Giuliana Maríe


Giuliana Lewis is a 19 year old Italiana from Cali. She is a full time student and actress with appearances on cameos on Disney and other networks. She is currently working on new portfolio with khalfaniAmour at the batcav3 to submit for some new casting opportunities coming up this winter 2013.

After her last shoot at the cave she sat down for a quick interview in with the gritz. Check it out.

(Part One) Q: How do you spell your name? A: G i u l i a n a Marie

Q: how do you pronounce it. A: Juliana

O ok Thats pretty. Q: what Type of name is that? A: italian

Q: how Long have u been modeling A: i dont really. Im an actress and im working on my portfolio so it Gods hand and hand

Dope. Q: movie or tv A: both

Q:Well whats ur favorite movie? A: i have alot but prob Belly

Lol thats funny

Q: for real? A: Yea

Q: Well if u was a character in Belly, who would u be. A: Dmx

Lmao u are funny

Q:why A: cause he was a rider Lol. I can digg it.

(Part 2)

Q. Have u done any on set work

A. Yea I’ve worked on set at barbazon which had given me a lot of experience. Some work on Disney and the tv series “castle” last spring.

That’s cool Q. How did u meet up with, and decide to work with Khalfani

A. We actually both seventh day Adventist and we both went to church together.

Q. What do you like about his work?
A. All of his fotos are good quality and I haven’t seen a single shot of his I don’t like.
He always puts out dope shit and he’s good at what he does.

I agree totally
Q. Do you have a favorite photo or shoot that you’ve done?
A. Yea my last shoot
Its a boon look with red highway state shorts

Q. WhY was that your favorite look.

A. It was really creative and the outfit made me feel sexy.

Well I was there for that and it was definitely a sexy look.

Q. how can we find u online if we wanna peek at more of your shots or screen work.

A. I’m working on a site and a Youtube channel but my instagram is @GiulianaMarie_ . You could follow me on Twitter too @gsavvvy

Ok got u.

Last question

Q. Have u read any of my writing.
A. Not really. But I plan to. your book sounded pretty intense.

Ok bet.

Gritz: Well thank u miss Giuliana. I appreciate u, I had fun and you shoot was dope.. Goodluck with all your aspirations and keep grinding. You got all my support forever. I’m a mini fan now k.

GM: lol your welcome. Thank you too.


Giuliana Marie


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