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Poetry isn’t poetic

Poetry isnt poetic. 
Life and its moments are poetic. 

Poetry is the artificial rendition of a poetic experience. 

Poetry is a poachering attempt to capture through expression,
The poetics moments in life that are meant only to be captured by perception.

Poetry is a plagiaristic replication of God’s gift of life and the limitless opportunities to experience his universe.

Poetry isn’t poetic 
Life is poetic 

No man can be poetic in his words neither his written or his spoken 

No man can be a poet but the director of life.

No man can be a poet for speaking poetry nor writting poetry.

Poetry cannot be read nor heard
Poetry can only be lived 

A man can only be poetic as he lives and perceives experience. 

Poetry isn’t poetic
Life is poetic

Search for poetry in life not in words 
And there you will find what is truly poetic.

Search for life and perceive its experiences as poetic 
And there u will find true poetry.

Poetry isn’t poetic
Life is poetic.

– Mark Anthony Howard “The Gritz” 


Omar’s Wireless in Rialto burned down

Last night between 4-5 am a fire was initiated at Omar’s Wireless on foothill and Meridian in Rialto.

By 6 pm the wireless services store was completely burned down. And by 11 its was being reported on abc7.

Owned and operated by Omar himself and his nephew, the wireless store was much more than a regular store for the Rialto community. 

Over the years the wireless store has simply become known as “Omar’s.”

“Omar’s,”Referring to him personally, because if you ever had any type of wireless issue, concern, or wish from barter to trade, sale or purchase, you could be confident that Omar got you.

I drove by the store today for a personal look at the news I had heard.  Rialto Police, caution-tape, abc 7 news cameras, and about 50 on lookers surrounded the store.

The store was toast and smelled liked gas vapors. Omar looked so sad as spoke to Rialto arson and police detectives.

As he caught a break in questioning to smoke a cigarette by woodys bbq. I gave em dap, shook my head, and told him to hold his head as he shook it disgustly.

As a Rialto native and community member Omars store burning felt  kind of personal because I know the dude. Everybody knows the dude.  Hell help anybody and everybody without a lot of the wireless hassle, bullshit, and overpricing you get from other stores.

Omars is in a thuggy part of Rialto so I’ve seen him thug it out with any thug, hood, loud-mouth that provoke him. But he definitely a good dude.

That’s fucked up that someone may have burnt his shit down and its fucked up if it may have burnt on its own because in either event “Omars” is burnt down.

I expect fights, arguments, and craziness, and some mild rickety to go on in Omars but I never expected his shit to burn down.

So just as a positive affirmation amidst all the negativity that may circle Omars and his businesses reputation I’d like to acknowledge Omar personally along with his store as an iconic figure and landmark in Rialto city.

Hold your head Omar. My sympathy and my respect.

a night like this


on a night like this

I remember how cold the wind felt as it blew through my t-shirt.

the streetlights lite a path toward a distination I wasnt sure of.

 I didnt have any place to go.  and It was too cold to think.

a million thoughts frozen

I just followed my feet 

at the last of my endurance 

I past a familiar street.

Derrick Van Dusen was a great friend to me

I headed for his home.

3 am I dared not to ring but I bodaciously approached his door step with no intentions to knock.

another thought froze as his cat ran past me.

I scared her and she me

and she scurried in to the garage.

The door was open.

And I was to cold to pass

I went in and couldnt see shit but I was comforted by the walls to block the wind

Inside the garage was Ms. Joni’s Dodge caravan.

That door was open too.

I sat in a fell asleep

15 years old, that night was my first in the street.

a night like this makes me think of it.

a night like this makes me see.



If time is what we value.

why do we waste it.

If death is certain.

Why do we live with no urgency.