Monthly Archives: July 2017


Organize– arrange into a structured whole; order. “organize lessons in a planned way”

I am Currently organizing my life, because I crave and need order. With the many things and people that I am responsible for I can only thrive, survive, grow, and attain success through strategic planning. So I realized with my growing responsibilities I can NOT afford a disorganized (disorderly) spirit, mind, or space.

I’m guilty of creating clutter very quickly. My cluttered physical space has been a direct reflection of my indecisiveness and cluttered mind that easily becomes overwhelmed with anxieties, juggling in pure vain to keep all my balls in the air.

I’m TIED of being anxious, overwhelmed, unsure, and unprepared. I WANT to be the best example for my son and family. And I WANT to feel confident, peaceful, and energized in my space.

Being orderly has become priority. So I’ll be over here organizing.