What happened to…

Real Women

I really remember when women was real. I remember being 13 and falling in love with 30 year old women because they was so real. I seen them deal with some real situations and keep it so real and handled it so lady.

This last generation of 31 plus is so childish and so fake and so tv. None of them need a man for anything; so none of there kids have fathers in the house and that shit is cool with them. They proud of that shit. Its funny to me how much they not willing to do. And how much shit they not gonna put up with. How much they resent a Man telling them anything directive. Lol. Shit is too funny to me how entitled they feel and how stern they believe in all the bullshit they keep up. Its crazy how many “single” mothers are “available” and dating. I think my generation of women will set a much better Standard and example of being 30 and 30 plus. Lets get These 22 year old acting ass 32+ year old women out of here. They make the 30’s look terrible and immature. I feel so Sorry for young Men that have These terrible ass examples of 30 plus year old women. “In my day” women in their thirties were wives, mothers, lovers , had familys and still able to be sexy, strong, caring, spiritual, mature, sophisticated, discretionate, and professional. Im so in love with the memory of those sexy 30 plus year old women that its disapointing to expect the same qualities from this current one or this previous one.

I think this next generation of thirty is going to be special though. There going to bring back more of the classic Woman that i fell in love with at such a young age and I cant wait. Women in their 30’s are so gorgeous I would like to see much more of them Match their beauty with quality substance and womanly character. Thats true beauty. These 30plus Women of this last generation have been terrible. Not even meant as a bash. Just a shameful reality. The vanities, insecurities, egos, and immaturities are droughtful behavior and its evident in the lack of complete families.

So many women resent their own Men or childrens fathers but casually entertain each others men as “friends”. Its very silly shit. Im very attentive and unbias. So this is not a bash. But this is a very real observation. The truth is, that truth, isnt attrative to this last generation of 30 plus year old women. They are attractive and attracted to themselves. “Fuck real its about how i feel.” They rather appear real than to be any sorts of it.

Its terrible how selfish, vain, self centered, and self righteous the majority of these women are behaving. Their selfish, and resentful behavior is damaging to the stability of their own family and they are disregardingly negligent to the consequence and absolutely unwilling to accept any accountability for such liable behavior. The notion that they do not need a Man is not only silly but its terribly irresponsible, arrogant, and ignorant to sentence any child to a life of that logics consequence. “In my day” women used to watch Oprah, listen to Toni braxton, read books, and fight to keep their families together. Now they watch love and hiphop, listen to problem, post on ig, and fight at the club.

I hope my generation of ladies has learned from the mistakes of this last. (I think they have) i see more maturity, more grace, and more solid families and less resentment from them already. this years 30 year old women are the new generation of 30s and I think they have a beautiful perspective of themselves. I see much more Authenicity in them. The single women without children: their independence is much more of a natural and objective independence. They are concious of their own actual worth and not so much trying to portray worth by discrediting their lovers. The ones that have families are married and committed. I think that is admirable. And these are still late 20 yearold women but i think they will carry their authencity into their 30s and revive the classic real women that i lve missed.

Women are so beautiful. It hurts to see them dimenish there gorgeous nature by adapting such ugly characteristics and unrealistic perspectives from childish and immature behaviors. I miss when women were real. And im glad to see them making a small come back.

Real women care for their men, for their children, and their families wellness and sustanance.

Real women will DO anything to keep their men, their children, and their families. Especially if its as simple as compromising that silly ass ego, arrogance, and stubborn pride.

Real women “care” to do things for the people they love. Real women “love.” And a woman that loves is real women.

These fake bitxhes only dont care to do anything for anybody but they hair and fake like they such good mothers because they kids dads aint shit. Thats not love. Thats hate and thats fake!


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