The Death of Trayvon Martin

If you have never read my oppinion I would really like you to know that I  truly hate to make and take point of popular “pop” culture issues  and trending topics.

I hate that no matter how sad, tragic, or even significant pop society will move on to more popular and more newly trending as soon as possible and completely forget all of the sadness, all of the tragedy, and all of the significance.

So in my usual I like to wait until all of pop society has moved well on and forgotten before I chime in to relative points, but I feel my perspective is urgently needed in this matter.

I first would like to apologize to the Martin family for using there son as content for a stage of my oppinion. I am not of Martin’s family, so I feel it infringing that I along with so many others have made their sorrow and their grief our own public oppinion. I deeply empathize and wish to convey my deepest sympathy for their son’s death.

My issue is that the tragedy in Trayvon’s death is being lost in the emotional reaction to the trial of George Zimmerman.

The fact that George Zimmerman was not convicted is not nearly the sad part of young Trayvon Martin’s death.  The sad part about Trayvon Martin’s death is Trayvon Martin’s death. 

The message that is being perpetuated by George Zimmerman’s not guilty verdict is that Black men’s lives are not valued in American justice system.

(Im relectant to say “duhh” without distrupting the value of my point)

The common reaction to Mr. Zimmerman’s not guilty verdict is shock, appall, and disbelief.

I am shocked and in disbelief at how nieve and ignorant to the un just justice system that people truly are.

The American Justice System is not at all the place to expect justice. It is very nieve to expect such. The American court system is merely a place to expect process.

This disconnected process is specially the expectation in dealings of black men as plaintiffs or defendant, torter or torted, suspects or victims. This process is uninfluenced by sentiment, character, good reason, community, nor the assumed justice.

For example look at all the attention and herald that this case received nationwide and the States judicial system was still uninfluenced to positively affirm the nations faith or at least dependancy in justice. 

Imagine the unjustice of a similar case without such notoriety.

My complete point is this; it is so sad that young Trayvon had to die to awaken American people to the unjust judicial system and its slight of Black men and its disregard in value of their lives. It’s so so sad that Trayvon had to die for American popular culture to realize that not only black men but black boys have no sentiment value in American courts.

It is so sad that Trayvon, a 17 year old boy that did 17 year old things, had to die for American (even Black American)  people to be shocked and appalled at the judicial system process and its perception of Black men.

My second point is this imagine that young Trayvon Martin did not

Imagine that Mr. Zimmerman made all the inaccurate assumptions that he did called the police made all the same assumptious and presumptuous comments, ignored the same advisory not to persue and confronted Trayvon in the same manner and got his assed kicked in the same fashion and pulled his gun in the same instant only Trayvon did not have to die.

Upon the police arrival what type of process would Trayvon have to expect? Would he expect some justice from the iniatiating policemen? Or would he be processed by the same prejudice assumption that in actuality got him killed –into the same system that let his murderer go free?

Would the same nation of American people be shocked and appalled if Trayvon Martin was wrongly arrested and charged for attempted burgarly, aggrevated assault, and possibly (depending on the DA) attempted murder on Zimmerman?

Would anybody outside of the Martin family have cared to consider Trayvon’s side of walking home from the store being followed?

Would Trayvon despite his claims of innocence be forced to plea to a lessor felony in order to receive a lesser unjust sentencing?

Would 17 year Trayvon have been tried as the juvenile he was or as a presumed adult? (also depending on the DA)

Would the Florida state’s unjust judicial system give a fair and just consideration to the mishandled of situation by George Zimmerman in the criminal case of Trayvon Martin if he had not died?

The shit happens everyday in america and black men and black boys get slighted everyday in American courts.

It is just so sad that my little brother Trayvon had to die and Zimmerman go free for American people (even black Americans) to see what the American courts have do to my other lil brothers everyday!

Poor Trayvon. I’m so sorry you had to die over such a silly man’s assumptions and this worlds silly prejudices Rest In Paradise champ.


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