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Happy Birthday Vic!

Happy Birthday to the creative mind of Ragz Two Royalty






The Gritz on…. Inland Prostitution


“The Most deleterious effect” by Mark Anthony Howard “The Gritz” is an opinions article previously  published in the  Riverside Viewpoints newspaper on the worst effect of prostitution within low income communities.

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Gz Up

Brian Williams of nbc features on the Jimmy Fallon show rappin’ Gin and Juice by snoop.

I havent watched a funny video in a long time. this is probably the winner.

Gangstaz don’t read.

I may write too thuggy for my audience sometimes.

But who gives a fuck.

I write to express my thoughts, my  creativity, and perspective.

I really don’t give a fuck who read it or don’t.

I do what I wanna do and say what I wanna say…

… And thats gangsta!

Inland Scenics –


Linden ave Bloomington CA. 10 am

Inland Scenes – Highlands


Highland Ave / highway 330 Highland CA @3pm

#4 letters 2 shame

What up dadda? I haven’t written nothing to u in a while.

I hope these little scripts to u serve as time capsuled from now to u presently. Id like that u read these and find them as affirmations to the love u feel from me.
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They are here


As the books come in the true excitement starts.

The books are ready to be distributed and sold.

30% of all book sales will go to Greyland Youth Organization in San Bernardino Ca and distributed amongst Greyland’s reading, baseball, and homeless outreach programs.

Walk-a-thon at Lilac

Greyland White Sox

White Sox donate runs generously to Rialto Dodgers “feed the batter” cause at Lilac.


The White Sox pitching woes continued again @ Lilac.

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White Sox – Opening Night