Taylor’d Fitness Tips


I’m going in with my man J.peezy. All these fad fitness boomers and pussyfitness tips are fraudulent. Men shouldn’t train like women and no two women should train alike. Every workout should be personally “Taylor’d”

J. Peezy is a psychology/kinesiology major who has won countless weight and fitness competitions with his coined “all natural” dietary meals, lifting, and exercise. The boy is an outright Championship Beast!

I will be featuring myself(The Gritz), J.Peezy’s, and D’ Mclean’s effective and practical Taylor’d fitness’ tips to include in your personal diet and exercise or to encourage you to enroll in their Taylor’d 4 U personal training program.

Stay tuned


“Everythings Taylor’D”


About The Gritz

Author and Artist. "The Gritz." Thanks for reading. https://thegritz.wordpress.com

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