Solitude a return to the self


Solitude a return to the self by Anthony Storr

Im currently reading Solitude by Anthony Storr published in 1988.

I orginally checked the book out in march of 2008 from Fontana’s then new Lewis Library and never took it back.


I believe books choose readers and not vice versa. Based upon it’s title I knew it was something that absolutely appealed to me and my personality but was way too challenging for my attention span and applicable comprehension.

Now that my library account is fucked up and I’m a much more mature reader. Im trying again to knock it out and some of it’s content is jumping off the fuckin’ pages at me. I feel that same appeal that initially attracted me to the book being triggered and I feel the shit is specifically meant for me and the unique foundation of my constructive perspective.

Anthony Storr was a Royal College physician, psychiatrist, as well as an author of numerous social science based books. He died in 2001 but I feel that I may be contributing to some resurrection thru and of his work as I consider it.

The book is a thorough consideration of the progressive science of self and the benefits to some profound thinkers as they’ve attributed to periods of solitude.

It’s one of the most difficult books I’ve ever read at this point. Not so much in the lay of the content though, because the book flows very well.

I feel that each chapter gives me an thorough education enabling further comprehension of the next.

What is difficult is the imperative attention that each supportive word, sentence, thought, reference, and accreditation has upon the build of the overall chapters next point.

For my own absorption I plan to write a short chapter outline. I’ll share it later as I read and highlight.


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