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Win from Here

This current incarceration is a tough situation for me and my lil family.

I have alot of plans and alot of frustrations. Im furious at how this system has stolen my productivity and the integrity of what I represent. But that same indignation is the cause of my confidence.

Im more confident in myself and in my ingenuity that I can win from here just as surely as Ive won from any other hardship and adversity.

Im too resourceful, im too resilient, im too intelligent, im too persuasive, im too productive,and im too relentless to ever lose; ever!

Winning is inevitable for me, because I simply wont quit and that’s the whole reason im The Gritz; because thats who ive proven to be consistently in spite of any and all adversity.

Im The Gritz, im currently in CDCR, and I can “Win From Here!”


Greyland Youth Baseball


Greyland Youth Baseball is a program directed by Mark Anthony Howard or #coachGritz for #GreylandYouthOrganization.

The program gives underprivileged youth the opportunity to participate and acquire the quality skill and instruction normally only afforded to privileged families. By evening the “paying field” GYB enables lower income children the many educational, occupational, and quality of life opportunities the unique sport has to offer. #loveNbaseball

If you or a child would like to participate, volunteer, donate or be a sponsor in this program please email #coachGritz @

The program begins in Feb. but preregistration is encouraged and welcome. Rosters are forming for pony league divisions: pinto/6-8u, mustang/8-10u, and colt/14-16u

Donations: monetary donations are especially needed to fund insurance, league, field rentals, umpire and registration fees.

Also needed are (new or used) balls, gloves, bats, youth size cleats, WhiteSox hats, non perishable snacks and any other baseball gear would be appreciated.

The Gritz On… Bill Cosby Allegations

Mark Anthony Howard “The Gritz” | Opinion

Bill_cosby_1969I apologize to women that may have been in any way sexually abused, for what may convey as any of my own insensitivity.

But I also apologize to women that may have been sexually abused, for the women and media that have used such a horrific experience as leverage for their own personal gain towards relevancy.

As many of the columnist whom have chimed in on the scorching topic of Bill Cosby and the 16 claims of drugging and sexual assault; I do not know Mr. Bill Cosby personally and have no clue if these claims are legitimate or completely false.

My opinion only concerns the fact that these claims are ten, twenty, and thirty years seasoned and lack a moral message.
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Homeless Awarness : “Thankz & Giving”


The Gritz on… Mike Brown

I have to state how much I resent having or giving opinions on “pop news” as I call it. So my opinion is based around the resentment that peoples lives and dire situations can become a channel of entertainment news to be considered as current events for people who have no relative relationship nor sincere interest in the subject being illicited by media.

So with that as my disclaimer and respect to Mike and his family… I think that Mike Brown and his unjustified murder by Ferguson Police department is being exploited beyond any sincere concern for Mike Brown and his family’s situation.

I believe classism is much more predominant of a vice in our society and it systematically uses rascism as a irrelevant front to distract it’s victims into perpetuating itself further.

I think that Mike Brown is surely a victim of one man’s rascism that maybe shared by many others within Policing Departments throughout America; But I think Mike Brown has come to represent a much larger victimization of the poor and working class.

I don’t believe the truest issue represented by the death of Michael Brown is rascism in America at all. I resent and find disappointment in the illusion that it is. Classism is what enables Police departments,Government legislation, and the Judicial system to ensure Mike Brown will continue to happen again and again in America with consequence. 

And that’s what should be inspiring outrage…. Not racism.

Heal her / Healer

I  want to heal her today,
that I may be her healer tomorrow…

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The Gritz on…. Inland Prostitution


“The Most deleterious effect” by Mark Anthony Howard “The Gritz” is an opinions article previously  published in the  Riverside Viewpoints newspaper on the worst effect of prostitution within low income communities.

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Blog of the Month 2012-2013

Blog of the Month

I wanted to post a monthly featured blog for myself. Whether be new or a Throwback of an older one I wrote…


Featured Article – Fathering Seeds

Fathering Seeds

If we were to plant a seed is it not our responsibility to see that it blossoms into a flower?To make sure that a son grows from a mere pawn to a king is the task of a father.Not easily done by any stretch of the imagination. To love unconditional is the key to a strenuous bond as there will be mistakes made on both parts.


