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letterz 2 God #8

Father I thank you for the opportunity to come to you as my father. My brain aches from my hearts mistakes.  BUt you have always been true and nurturing.  I thank you for never departing in me and I wish to never depart from you.  Thank you for recognizing my strength and my aptitude as a resource of you will. I appreciate your direction upon me and my young family I am responsible for.  Please allow me to guide those people of yours back to you and not cause confusion.  Bless me indeed that I may bless and briing praise to your true name and spirit Yahweh.

Your love is my religion. and I give my worship as well as praise. Hallelujah!

please continue to use me, reach me, and teach me. In your holy son’s name. amen.


The ABC’s of a Black Man’s Principles” Book Tour

image“The ABC’s of a Black Man’s Principles” on Amazon Books.

Check here for this fall/winter tour dates and appearances including readings, book signings, and pop-up booths by author Mark Anthony Howard “The Gritz”

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letterz 2 God #7

Thank you for my family father. I ask they be blessed as I. I appreciate the love you give me. And I appreciate the Love of your holiest son.  I ask that you blessed me indeed, that I may know you hand is with me.  I ask your will be done thru me And expand my territory, and keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain, that I may not cause confusion, that I may not cause illness, and that I may not cause disorganization. In my Christ name I pray my heart’s condition and in my Christ name I pray you accept it… amen

Coach Gritz and The Carter High School JV Lions

Last Night Carter High’s Junior Varsity Baseball matched up their 2nd pre-season game against Pacific High School’s Junior Varsity. The game was played @ the beautiful Fiskilini park in San Bernardino and was the second under manager Mark Anthony Howard “Coach Grits.”  The bunch came out focused under their Coach Gritz “Get Work” philosophy, and seemed intent on doing just that.

David Melendez started on the hill for the Lions and seemed like he couldn’t miss.  As captain called Catcher/IF Delgadillo called, Melendez delivered.  The Duo “worked” batters strategically with “cutterz and gas” offside the plate low and away and finished which ever batter who dared not to ground out with high deuces inside.   With Delgadillo’s leadership Melendez finish 5 innings with 6 k’s and one walk.

With two outs in the second Joseph Nava dropped a mile high fly out with two runners one. Ice cold and unfazed  Melendez would k the next batter stranding the tripling runner on error at third.  Nava would redeem himself with a hit as the first batter following the error and scoring a run to make up for the two he gave up.

With heavy encouragement and affirmation from the vocal coach the entire team seemed to gel and rally behind Melendez not only on Defense but with the sticks as well.

The team would only allow a total of 3 hits and 2 unearned runs on one of the Lion’s two errors while scoring 7 themselves.

Cam Wilson who went 2-4 beat out a close throw and advance to second on error and heads up baserunning. The Extra hustle seemed be contagious as Lions baserunners beat out several close throws to get on and stole a total of 10 bases not including two advances on pass balls.

The team looked good lastnight with great energy not only on offense and D, but in the dugout as well. When guys made plays teammates slapped fives and fist, when guys error’d or miscues teammates picked them up and encouraged them to make the next one.

The play of the game went to freshman call up and Matthew C./2b in the 3rd inning.  With redemption on his mind after a tough error with 2 outs young Matt showed his confidence and skill tracking to his glove side and diving to stop a smoker in the gap.  The play was topped off when he was able to recover to his feet and make a strong throw to the 1st baseman Cameron Wilson in time to beat the runner and end the inning.

Player of the Game went to freshman call up Garret Strasberg. With great leadership by his receiver Brian Garret came out strong and confident hitting his spots and closing out the game pitching two scoreless innings with 2 ks and 1 hit on 11 pitches.

Coach Grits, who called for some aggressive strategy orchestrating 3 sets of double steals, squeeze bunts and sacrifices, commented on the game:

“Im super proud of the teamplay and morale of these guys. I challenged them as JV players to focus on why they aren’t at the Varsity level and “get work in” tonight. The did that and more. I love the response and coachability each of these guys have and Ill die with them in a game. Were gonna’ surprise a lot of coaches, players, and teams this season with our win column. The work ethic I need to make these guys better is there and I plan to win with it.”

Game notables: Delgadillo caught 5 behind the dish and then moved to 2nd and recorded 3 put outs including one unassisted. SS Romo seems to be cleaning up his act on defense but got dirty on O sliding in hard for a hustle double and a stolen base. Reserve Catcher Brian not only stole 2 bases but stole some strikes with great receiving posture and pitch calling with no passed balls.

UnNoted: 3rd Baseman Gil is just quiet money he plays anywhere in the infield with no errors gets on base, steals bases, and scores every game.


The Gritz on… Mike Brown

I have to state how much I resent having or giving opinions on “pop news” as I call it. So my opinion is based around the resentment that peoples lives and dire situations can become a channel of entertainment news to be considered as current events for people who have no relative relationship nor sincere interest in the subject being illicited by media.

So with that as my disclaimer and respect to Mike and his family… I think that Mike Brown and his unjustified murder by Ferguson Police department is being exploited beyond any sincere concern for Mike Brown and his family’s situation.

I believe classism is much more predominant of a vice in our society and it systematically uses rascism as a irrelevant front to distract it’s victims into perpetuating itself further.

I think that Mike Brown is surely a victim of one man’s rascism that maybe shared by many others within Policing Departments throughout America; But I think Mike Brown has come to represent a much larger victimization of the poor and working class.

I don’t believe the truest issue represented by the death of Michael Brown is rascism in America at all. I resent and find disappointment in the illusion that it is. Classism is what enables Police departments,Government legislation, and the Judicial system to ensure Mike Brown will continue to happen again and again in America with consequence. 

And that’s what should be inspiring outrage…. Not racism.

Make believe

I’m not talking about reality. I’m talking about Make believe.

Most people would think of make believe as a fictitious realm a child at play conceives and not as a cunning strategy. 

Well some people’s reality is what I’ve learned to call “make believe.”

I don’t want to connote any negativity, I just want to give realistic perspective on “make believers.”

What is a Make believer?
A make believer is actually a question of who?

Well Who is a make believer?

A make believer is someone who can “make” other people “believe” in anything they say.

How do they make believe?
You have to appeal to a person’s beliefs and you have to do it real fast. Because the realm of make believe only last long enough to make one believe not keep one believing.

When does a person make believe?
Usually in desperation, and selfish necesity. When make believers make themselves believe they need something they can make anybody believe in giving it.

Where does make believe come from?
It comes from a psychological compensation. If a person believes in themselves it’s not such a priority to make others  believe. There is a patience in confidence, there is absolutely none in make believe.

Why would anyone make believe?
Truthfully I’d be speculating if I tried to classify into realistic terms, but like I said we not talking about reality we talking about make believe.