2 struggle 4 self

When I turned 19 I got my forearms tatted by the homie Rudy at ink pagoda. Im 28 now and I always forget that they even there.

It takes somebody asking me what it means for me to remember em.

It some lil Chinese lookin shit that’s actually Mongolian for “to struggle” on my right and “for self” on my left.
(Right to left)

That’s what the fuck I’m about.  My whole life has been a struggle. Struggling is not a glamourous thing to be about. Its ignorant to struggle just to struggle you have to have a purpose. I believe my struggle is so purposeful and objective.

I truly have a life direction and destiny and there is no way I can get to it without audacious ingenuity and struggle.

I was born into a situation short of provisional resources and guidance so any type of progressive attempt in my favor has been an absolute struggle.  This is some shit I’ve just come to accept and expect.

Im not gritty by a fuckin choice of character I’m gritty and relentlessl y passionate by necessity.

I’ve had to fight for everything every piece of original perspective I have acquired has been by struggle.

This is why I have such wide perspective, it is because I relate to the struggle in each person.

But I’m writing this shit not to identify further with the struggle that others may endure.( I do that shit all day and everyday)

This is about mine and how few, and how shallow, and how selfish mfkz cant relate to my struggle.

I feel my struggle is so disrespected. I’ve wrote of that before but the shit is a constant truth.

The purpose and objectives that I commit myself to struggle towards are disrespected, mis understood, un appreciated, and again dis respected.

Especially by women. Outside of fucking and sweet conversations women never appreciate the dedication and struggle that my shit incurs.

Women interpret my conversations and objectives more than theyll listen or inquire.

They really don’t see the purpose in struggle. They just want to act beautiful, be rich, and have fun.

And that’s cool. I’m a personal advocate of anyones true self. Values, faults, and all.

But I have no interest in fraudulently acquiring the interest of any princess that ain’t about attaching to my grind and struggle.

I can relate to the reality in any person but I have Absolutely no relation to the fantasy that so many  people my age and older live in.

Hard work, dedication, perserverance, efficient spending and retention is the only way to prosperity. (Not the fuckin lotto)

The marketing of rich housewives, ballplayers and entertainers has fucked up the worlds concept of reality.

Its not realistic to parade and flaunt your earnings thru the club and in front of your friends.

Life  is not a competition of extravagance. It is supposed to be a progressive journey towards the will of god through your own personal growth and education.

An Abundance of wealth is a reflection of the actualized worth of yourself and your effort to add value to others.

Too many people got it fucked up that money is solely for entertainment. Women think a man’s money should be spent towards the appreciation of them by displays of gifts, provisions, and most of all entertaining.

Girls just wanna have fun and struggling is no fun.

So men don’t wanna struggle anymore they want women so they rather live a life flashing as much as possible and entertaining her as much as possible.

But mark… Mr steady on his grind and don’t have time.
I don’t be given bitches no schnacks.

I don’t hang with homies that wear fake chainz and pop bottles and shit cause that’s not where I’m at in life.

I’m struggling to make a difference in the life of the next lil dude that may commit himself to bettering the world thru his ingenuity.

The world is set up for young black men to fail by enticing and luring them to fall into snares.

The trivial portrayals on entainment tv perpetuate the bullshit that satan and this crooked American system need to be successful in the suppression of young black men and their progression.

I feel that my focus has never detoured from this sighty awareness, but I’m the only one that see the shit.

So instead of enlisting themselves to fight the same cause that their brothers, dads, uncles, cousins, sons, nephews, lovers, boyfriends, and husbands are being killed and broken by they disrespect my shit because  it ain’t entertaining enough.

The world respects displays of ballin and they disrespect when a real nigga struggles for a valiant purpose.

Bitches respect appearance of money but disrepect the struggle the same man may have to endure to grow wealth.

I’m a struggling entrepreneur that struggles with mental health, sprituality, reverence, my family,my perspective, my ideals,  balance, school, fake friendships, and gas money.

I’m struggling young black man that struggles with himself!

But most of all I struggle with people disrepecting my struggle and the struggle that every young black male struggles against.

We all struggle against an unjust society that is looking to disqualify us with criminal records, legal woes isolation, disease, and even poverty.

We should all be fighting in unison to keep the men and boys we love from the unjust snares of this system that have ruined so many lives and divided so many families.

Mufuckas rather play games and swear they have game than to actually involve themselves in the true game of a black man’s life and struggle towards its ramifications.

Well if you rather not be involved then don’t be involved, but don’t disrepect the struggle I have devoted my life towards because I’m not entertaining your short attention span or your vain ass necessity for validation through displays of wealth u aren’t worth nor earned.

Fuck you and anybody that has every disrespected my struggle or any person that has struggled with an objective goal towards better.

I’m gritty. I struggle for purpose. I struggle for better. I struggle for self… Not selfishness.


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  1. This was too deep! Well said! I loved it.

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