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More 2 life

I live a lot of life everyday. I pray. I eat. I run. I jump. I dance. I laugh. I cry. I smile. I frown. I’m up. I’m down. I win. I lose. I try. I fight. I think. I hope. I dream. I fuck. I flirt. I work. I chill.  I smoke. I hydrate. I never hate. I love and I appreciate. Its really more to my days than some’s lives. I appreciate that too.


a Romance or nah ?

A clever man’s romance in her hands is left stranded. Only a foolish lover will advance to understand her.

“This is for all my homiez”

I pick favorites. I always have. If I had two kids I wouldn’t love them equally I would pick a favorite and let the other one know everyday why their sibling was my favorite LOL.


So if I picked a favorite on my baseball team Andrew wins easy.

Not because he’s the best player on the team but because he’s the best personality.

He’s crazy af. And he don’t care. Lol Andrew just wants to do what Andrew what’s to do. And I respect it. I think its fun and challenging being his coach and I love to see him making improvements and responding to my coaching already.

as long as Andrew is around Its gonna be a fun and funny season. Im gonna let my lil homie be himself and teach him how to play baseball.


No practice Thursday 3/6 next practice is Friday 3/7 6pm @ 6th field east of waterman

A Success! Greyland Youth Organization -Food and Clothe drive

Greyland Youth Organizations second food drive was a great success.  In spite of  terrible storm weather the commitment of Greylands community members shined bright.

13 Greyland community members from ages 5 to 55 sacrificed there warm homes for a cold and wet tent over a bench in San Bernardino Meadow Brook Park.

The tent talk was an encouraging action plan of Greylands agenda to help its community and make a positive difference.

Each volunteer did exactly that as they provide hot meals and warm (dry) clothing to over 30 homeless and needing neighbors.

The group was able to socialize personally with some of the communities poorest members and put a name to those whom actually live within the Meadow Brook parks  parameters.

Mr. Ivory was an especially touching case being 65 years old, fully native American, world traveled and amongst the humblest of spiritual men one could ever meet. Mr. Ivoryvwho calls the parks eastern most bench his home spends ever night with only a blue 8×5 tarp as his shelter.

Greylands Community members where able to trade Mr. Ivory’s as well as about 15 others wet clothing, soaked from lastnights unsheltered sleep, for new socks, new shoes, new pants, new shirts, new sweaters, new jackets, and a new blanket for tonight’s unsheltered sleep.

The warming feeling of helping others in the truest of need seem to bring the sun out through the days storming rain.

We thank all those that donated and especially thank those Greyland  participants. Our grey hearts blessings to those who we were able to serve, feed, and encourage.

We look forward to further influence within the inland  community for years to come.

“I may be broke… but I’m God’s child I can’t be broken” – Mr. Ivory


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Greyland White Sox “Logo”

 Greyland White Sox

Jo Scott-Coe on Bringing Writers to Community Colleges

Community colleges have a reputation as a sitcom punch line and a temporary stop along a student’s educational pathway. I love that our work to bring writers here for them flies in the face of these clichés.

Greyland White Sox – Next Practice

Last Practice –

Last Practice was rained out but some of the players were still able to make it to the Greyland Warehouse facility on Rialto Ave. for an Indoor practice.

Andrew, Shame, Bobby, and Famous were able to continue to work on “Ball Control.”

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