The Gritz on…..The Best Man Holiday

Aside from Sanaa being the most beautiful women ever. Fuck that movie! 65% of Black marriages end in divorce. That means 65% of the mfkaz that lose they mind to see Lance and wonder what the fuck Robin is gonna do need to be just as enthusiastic about their own reality. They might need to keep their mind on positive resolutions in their own relationships, sustaining they own marriage and keeping their family together.

Its certain things that perpetuate  disillusions in black communities.  Tv, music, and definitely film give a channel to unrealistic ideals of relationships.

Probably why you don’t have a real  one. Ya bish. If you base your life around a movie I promise you all the drama without a happy ending.


About The Gritz

Ideally I aspire to be a Tyranny of Business and perspective. I cant tell you descriptively how I feel... so I'll tell you the depths of my thought. thanks for reading.

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