Welcome to White Sox Baseball

Welcome to White Sox Baseball.


My name is Mark Anthony Howard. “Coach Grits”

I am a director at Greyland Youth Organization

This season I will intern as director at San Bernardino Youth Baseball and Manage your child’s pinto league “White Sox” team.

Our objective is to win division and league championships this season and every season. I’d like to Have a majority representation of all stars. And developed our kids into quality people and baseball athletes.

I will teach professional level fundamentals and baseball knowledge.

But we will most importantantly emphasize proper and exceptional catching and then throwing.

This team will be a strong foundation of any baseball career opportunities you or your child may aspire.

Our next practice is Friday at 6 – 7:15pm at 6th street park off waterman.

See you Friday and welcome.

I may soon make a website entirely for our team and our progress but for now click Greyland WhiteSox and save the link for our teams weekly updates.


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