well as ease the uneasiness I feel in regards to 29.

I don’t want to sound silly but this the most honest shit I’ve ever wrote.

So as 29 has arrived– I’m scared but I’m ready. I hope the shit has just been a silly over reaction. But such is to pass, I pray my god take my genuine heart as a significant dedication of loyal love and allegiance to the kingdom of his and his sons’.

To all of my friendship, please pray for me watch for me this year the shit is an extremely crucial and dangerous time that I’m stepping into.

My positive hope is the my premonition has simply been mistaken for a pivotal marker toward, or , the actualization of the complete spirit I’ve worked with God to develop.

I hope I don’t sound crazy, foolish, or ignorant but this may be is the truest I ever wrote of myself.

Alex Haley


I’m too frustrated to write about my frustration. Not everything is meant for expression. 

Some shit is just a sole/soul aggrevating memo to self.

The Vinyl – Ike white


I loooove b-sides and underground funk. I’m a real life funk baby! I found this ike white record the other day for 2 bucks and the shit is priceless. Easily one of my new favorites.

He’s not the most handsome fella lol but he for damn sure bumps.

#ditc #vinyl #djGritz

Letterz to …Marcus McCliman #2

Damn I think about you all the time fam. All the Letterz I’ve sent have returned and I hate that I havent heard from you havent spoke to you and don’t even know how to reach you.
I don’t know what’s up with marc and I always made sure that was the case. Even when u stopped fuckin with certain mfkas we and you stayed on and I figured that shit forever. 

I’m sad for you. I don’t know how my boy doing, where you at mentally or where u at spiritually. I want to say I’m praying for u but u haven’t at all. I wouldnt even know what to ask for or what u need from God.

Shit just sadness my heart and my whole spirit that you so far gone but you not. I really feel like I lost you. You wasn’t everybodiez to lose. And that shit make it even deeper. You was my fuckin peeplez marc. And u still is.  But im just so fucked up I can’t find you and that I don’t even know what’s what with my fuckin g that I commited to forever being concerned of.

I want to aid you, I want to console you, I want to save you fam. I just want you to know I love you and I think about every week with the same wonder, worry, and sadness. I miss u bro bro.

Stay safe and stay up.

Yet I Remain Grey

Within myself I am pleased yet so miserable with my situations.

I’m so content with my peace and  yet I have such anxiety of anticipation.

I am King in my light yet slave to my dark.

I have prayed and have faith yet I remain Grey in my heart.

My Dear Eve

Throughout my manhood my feelings for and of Eve have fluctuated from extremes of foolish love to misogyny and discontent.

I’ve recently reached a pinnacle of understanding for the woman Eve is, has always been, and will always be. I want to share my uniquely loving perspective and loving resoluton with you and with those whom wish you love you as I have grown to.

Your love for the first man Adam has exposed his faults, caused you, pain, and brought death to your children.

Let your proceeding love for Mark Anthony be a resolve and suffice where Adam has failed you of your absolute blossom.

Your attention is imperative to the quality of life on earth. Accept me loyally as your lead and let me direct you of your responsibilities in the perfect love that our heavenly father the almighty God Yahweh  has meant for us.

“My Dear Eve” let me write to you a love letter in direction around all of Satan’s snares for you.

“My Dear Eve” in accordance with all of Gods blessings–let me write you a book.

Reading His Writes

All of my writing is solely for myself.  I write primarily for the purpose of later reading my own writing and gauging where I am at from where I was. 

It is super fun and interesting to see how far I b am from some of the writings and how I am in the exact same position from others.

This entire blog is simply a documented growth chart of my own. I love to write and I love to go back years later and re read my own writing. 

I have truly gotten to know myself so thoroughly with the aid of this blog. I cannot imagine having to or being able to have made the corrective and progressive steps necessary without the contents of this blog and its writings.

  Sincere thanks to thegritz.wordpress for changing my life.

“Matt Barnes wants to follow you”

I’m a cool nigga, so I usually don’t come too far off my cool when cool people do cool shit, but my guy Matt Barnes sent me a follow request on IG yesterday and today I still can’t get off how cool I thought that shit was!

If u know anything about me I like unheralded ballerz with no fear, tats and attitudez. Most of all I like real men and with stand up qualities. Matty Barnes is all of that. I truly had him right after LeBron as #4 in my top 5 fav Active playerz. (Kmart. JrSmith, lbj, mb9, nateRob. And zbo as my 6th man) I say had because I had to move his ass to #1 today lol. Fuck it. He earned it . Haha.

Thats how young kidz used to pick they fav players through they first interactions. The shit may not have been much of an interaction to u but the shit was for me lol.

I was Humbled and excited I felt like a lil ass kid Good look bro bro. I love ur game , admire ur example off court and I appreciate the follow. Oh and congratz on the new contract. #GetMoney

Follow my favorite player on IG  @Matt_Barnes9. the realest player in the league, and just as real a mfka off court too.

Oh and Fwm 2 @theGritz im mbarnes certified ya bish. 


The Death of Trayvon Martin

If you have never read my oppinion I would really like you to know that I  truly hate to make and take point of popular “pop” culture issues  and trending topics.

I hate that no matter how sad, tragic, or even significant pop society will move on to more popular and more newly trending as soon as possible and completely forget all of the sadness, all of the tragedy, and all of the significance.

So in my usual I like to wait until all of pop society has moved well on and forgotten before I chime in to relative points, but I feel my perspective is urgently needed in this matter.

I first would like to apologize to the Martin family for using there son as content for a stage of my oppinion. I am not of Martin’s family, so I feel it infringing that I along with so many others have made their sorrow and their grief our own public oppinion. I deeply empathize and wish to convey my deepest sympathy for their son’s death.

My issue is that the tragedy in Trayvon’s death is being lost in the emotional reaction to the trial of George Zimmerman.

The fact that George Zimmerman was not convicted is not nearly the sad part of young Trayvon Martin’s death.  The sad part about Trayvon Martin’s death is Trayvon Martin’s death.  Read the rest of this entry

Sorry Trayvon

This world is neither fair nor just. To expect such is foolish and nieve. Sorry Trayvon. Rest in Paradise baby bro.

Write On!

Im writing so much. I hope to be a published author of my first book by fall. I have a self help called “The  Abc’s of a black Man’s Principles.  A short read seriez called “Nice ladiez to fuck” and two christian reads called “Letterz to God” and a very unique “Gospelz of Mark.”

Each are single sit readings about 50-70 pages and im writing them all simultaneuosly amongst blogs and scribbling outlines for my next set of book ideas.

Letterz to…. My Unc”Butch”

Uncle im sad and confused. I want to be strong and confident.  I dont know how to communicate my situation or my state of mind. 

Im so many positive things that people dont know of and I want to convey that.

Its very hard to convey my positivity internally when theres so many negative instances atop of me.

All I know how to do is pray. Right now I am praying that me and your relationship may bud into the some of the healing love Ive always needed from a relative Man.

I really need you uncle. Forgive me for being embarrassed to say so.  Ive always wanted to impress you and make you proud. Forgive me for being in such a position short of that. 

I need my uncle to know what Type of Man his nephew is and show what Type of Man Im relative to.

Im too hard. Show me how light of a strenght your are so I can calibrate myself accordingly.

I love you, im proud of you and I need u.


How can I expect to write anything profound at 2 am with without alcohol or marijuana?

Smh Silly me.

Congrats James Guerrero

Congrats James Guerrero

Have not love…


The Vinyl – Soul II Soul


Soul 2 soul- back to life. Back to reality back to the here and now of things. Can u digg it.? #ditc