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Self affirmations

I’m so happy with my life and what I’ve done with it.  I’m always pushing for the optimum potential. I know I can do better and I will. I’ve learned so much patience and reserve.

Anything I wanna do is pretty much inevitable. A tyrants will is my ideal but its sort of my reality. God work in mysterious was and so do mark.

I go my own way and don’t really give proper explanations or justifications as to why. U can either fuck with me or get the fuck missing.

My happiness is based upon my effort towards my own agenda.

If I ain’t trying I’m dying. I truly rather die than not take hard shots at the actualization of my own shit.

And my humility allows me to even appreciate my earliest accomplishments on the timeline of that perspective.

My resilence won’t allow me to flinch through whatever…
I’m gritty as fuck and I love it.


Early release inmates flood Riverside jails

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In 2011 the U.S. Supreme Court ordered California to reduce its inmate population by 33,000 people by the end of the year.

While lawmakers frantically try to create solutions, communities such as Riverside are adjusting to its new early released inmate population.

The mandate to reduce the California prison population led to an alignment program ordering non-serious, non-violent and non-sexual offenders to county jails instead of state prisons.

Realignment affected Riverside County differently because it filled its jails to capacity after releasing roughly 7,000 inmates in 2012.

“Jails are more like mini prisons now, and that was never how they were set up or intended to be,” said Riverside County Sheriff Stanley Sniff.

Prison overcrowding has the U.S. Supreme Court dealing with the strain of realignment and has thus seen an influx of cruel and unusual punishment cases from inmates.

Their at torneys remain unwilling to consider Gov. Jerry Brown’s appeal of the order to reduce the prison population by another 9,600 by the end of 2013.

This action only leaves the Governor with one more chance to…

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‘This is growing up’

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Blink-182 performs anniversary show in Los Angeles


In 2005, Blink-182 released a music video for the song “Not Now,” the last official song from their “Greatest Hits” compilation.

It featured clips from their past videos, first shown as faded photographs on the wall, then zoomed in and played, while panning to Mark Hoppus (vocals, bass), Tom Delonge (vocals, guitar), and Travis Barker (drums) performing in front of the wall.

The video ends with the band’s signature “smiley” symbol flying away into the wind.

Any die-hard fan knew that this was some sort of goodbye from the pop-punk legends.

And sure enough, shortly after the video was released, the band had announced an “indefinite hiatus.”

Fast-forward through three side projects, feuds and a life-threatening plane crash, and we find Blink-182 announcing their reunion at the 2009 Grammy awards.

After touring the world again, the anniversary of the…

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JFK inaugural address

Sincerity is always subject to proof.

Signature Innovation Group Fall Release

Fall Release.

As we make the transition from summer to fall, we would like to welcome you to Signature Innovation Groups fall line-up.   Cooler autumn climates demand darker and warmer colors.  Our Signature fall line is inspired by the natural woods and outdoors.  We’ve put all of our Signature quality in the hottest fall fashion colors.   Black, grey, burgundy,  green, camouflage, and beige.

gritz sigEach of our fabrics are hand chosen and hand sewn by our professional Signature seamstress.  Please flip through our fall look book and find your own Signature style this fall.

Don’t imitate innovate!

Tales from the Gritz: Volume One – “Blam”


The party was scheduled for later and the tables had already been arranged and set.  They were expected the cake to arrive in about an hour and guest in about two. What wasn’t expected was what happened next…image

Blam Blam Blam Blam.   “Oh my God,” Tynisha said as she froze stiff.  Something in her automated a motion to close the door.  No sooner than it was closed and locked the knob rattled from an attempt at its opening. The air in her lungs froze still and her eyes flared open wide.  She stumbled back as far as her daughter Naila’s tiny bedroom would allow and she heard blam as whoever kicked at the door. Petrified into an anxiety attack her mouth opened wide and her hands shook frantically.  She grabbed in at a color pencil on Naila’s nightstand and Blam.  As the door flung open she screamed, held up her color pencil, and lunged forward in a violent panic. BLam.

She dropped to the floor and dropped Naila’s colored pencil.

To where Popz?

When he .  left
He ain’t cry he just asked him to where?

Why would he care if he could follow him there?

“I just want to be with my pops.” Little marky thought.
At seven most boys either wouldnt understand at all or would have over react dramatically.

But lil mark was fully comprehensive to the swell of stuffed Nike gym bags piling up by the small apartment’s door.

As his pops swiftly shuffled through every drawer and cabinet in every room of the apartment filling his Home Depot tool box, Marky handed him the lil screwdriver and wrench he had borrowed to fix the wheels on his monster truck.

Hed been provoked to leave to many times.  It wasnt Markys fault and it shouldnt be his consequence.

He just wanted to be with his pops.
So when he left …

He ain’t cry he just asked him to where?

Why would he care if he could follow him there?


Tyrant Youth Organization is now Greyland Youth Organization. (Pronounced Greylin) A California Non-Profit. The name has been changed by the restructing of management for their vision of a lessor intimidating and more postively connotated identity. The organizations new directors and staff have ignited a new fiery iniatiative and agenda. We look forward to firmly establishing our presence into the community and actively involving ourselves in its positive progression.

