Monthly Archives: August 2014

Do Better

I just wanna “Do better.”  I’m always reminded of how insignificant I am to some of the people that I am the most significant to.  I just wanna “Do better.”  Im at the point were others interpretation or appreciation for my reality is unimportant.  Im committed to living the strongest representation of my character and its characteristics.  I’ve grown passed the same people who refused my growth.  I don’t have any resentment nor animosity to anyone. 

I live a life governed and directed by The Almighty Father.  There is no shame nor bashfulness in that life. 

I am a gangster at times; I am a fool at others.  Heaven cares not of the pettiness in our social classifications.  Heaven’s spirit leads me according to my allegiance to it. I cant lose in this life, or any, because my life is only what Faith intends it to be.  I cant lose in this life, or any, because my life is only what God intends it to be. I most definitely cannot lose by a judgment in less of a court than Christ. Christ death makes my life okay. No matter how or unrighteous my peeplez judge of me. 

So I just wanna “Do Better.”   


Care is

I just want to know what care is…
But I don’t even know who care is…

I knew who care was…
So I wonder what care does…
I know care is loving
I know care is sweet
I know care is happy
But I wonder just how deep.
I know care is sincere
I know care is unique
I know care is caring
But I wonder why care doesn’t speak.
I know care is active
I know care is strong
I know care is righteous
But I wonder how care is alone.
I know care is attractive
I know care is beautiful
I know care is virtuous
But I wonder whose care is suitable.
I want to know care is truth
I want to know care is secrets
I want to be what care is interest is
I want to be who care is deep with.

Care is in my kiss
care is in my touch.
Care is in my love
Care is in my lust
Care is in my mind
Care is in my heart
Care is in my soul
Care is a part of Mark

I wonder where care is
and my heart wants to go there.
I wonder how care lives and my thoughts wanna know where?

Care is on Instagram and Facebook
But care never calls.
Care is concerned,
But care is involved.
So if care is not for me,
Should i care at alI?
I just wonder who care is?
‘Cause being careless is hard.