As the son leaves the mothers womb a fire is sparked into the heart of a father for there is new found responsibility. Not only pressures already mounted but aspirations to become better at every facet of life. Decisions made from now on will become the water to the soil of that seed planted.

Shawn Falls


Featured Blog –

Immigration At your Own Risk | Mark Anthony Howard

If 11 people moved into a single story house, some serious rules and regulation would be in order. Wouldn’t it?

The US Congress doesn’t think so.

The US census bureau reports 11 million undocumented immigrants live in the United States and “The House” (Congress) has made no laws concerning it.

Each of these undocumented persons has immigrated into America under outdated and unfair immigration laws— subject to each states own discernment.

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Featured Article – Nosey People Suck (N.S.A.)

Mark Anthony Howard | Opinions Editor

Nosey people suck, and they are everywhere.

How uncomfortable would you be if some weirdo in the digital library kept looking around his cubicle every time you logged on your email,
Facebook or social site?

It sucks but some people don’t respect others privacy and really don’t know how to mind their own business.

It really sucks when our government has adopted these same annoying, disrespectful and nosey methods.

The National Security Agency is a government agency that has the authority to monitor all private phone calls, text message, emails and online activity.

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Featured Blog – An Exceptional Diagnosis

The suppression of a man’s aggression allows the accumulative pressure
To rest within his chest.

This accumulative stress to the heart will directly effect the respiratory sections and ultimately manifest itself through chronic upsetting of the mans respitorial sets causing severe irregularities and shortings of breath.

This is Especially when the man is attempting to express himself moderately and professionally to the subject that may have unsuspectingly triggered
And frustrated the man’s agression in the first place.

This select repression is unhealthy
And I would suggest
A regular inspection of each man’s
Subjection to his aggressive triggers
As well as a personal reflection upon an acceptable list of  expressionary methods
In direct regards to an objective prevention.

Thank You exceptionally
Dr. Howard (the Gritz, NEVERgraduate Specialist)









Featured Blog- A Human Heartbeat (AK abortion Law)


In the midst of a new pope, mass murders, Chris Dorner, and gun control – Abortion has taken a back-seat in the ordering of social issues. This month the issue has resurfaced with an eruption. Arkansas legislature has passed bill to revise and toughen the already strict “deadline” for the abortion of a child fetus.  The law will prohibit most abortions after about 12 weeks of pregnancy and is the most restrictive abortion law in the United States. The bill and its passing have marked Arkansas as a sort of ground zero in the battle over women’s/abortion rights in the country.

int_22WK_02aborted fetus_thumb[4]

Under the Arkansas Human Heartbeat Protection Act, which is scheduled to go into effect later this summer, women seeking an abortion who are at least 12 weeks pregnant will be required to undergo an ultrasound. If a heartbeat is detected, the abortion would not be permitted.  In addition to signing   legislature banning insurers who participate in an exchange created under the federal health care law from covering abortions in February, Arkansas’ Gov. Mike Beebe, despite great opposition, issued veto of the controversial Human Heartbeat Protection Act this march. Gov. Beebe and the bills lobbyist have claim that their vote revolves around the states’ consequent attempts to protect and save lives, particularly the unborn life. Read More…

January –

Featured Blog – My Professor Mrs. Scott-Coe

Jo Scott-Coe

At this moment Jo Scott-Coe is the most interesting person I know. Professor Scott-Coe is my English Literary Publications Professor at Riverside Community College. Most Professors are just professors but Mrs. Scott-Coe is blessed with a genuine personality that gives her instruction an interesting integrity.  After the energetic personality Professor Scott is well qualified and educated in the field in which she instructs. Beyond her Education she is a very accomplished Professional writer who has been published in her own book (Teacher At Point Blank ) and two fist full of Magazines, E-magz, blogs, articles, and periodicals. Beyond those accomplishments she has a very strong and assertive oppinion which I found so interesting to read into.

It seems as deep as you’d like to go into Jo Scott- Coe she has the depth to match your interest and an invitation to one deeper. So again just as a intrigued young reader, aspiring writing, and personal advocate my Professor Jo Scott – Coe and her layers make her the most interesting person I’ve meet recently.

Hi professor! keep up the Great work.

Click the links and Check her out for yourself or just go to her site.


