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Mark Anthony Howard “The Gritz” is the author of the 2014 release “The ABC’s of a Black Man’s Principles.”  Through many ups and downs and personal struggles,  Mark or “grits,” has found his true voice in his writing.  His many failures in ambitious persuance of his en·tre·pre·neur·i·al goals give him a practical perspective of how-to, and especially how-not-to in life.

His Gritty style of writing and strong convictions make his perspective a most interesting literary consideration.  The book “The ABC’s of a Black Man’s Principles” is Mark Anthony’s first and addresses a need for both collective and personal growth within the community of Black American Males.

Mark Anthony Howard "The Gritz"

The Book contains 46  principles which Mark Anthony writes definitively as reflections of his own quality.  

“I’ve really been through alot in my young lifetime.  Most people go through things and dismiss or omit the unpleasant emotions that they’ve  experienced.  I’ve been blessed with a curse of retention.  I am really able to reserve emotion and process thought into the application of beneficial lessons or principles.  This book is my first share of what I’ve always known of myself as a distinguished and orginal perspective.  I hope the consideration of my writing encourages the same personal growth in others that Ive experienced for myself.”

The book “The ABC’s of a Black Man’s Principles” is now available on with promise to be a bestseller in its social science/ specific -demographic/ Black studies categories.


About The Gritz

Author and Artist. "The Gritz." Thanks for reading.

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