Helping students help themselves

Counselor Gary shultz taught me alot this summer.  He taught me that caring is more of a practice than a sincere emotion. As a counselor, Its not necessary to care just ask counselor Brown, he doesnt give a fuck, a he’s sure not gonna pretend like he gives a fuck.

Shultz is more charismatic though. He’s the more likeable guy. He has alot of cool sayings, and phrases that people remember him by.

Like “dont throw the baby out with the bathwater,” and “the monster in the closet is usually just a coat.”

He has some cool others but I cant remember them all.   Oh Yea I forgot the coined slogan. My favorite is “Help me help you.”(I really didnt forget) Yea that ones cool. Thats like his closer… look direct in the eye, firm handshake, smile, and the GS “Slogan”.

Its pretty cool, its pretty cute. But I dont know…shit im just a San bernar doo doo niggga… But I prefer genuine concern and sincerity over cute as slogans.

Thats Probably why im un successful in life though. But im learning alot at college practice  sincere acts dont run around being all actually sincere. Smh. Silly nigga.running around being true and shit. I got it though. Ima get my irrelevant non context slogan game up for this sememster though.

check me out.  “Dont be real …just Let em see real”

“Help me dont help you.” No thats too true.

I got it I got it,peep… “Im here when you need me” (but I rrallt dont give a fuck lol.) Yea that told u I got it. Im learning that Riverside city college student shit.


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Ideally I aspire to be a Tyranny of Business and perspective. I cant tell you descriptively how I feel... so I'll tell you the depths of my thought. thanks for reading.

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