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#5 letterz 2 shame

This week we had ur lil “weak sox” banquet. I made the lil book for all the kids and none of they asses showed up. Except famous. All that shit and only one to appreciate it was u.


U said it was the best book I ever made lol. I thought that was dope. U a lil Jr asshole but u sweet af sometimes. Especially when u able to express of just suggest appreciation. I always appreciate that shit right back.

I really coached that weak ass team just to look back and say I coached ur first baseball team. I loved being able to do that for u baby. I think ur really gonna be a dope player. It was really dope to see u take to it and want to get better. U the only one on the team that actually got better and u were at least a year younger than everybody. So I plan to write and add a dedication page to u daddy. I’m super proud of u and how good you’ve gotten after just one season. U play with you heart and your chest and some grown men never learn that.

Baseball is dope to learn because it’s so applicable to life. “Politics and principles.” Smh. Gotta learn that to win in life and in baseball k.
It’s 4 am and I been reading and writing crazy shit all morning. Love u lil bro. Muah.



Solitude a return to the self


Solitude a return to the self by Anthony Storr

Im currently reading Solitude by Anthony Storr published in 1988.

I orginally checked the book out in march of 2008 from Fontana’s then new Lewis Library and never took it back.


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Sorry cool momma


S/o to my momma…
I was soully truthfully but I really went hard on my mother in an acknowledgement to her in my book, The ABCs of a Black Man’s Principles.

It had nothing to do with the book or even I how feel about my mother now. It’s just something I wrote and ended up published. I have a hard time explaining and justifying the presence of such harsh address in the book at all.

I contemplated, considered, and sought perspective on whether I should take the two paragraphs out all together.

I felt bad of it sometimes and proud of it at others.

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Love is…

Love is a privilege not a right.
No ones entitled to great love u have to earn it.

U definitely don’t owe anybody love that don’t appreciate it.

Its too many loves lost for a love possessed to be ungrateful.

Remember that next time u expect a love u don’t reciprocate.

Mark Morrison by The Gritz

Yesterday I believed in us.
Today I feel wiser
I’m ashamed of how foolishly
I gave my faith to a liar.

– Mark Anthony Howard “The Gritz”