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The ABC’s of a Black Man’s Principles

This is the first official mention to of my book “The ABC’s of a Black Man’s Principles.”  Im so proud of the attentive focus Ive placed toward the contents and presentation of this book.

I believe its contents to be such an essential element necessary in the Black community. The book is a directed address to all of Black men but the practicality make each covered point extremely applicable and relevant across culture and gender.

Its Foundational principles may be some men and young mens first introduction to such essential life values.

Not only is the book full of vital content it also is a great contribution from a black male in the literary community.

Please stay tuned for its published release  and availability as early as January.


The ABC’s of a Black Man’s Principles (Cover Preview) – Mark Anthony Howard “The Gritz”

Mark Anthony Howard

The ABC’s of a Black Man’s Principles (Cover Preview) – Mark Anthony Howard “The Gritz”

What tf is Fracking?

Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”, is the process of drilling and injecting fluid into the ground at a high pressure in order to fracture shale rocks to release natural gas inside.

Accelerating Ministries


 Welcome to accelerating mininstries.

Many of us have been attracted to accelerating ministries by the ministries staffing services.

These services provide jobs and secure income for over 500 members in three different california regions.

We love that we have been able to reach such a wide necessity and help so many needing families support themselves.

No matter your attraction to accelerating ministries we would like to extend to you a comfortable welcome with our Pastors theme of love and peace.

We understand that many different backgrounds may have promoted many different beliefs and traditions.

We at accelerating ministries accept all of different backgrounds as personal foundations in who we all are individually.

What we would like to represent is a loving home for all those needing  supportive encouragement in life and in their worship to God.

What We would like to represent is a loving home for Godly worship in the loving, unassuming, and peaceable environment that God intended for us.

No matter your attraction your accelerating ministries we are all united under our service to God.

We would like to welcome you in that service with love and peace from now and forever

Sincerely yours
Accelerating Ministries.


“Dada I want grapes in it.”
“In your oatmeal baby?”
“Yea, I want grapes in it”…

The realest shit I ever done wasn’t shooting at niggaz, selling no pz, fucking no bitches, or none the silly ass shit Ive done that niggaz respect me for. The realest shit I ever did was make oatmeal for my son.

Q. How many black boys starve for they pops nurture?…

A. None of mine….

“How many grapes u want baby”
I laugh to myself and appreciate the value in this moment.

“okay crazy boy eat it all and don’t spill it.”
…” And Hurry up so I can take u to school.”

2 struggle 4 self

When I turned 19 I got my forearms tatted by the homie Rudy at ink pagoda. Im 28 now and I always forget that they even there.

It takes somebody asking me what it means for me to remember em.

It some lil Chinese lookin shit that’s actually Mongolian for “to struggle” on my right and “for self” on my left.
(Right to left)

That’s what the fuck I’m about.  My whole life has been a struggle. Struggling is not a glamourous thing to be about. Its ignorant to struggle just to struggle you have to have a purpose. I believe my struggle is so purposeful and objective.

I truly have a life direction and destiny and there is no way I can get to it without audacious ingenuity and struggle.

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Words from a wise woman

We can’t count the days so we have to make the days count. -A Wise Woman

Tina Turner


Private Dancer

Choice words

As each one fills his mouth with his destiny. The wisest chooses his fill carefully.

Truth be told…

To carry lies and tell them throughout a lifetime is terrible.  What then is a lifetime holding truth to never tell it?

“Rest in archive” about page 2011-2014

About “Gritz”

Mark Anthony Howard “The Gritz”

my External

My name is Mark Anthony Howard. my business and nickname is”Grits” Im a 27 year old STRUGGLING Black American entrepreneur  and author by way of Riverside C.A.  Im in my second semester as Student/ Athlete  at RIverside City College studying Business Administration with a concentration in management. I have Four year old Son (Na’Sham Anthony Howard) whom I had with my bestfriend and lady C.C.  I have been self employed as a CA licensed barber for 8 years  and as a Deejay since i was 16.  I own my own lil shop “The Batcav3″ formerly inside Humidor Clothing boutique in the Riverside Plaza now located in San Bernardino.  Im heavily focused on establishing myself as a young business empire through the cultivation of my business Aspirations. Tyrant  Business Groupings.

I am currently  seeking publishing for my first book The ABC’s of a Black Man’s Principles (which I believe is a home run in my first at bat ) as well as pursuing contracts for my” Tyrant Business Management and Promotional Marketing Services.” I am also speaking to investors of the Funding for  Tyrant Youth Organization and my indoor batting cage, “The Hitters Count.”  I have business planned to grand open a facility and be in full business operation within  a year to 2 years in February.   In 2010 I also Self Constructed my own recording label TYRANT LABEL RECORDINGS, a True Independent,Riverside CA sole proprietorship. And still working on releasing my first musical project The Dj Gritz “Self Employed” as the first Artist on the Label.

my internal

I Personally Derive from Deep Unsurity and Insecurity and believe that i have developed and nurtured my own perspectives and principles into harsh convictions in order to compensate and become of balance within MYSELF. I am a avid seeker of SPIRITUAL truth and believe myself to be on some narrow path of it. I believe myself to a purposeful sort and I work internally within my thoughts daily to cultivate this belief.I think that My God’s blessings of me come through my efforts and not through any entitlement. I Believe my Knowledge of God to be Only true provision made for me in my lifetime.

my perspective

At the depths of my heart I think Everything is perspective! and as well I believe Perspective is Everything. Everything stems and construes from each’s own perspective. that being said My perspective is a SELFISH one. I believe that life should be a progressive pursuit of ones ultimate self through growth of perspective as it is applicable to you!!

so as one would read my blog I ask them to consider each is from MY perspective and is simply my own attempts to clarify within MYSELF my own steps toward My own Personal growth through My Own Personal Experience. I pray you read something RELATIVE to YOURSELF

-The Gritz

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