The Gritz on…..The Best Man Holiday

Aside from Sanaa being the most beautiful women ever. Fuck that movie! 65% of Black marriages end in divorce. That means 65% of the mfkaz that lose they mind to see Lance and wonder what the fuck Robin is gonna do need to be just as enthusiastic about their own reality. They might need to keep their mind on positive resolutions in their own relationships, sustaining they own marriage and keeping their family together.

Its certain things that perpetuate  disillusions in black communities.  Tv, music, and definitely film give a channel to unrealistic ideals of relationships.

Probably why you don’t have a real  one. Ya bish. If you base your life around a movie I promise you all the drama without a happy ending.

Small pieces

Small pieces

A small woman with three boys  rustle through a large trash can in back of an alpha beta grocery store with small flashlights tossing anything unopened and salvageable into empty milk crates.

These nights are good nights to look because the stores expirations dates usually fall on Thursday, a day before trash and new incoming shipments.

Most things are still good because the store policy disposes items a week before expirations or if any small pieces are damaged or  molded.

Things like yogurts, grits, crackers, some vegetables, and even some packaged meat can be scored in the perfect conditions.

“Its really not that bad” Eleanor tells the boys.”Its a little mushy but its better to get all the way in.” They boys reserve not to ablige her invitation and stand aside the full size trashcans picking certain things within a reasonably extended reach that Eleanor may be happy with.

The two eldest boys are slightly embarassed of their mother but both are strangely comforted by the unassuming mate so willing to accompany their so very humbling expedition.

The two eldest search more assertively than the third but he is just as much service of heart and support to the cause as the bigger boys twice his age.

The team of humble scavangers recover from the dumps like a small band of raccoons. They fill the 7 seat Celebrity wagon’s cab with the milk crates and head back for little marky’s apartment where Eleanor and her two boys will be staying for a while.

“Good Deeds mates” Eleanor thanks the boys.

Times are tough and sometimes extremely humbling but such are the times where unassuming companionship, good spirit and true love is its purest.

Little marky knows directly from heaven that there is no low young angels shouldn’t go to lift the people they know.

This wouldn’t be the last dive for Eleanor and her boys but it wouldn’t little marky’s last either

Sometimes life situations discard good people for small pieces of disatisfactory. The humility of those persons are the grits that nurture the spirit of heaven’s will here on earth forever.

Stuck on fake

Stuck on fake.

I can’t shake the disappointment I’ve become in the realization that so many people are ingenuine, untruthful, insincere, counterfeit, fraudulent, deceitful, and just plain ol fake.

Ive grown an expectancy for the shit but Everytime I think I found my own piece of true people the shit really hurts me to find out they lied too. 

Im just trying to find people of my likeness and the shit is a lonely ass disappointing search that Ive truly exasperated all my energy for.

I can’t shake fake and effects its had on.   I just feel stuck on it. The shit is my strongest ail. Shit is sad.

Relevant across culture

The exploration of culture is always relevant.

Its preservation as well.

The crossing of each unto another’s is the cultivation of earth.

To understand ones native is necessary to sustain in ones own life, but to understand foreign is truly to gain within all of it.

The workings of thy neighbor confuses the ignorant.  But the wise is comprehensive to the doings of all.

The concerning neighbor is inquisitive to those who surround him and acknowledges their practices.

The rich neighbor visits freely  and thoughtfully adds to those whos dwelling is closest to his inhabitants.

The wisest of all is seeking an education across natives and speaking that he may educate those foreign as well.

Tone is GONE


Somethings happen to quick and abruptly for me to process fully. The thought of Antonio’s death is one I’ve been trying to subconciously avoid because it really disrupts my focus and mental stability.

I can’t wrap my mind around his death and his absence. I know Tone is gone but I still hear his voice. I still see his smile. I still half way laugh and half way shake my head at some corny ass joke he telling. I feel like I just talked to him yesterday. We was just talking about school at Mt. Sac. How the maro push and pulling the bike out for summer.

Its been some months already since Tone been gone but even as years pass I don’t think I can full grasp it, cause I can’t seem to shake the feeling he was just here. I feel like he just left my shop and I just cut his hair and I can’t even miss him because I feel like Tone was just here. He can’t be gone?

Rest in paradise homie. A lot of people get forgotten about when they go. U still heavy in a lot of your real peoples minds. I think that will always be the case. god bless ur memory, your friends that love u , and ur fam homie. Peace.

Bishop killed Raheem

Bishop killed Raheem!  Loyalty is scarce and disloyalty is deadly. 

I’ve watched the movie juice about 400 times.  Everytime I see more and appreciate the moral in it.

Loyalty is one of the underlying principles in every dissolve of friendship. 

One disloyal person amongst a group of friends can damage the lives each.

Bishop compromised Q Dj comp. Bishop shot steele. Bishop killed Raheem and comrodory of his whole crew. 

Selfish and disloyal muthafuckas ain’t shit and they usually make sure everybody around them ain’t either.

Reaching Out

GreyLand Youth Organization

We would like to extend our arms into the inland community.

The city of San Bernardino is such a challenging area for youths to grow in.

On any day, on any arterial street in San Bernardino young persons are exposed to prostitution, drug addiction, drug dealing, pan handling, sickness, homelessness, crime, police, gang banging, proverty and some extremely bad dental negligence.

First hand exposure to all these troubling elements is an unfair reality.

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By comparison, …

By comparison, the group says, every high-risk juvenile prevented from adopting a life of crime could save the country between $1.7 million and $2.3 million – CQ researcher