A great article on the issue of Homelessness in the Inland Empire

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Mark Anthony Howard | Opinions Editor

A winter night in Riverside may reach 35 degrees. To put into a perspective 35 degrees is the same temperature that water may freeze. Imagine being stuck outside in such a cold. Imagine living that reality for months.

Homelessness is a community issue of that deserves a much larger sentiment and dedication toward some resolve.

The homeless population and the dynamics that lead to it connote some very inaccurate assumptions by those who may be unaware. Not all homeless persons are alcoholics and drug abusers. Not all homeless people may live directly on the streets. Not all homeless people have bad hygiene and not all homeless people are bad people. Many are just as good of people as you or I.

The point is that Homeless persons are not just the hardest cases that we may see living directly on the street. The population of homeless persons
is much wider than and much broader than the average person may initial assume.

Homelessness consists of many different cases just as stressful psychologically.

Within Riverside county’s 7200…

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