Featured Blog – In the rain

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In the rain I feel like I’m even. In the rain I feel like I’m the advantaged. I feel whole when the rain pours, i hate for it to stop.In the rain I feel normal. I feel that I am home.
In the rain i feel peace. In the rain i share my solemn.

In the rain I feel that the universe is as I am. And I feel free and I feel lighter as if I share the weight of my melancholy with everyone the rain touches.

“This is who I am” I say!
As the rain falls and the sky grays
Can u feel my heart-set?

Do you feel the morose? Do you feel the dismay?Listen to the pour as heaven meets earth’s floor. Something in my soul loves to hear Rain drops from miles above me.

Listen some more.  For this Is my tune daily.64th notes 32nd notes 16ths and 8ths. The rain’s shutters plays like a soundtrack in my lifes background. Wind chimes and thunders bass. Heaven plays my heart a cadence.

Listen so u can relate. Pain is washed; sorrow is welcome. Joy is soft and love is slow.
This is who I am. In the rain I feel you know me. When it stops, time resumes and your pace will hasten back.
And the short time that you and I were relative– Will be gone.
You’ll be gone. You’ll forget and I’ll still be here in under the grey.
With my stormy songs on repeat
All Alone with my passion

In the rain ….

(thunder crack)


Featured Blog – Letterz To Na’sham

I don’t usually put a date on my lil shit but nigga today is 9/26/2012 lol. My baby boy just turned 5 and today he read his first paragraph. not no baby doc seuss type shit either check him out….Image

“Heat is a form of energy that is created by atoms moving. Even things that are cold have some heat energy because their atoms move, albeit slowly. When we feel cold, we jump up and down for warmth to get our atoms moving! Heat energy is also known as thermal energy. Many types of energy like light, chemical, sound, and nuclear can be converted into heat energy by increasing the speed of the atoms in the object producing the energy.”

I never really considered myself a good dad in my own mind, but today I realized Im a great fuckin dad. I let my dude be himself! Im raising my lil nigga to be himself and hell never have to feel by himself. I been teaching my lil dude to be a Man since birth. some niggas never get that lesson. I’ve always had the determination that im stickin with my baby since he came out but some shit aint been easy as some dudes make it look. I really been having a hard time at certain points. …read more


Featured Blog – FitLife

It’s not just about working out but it’s a way you live your life. This page will give helpful hints, good eating habits, workout tips and other informational things to get your lifestyle fit.

Fit Life Is a women’s health program that encourages its members to push themselves passed their normal levels of comfort in order to achieve the results they wish to achieve for themselves physically and mentally. Read more


Featured Blog –  Men Address Men Directly

I think this is a simple and straight forward statement of how Men should govern themselves. Ive worked in several different Barbershops since I was 19 and they’ve never been short of two things conversation and confrontation. I think both of these are healthy exercise in moderation. But lately I notice that Men are gradually moving more and more toward the conversation without the confrontation.

So instead of directly addressing each other of their particular issue, they indirectly converse their concerns of each other in each of other Men’s absence. I think that’s girly. Its sad to hear Men talk so openly of other men in their absence only to change the subject in his presence.  Its sad to hear Men Object of another Man’s character in his absence only to concur with him in his presence.

As for me I dont even like to participate in these type of conversations. I feel so lonely in my abstinence from gossip and gossip men. It is impossible to avoid but Its simply a standing statement not to entertain the indirect discussion of a man who aint even there! I feel that the themed principle is simple “Men  should address Men directly.”


Featured Blog – Dear Seau.. Rest In Absolute Peace My guy.

Check it out. I hate writing about “trendy” topics. When something is trending people only have an oppinion on it because its just something to talk about not because it is relevant to their concern. That is why all the concern dies when a new trend topic pops.  Anyway I like to consider things thoroughly before I chime in with an oppinion or even a perspective view. So the thing I really been concerned with and disturbed by for some time now is the suicide of Junior Seau. 

Tiaina Baul “Junior” Seau Jr. was a linebacker in the National Football League (NFL) who became a San Diego sports icon. Known for his passionate playing style, he was a 10-time All-Pro, 12-time Pro Bowl selection, and named to the NFL 1990s All-Decade Team.

