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Happy Shalloween

Happy Halloween!

Muthafukaz be so excited to wear they silly ass costumes like they don’t wear a costume to hide they shallow ass personality all year round to Lol.

Try being your self for Halloween this year. Thatll be a real fright. Lmao.

Look in the mirror and say boo!


How much does Obama Care

Immigration At your Own Risk | by Mark Anthony Howard

Immigration At your Own Risk | Mark Anthony Howard

If 11 people moved into a single story house, some serious rules and regulation would be in order. Wouldn’t it?

The US Congress doesn’t think so.

The US census bureau reports 11 million undocumented immigrants live in the United States and “The House” (Congress) has made no laws concerning it.

Each of these undocumented persons has immigrated into America under outdated and unfair immigration laws— subject to each states own discernment.

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Marijuana Pros and Cons

An article debate between Mark Anthony Howard and Luis Solis for Viewpoints Online

Mark Anthony Howard – The Gritz


Ragz II Royalty – Blackout Packages


Drafty Thoughts


I been starting alot of drafts im unable to finish lately. I dont know what i been tryna to express, how to express it or who the fuck to express it to. But this is the closest ive gotten to an umbrella of all of it. Its called Drafty thoughts because its the best unfinished draft in description of all the unfinished drafts ive written lately. Check me out.

Drafty thoughts

My best expression of myself is an incomplete one.

I know who i am but dont care to display him.

I know how i feel but dont care to convey it.

Who can reciprocate a distinguished authenticity?

Who can reflect my genuine heart and my objective mind?

My resilence is unmatched.

How can i explain the convolution of my doings when its beneficiaries aint even receptive to what ive done in my simplicity?

I dont even care show my worth and value to this world.

I dont even care to share my vision. I dont even care to speak my resolve.

What can u show a blind bitch that she may she?

What can u tell a dumb nigger that he may hear?

This life aint for me and i know it now greater than i always have.

The expressive reflections of myself are futile in any expectation of a relative response. 

This life aint for me and i know it now greater than i always have.

Im as rare of genuine character as Jesus. 

My Kings presence on earth was not welcome as a king’s would or should. His wonderful work and teaching warranted vile, his torture and his death.

If i assess myself of his likeness why would i expect anything less?

How can i expect back the puré agape love that i feel. When the people in the fuckin world are incapable of even receiving it?

Ive realized that the expectation for my character’s recognition, and its  reciprocity to be futile and unrealistic.

This life aint for me and i know it now greater than i always have.

The arrogance of rich men is equivalent to the ignorance of a poor women.

Neither know shit of true substance but Both know everything of Vanity.

How can u add to true valued contents to a vessel full of shit?

What is the value your tangible contibutions into vessel full of shit?

Its not rhettorical questioning… its literal.  The answer is nothing (but maybe literature) in both cases.

This life aint for me and i know it now greater than i always have.

So i just keep my truth, my knowledge, my insight, my direction, my ideal, my substance, and my will to my fucking melancholy-ass-lackmorose self and write it into Whatever instrument immediately accessible.

My generation couldnt dig my complete thoughts when i buried it shallow…

Maybe the next life will tomb dive for the scribes of my drafty ones.

Im gritty.

Fuck Money


John 3:16

For God so loved the earth that He gave his only begotten…


Blake 3:16

Pray, Ride, Live.

Black vs. Brown

The Exploitation of Race in The Business of Boxing

Signature Rep Blake Turner

TeamSig is geared up for fall and ready to release its fall line-up by introducing our newest Sig-Reps.  Blake Turner is a 15 year motocross “diaper dandy.” Mr. 316 as we like to call him sat down for an interview with our team sig writer and rep “The Gritz.”  Check out the exclusive Blake Turner/ Team Sig interview and fall line at

Blake Turner SIG byStormy

Blake turner interview

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Author of Interest – Randall Kennedy


Doing some reading.  I usually pick an author that jumps out out me. This the second time he has done such.

This is my first “author of interest” post. For every month ill pick another.

Giuliana Maríe


Giuliana Lewis is a 19 year old Italiana from Cali. She is a full time student and actress with appearances on cameos on Disney and other networks. She is currently working on new portfolio with khalfaniAmour at the batcav3 to submit for some new casting opportunities coming up this winter 2013.

After her last shoot at the cave she sat down for a quick interview in with the gritz. Check it out.

(Part One) Q: How do you spell your name? A: G i u l i a n a Marie

Q: how do you pronounce it. A: Juliana

O ok Thats pretty. Q: what Type of name is that? A: italian

Q: how Long have u been modeling A: i dont really. Im an actress and im working on my portfolio so it Gods hand and hand

Dope. Q: movie or tv A: both

Q:Well whats ur favorite movie? A: i have alot but prob Belly

Lol thats funny

Q: for real? A: Yea

Q: Well if u was a character in Belly, who would u be. A: Dmx

Lmao u are funny

Q:why A: cause he was a rider Lol. I can digg it.

(Part 2)

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Ill never forget this last time being locked up.  It was truly my last time being locked up. I used to do days days and days and a half and county but that last whole month was nasty. 

That aint no hard time but i cant fuck wit it.

I dont ever wanna feel like that. And wont ever let busters put me in they buster situations no more.

I aint about that locked shit. #getFree #stayFree

Fathering Seeds


If we were to plant a seed is it not our responsibility to see that it blossoms into a flower?

To make sure that a son grows from a mere pawn to a king is the task of a father.

Not easily done by any stretch of the imagination. To love unconditional is the key to a strenuous bond as there will be mistakes made on both parts.

As the son leaves the mothers womb a fire is sparked into the heart of a father for there is new found responsibility. Not only pressures already mounted but aspirations to become better at every facet of life. Decisions made from now on will become the water to the soil of that seed planted.

Shawn Falls

Less Homes and less hope


San Bernardino is the capital of less hope and less Homes. The Home of the homeless and hopeless. Each day in San Bernardino Men women, and young children find themselves living on the streets doing anything and everything just to make it through the hot day and cold nights…. just to do it all again tommorow. Homelessness is a sad and harsh reality in the city of San Bernardino. I would like to be a spokesman and advocate to their issues and its effects on the city.


I been getting a lot of attention at my writing lately. I never want to forget its origin and its true purpose…. Mark.

I write for me and my own satisfaction. I write for my own clarity. I write for myself and the growth of my perspective.

I want anybody that read my shit to know that. If u admire or appreciate my writing I want u to see and admire the me in it.

I take the gifts from God that nobody else wants. With blessing and grit I made my whole fuuckin essence into a passion expression that’s un tainted and pure.

writing is like water to me.

And Im just soakin.



A quiet demeanor screams obscenely.