Small pieces

Small pieces

A small woman with three boys  rustle through a large trash can in back of an alpha beta grocery store with small flashlights tossing anything unopened and salvageable into empty milk crates.

These nights are good nights to look because the stores expirations dates usually fall on Thursday, a day before trash and new incoming shipments.

Most things are still good because the store policy disposes items a week before expirations or if any small pieces are damaged or  molded.

Things like yogurts, grits, crackers, some vegetables, and even some packaged meat can be scored in the perfect conditions.

“Its really not that bad” Eleanor tells the boys.”Its a little mushy but its better to get all the way in.” They boys reserve not to ablige her invitation and stand aside the full size trashcans picking certain things within a reasonably extended reach that Eleanor may be happy with.

The two eldest boys are slightly embarassed of their mother but both are strangely comforted by the unassuming mate so willing to accompany their so very humbling expedition.

The two eldest search more assertively than the third but he is just as much service of heart and support to the cause as the bigger boys twice his age.

The team of humble scavangers recover from the dumps like a small band of raccoons. They fill the 7 seat Celebrity wagon’s cab with the milk crates and head back for little marky’s apartment where Eleanor and her two boys will be staying for a while.

“Good Deeds mates” Eleanor thanks the boys.

Times are tough and sometimes extremely humbling but such are the times where unassuming companionship, good spirit and true love is its purest.

Little marky knows directly from heaven that there is no low young angels shouldn’t go to lift the people they know.

This wouldn’t be the last dive for Eleanor and her boys but it wouldn’t little marky’s last either

Sometimes life situations discard good people for small pieces of disatisfactory. The humility of those persons are the grits that nurture the spirit of heaven’s will here on earth forever.


About The Gritz

Ideally I aspire to be a Tyranny of Business and perspective. I cant tell you descriptively how I feel... so I'll tell you the depths of my thought. thanks for reading.

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