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Kendrick Lamar by The Gritz


“NL2F” The Volume Series


The Volume Series By Mark Anthony Howard “The Gritz”


“NL2F” The Volume Series is my latest book in progress. Its a dedication to the professional and affluent woman in a collection of poetic prose and love letters. Its pace and its verbiage is very sophisticated, very sensual and very seductive.

All together,its super sexy and super flirty, with alot of enriching perspectives and values on mature interpersonal and sexual relationships.

I kind of want to keep the certain mystique it has do I won’t say too much, I’ll probably just leave a couple samples and snippets up between now and the books launch scheduled for late February/ early March.

It should b available at online book retailers and  for a very worthy 39.95.

So start saving for only book that’ll satisfy a professional woman’s holistic craving.

Hope you’re intrigued! Stay tuned “NL2F”coming soon.


No puedes nadie impedir mi pinche ambicion.

Estoy ansioso de triunfar pero estoy muy paciente.

Con bendicion de Dios, no puedo perder.


Soy “El Gritz” compa

My Tina

Everyday I think about my sister. I miss her too much to express. I feel I may never recover from the hurt Id feel If I really let myself go into the emotions my sister’s death provokes in me.Mrs. Tina Adams
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