The Gritz on…. Inland Prostitution


“The Most deleterious effect” by Mark Anthony Howard “The Gritz” is an opinions article previously  published in the  Riverside Viewpoints newspaper on the worst effect of prostitution within low income communities.

Some communities never see actual effects of prostitution. Others are heavily affected. Its effects and consequence usually don’t make the news until it appears as a political scandal.

The solicitation of Prostitution has evolved into many new age avenues but street prostitution is still a highly sensitive issue in urban areas.

The poorest communities seem to be the ones subjected to the blatant street walkers. My issue is its affects upon Inland area youth.

Prostitution stings are only marginally effective in the halting its effects upon low income communities.

A police vice unit, UC Riverside police and the California Alcohol Beverage Control department ran the undercover operation Oct. 2 on University and Comer avenues.

This sting was aimed at the johns and not the prostitutes who solicit sexual encounters in exchange for payment.

The undercover operation consisting of several undercover units and an undercover female officer posing as a prostitute rendered a dozen arrest of male johns of just as many different professional levels.

The point was to deter potential johns from soliciting prostitution by alerting the possibility that prostitutes may be police and a solicitation arrest may be very embarrassing and damaging to a career.

Aside from being damaging to a career, prostitution is damaging and deleterious in its effect on the entire community.

Stings may deter potential johns but they are ineffective in discouraging young women towards the simple concept of prostitution; Money for sex.

Money for sex is much more of an attractive notion in low income urban areas where prostitution is much closer in availability, opportunity, and  example.

Once young woman may consider and accept the concept of money for sex I believe she has begun to accept a devalue in herself.

This is where I feel that prostitution is heaviest in its deleterious effect. The devalue of young women is the most of terrible things a community can

The mind of impressionable young women can be one of the most valuable resources in the progression or rehabilitation of any community.

I think it is imperative that the community recognize this and pro-actively discourage prostitution at its basis.

Money for sex is not okay and it is not the answer for lack of opportunity, social disenfranchisement, or financial hardship.


About The Gritz

Ideally I aspire to be a Tyranny of Business and perspective. I cant tell you descriptively how I feel... so I'll tell you the depths of my thought. thanks for reading.

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