“Dada I want grapes in it.”
“In your oatmeal baby?”
“Yea, I want grapes in it”…

The realest shit I ever done wasn’t shooting at niggaz, selling no pz, fucking no bitches, or none the silly ass shit Ive done that niggaz respect me for. The realest shit I ever did was make oatmeal for my son.

Q. How many black boys starve for they pops nurture?…

A. None of mine….

“How many grapes u want baby”
I laugh to myself and appreciate the value in this moment.

“okay crazy boy eat it all and don’t spill it.”
…” And Hurry up so I can take u to school.”


About The Gritz

Author and Artist. "The Gritz." Thanks for reading. https://thegritz.wordpress.com

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