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Greyland Youth Baseball


Greyland Youth Baseball is a program directed by Mark Anthony Howard or #coachGritz for #GreylandYouthOrganization.

The program gives underprivileged youth the opportunity to participate and acquire the quality skill and instruction normally only afforded to privileged families. By evening the “paying field” GYB enables lower income children the many educational, occupational, and quality of life opportunities the unique sport has to offer. #loveNbaseball

If you or a child would like to participate, volunteer, donate or be a sponsor in this program please email #coachGritz @

The program begins in Feb. but preregistration is encouraged and welcome. Rosters are forming for pony league divisions: pinto/6-8u, mustang/8-10u, and colt/14-16u

Donations: monetary donations are especially needed to fund insurance, league, field rentals, umpire and registration fees.

Also needed are (new or used) balls, gloves, bats, youth size cleats, WhiteSox hats, non perishable snacks and any other baseball gear would be appreciated.


Terrible Rush

Is success such an urgency to trade qualities for quanties?

The Gritz On… Bill Cosby Allegations

Mark Anthony Howard “The Gritz” | Opinion

Bill_cosby_1969I apologize to women that may have been in any way sexually abused, for what may convey as any of my own insensitivity.

But I also apologize to women that may have been sexually abused, for the women and media that have used such a horrific experience as leverage for their own personal gain towards relevancy.

As many of the columnist whom have chimed in on the scorching topic of Bill Cosby and the 16 claims of drugging and sexual assault; I do not know Mr. Bill Cosby personally and have no clue if these claims are legitimate or completely false.

My opinion only concerns the fact that these claims are ten, twenty, and thirty years seasoned and lack a moral message.
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Your Love is Not Mine…

“Your Love is Not Mine…”| Mark Anthony Howard “The Gritz


Your love is not mine

Your love is an ordinary love

Your love has no imagination

Your love is a mimic and imitation

Your love has limitationsselfish


Your love is not mine

Your love is circumstantial

Your love has impurities

Your love is immature

Your love has insecurities

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W-Double-U-Q’s (A Black Man?)

Who is a Black Man?

What makes a man Black?

Where does the Black Man come from?

When is the Black man going back?



Opinion Column


I wrote and edited for the opinions column at riverside community college for 2 years and developed some great skill and quality perspective.

I no longer write for the Viewpoints paper but feel the quality and professionalism of my opinion is needed within and throughout my community.

Tonight I offer an introduction to myself Mark Anthony Howard “The Gritz” and my own Opinion Column for TheGritz.wordpress.

I hope you find it insightful, unique, and educational. Enjoy!