Seau retired from pro football in 2010. A standout on San Diego’s only Super Bowl team, he was later inducted into the Chargers Hall of Fame and the team retired his number 55. Seau committed suicide with a gun shot wound to the chest in 2012 at the age of 43.

I just really cant imagine the type of things that he was feeling to make him resolve in his own death. I think suicide is a build up long before the actualization. It really makes me sad to think about how his life ended, and the things people said him negatively. Suicide is such a taboo in our society but it happens everyday frequently. Junior Seau is just one of those people I wouldnt have expect to do such a thing. Ive never met the man, but I personally feel like I need to know why! For my own growth and development to maybe stay clear of such a fate, I need to know what he was feeling on his heart and why those things escalated to such a resolve. I just really feel like I miss the Guy. I definitely wasn’t anybody important in his life but I truly feel like some relative perspective that may be essential to my life, died with Junior Seau.  I think this of J Seau weekly.

rest in paradise my guy. I hope your free of the pressures you may have felt. Life is not all the jubilee some try to portray it. I pray for you and anybody who may resemble your heart – amen

“Real life is not what You things you post on facebook. Real life is the private struggles we go through with few people to relate and understand. S/o to everybody dealing with real life issues in private.” #godBless – The Gritz


Featured Blog – B iz For Balance

I think my whole life purpose for myself is to find a progressive balance. A balance for myself, and A balance of myself. I feel like Ive always been constantly conscious to adjusting myself to a proper level in order to achieve an honest and harmonizing balance within myself. This shit is not a easy thing to do. I feel extremely crazy sometimes in this fuckin tedious exercise because I feel like im going to fuckin tip over sometimes. Like if Im tryna go hard for a spell to balance out some of my leiniencies some lil ass shit could set me way off on my hard end to where im lowkey serious about straight trippin!! I feel like my personality is alot of 2 extremes in every situation. So to gauge myself and How I feel and where im at between those two is a whooollleee lot of GREY areaa to try to map.

My favorite number and color is 0 and grey because of my reverence to the word balance and my strive for it. Easy sense to my logic makes the perfect balance between extremes of white and black…… a shade a grey!!! likewise the perfect balance between and infinite of negative integer and an infinite of positive, would be zero!! right? thats my crazy genius type of shit. lol.

so its hard for me to find balance without contradition in myself because I hate it but i love it and i feel it neccessary for my self. Figuretively; me being grey boy.. am I not of both blacks and whites?  So my whole life been tryna find a balance (or my shade of gray) between my black and my white, my good and my bad, my extreme highs and my extreme lows, my slows and my fast, my hesitants and my hastings, my longs and my shorts. and sometimes the shit drive me crazy!! i literally feel that Im of some mental crazy to spend so much positive energy, negating negative, (and vice versa) only to end up in neutral!!! Read Entire Blog 


Featured Blog – The Nurture of HomoSexuality?

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The Nurture of HomoSexuality?

Can an argument be made that Homosexuality may be a nurtured practice? I believe so! There is a common knowledge all humans need nurturing to grow.  John B. Watson’s theory of behaviorism is the theory that human behavior is learned, rather than being instinctive. I believe there can be an association in the recent boom of homosexuality and the general acceptance of GLBT today. In today’s society homosexuality is a common and familiar alternative to heterosexuality and society’s nurture of it Humans learn behavior through observation and imitation of those around them, as well as through language. It is through this social interaction that people develop their distinct personalities and behavioral patterns. Research shows that kids who have parents that smoke are much more likely to smoke as well. These kids observed and imitated the act of smoking from their parents, and possibly with input from peers, etc. They came to understand that such behavior is okay, or is right for them. I believe it would be unreasonable for a person not to consider this may be relevant to the issue of homosexual tendencies.

It is silly that gay advocates argue so emphatically that gay is nature with disregard in consideration to the societal influences that may have encouraged the development of these sexual behaviors.   The growth of homosexual practices have influenced every facet of lifestyle. Gay media has established a presence and an audience on all the major television networks. ABC, NBC, and Fox all host productions of GLBT themes. Even PBS was funded for the development of a program including a lesbian couple , on a trip to Vermont — a state known for recognizing same-sex civil unions. “Postcards From Buster”.8    The tendencies of gay and lesbians are so broad and out in the open that kids younger and younger have to form an opinion of what is gay and is it okay. On any given day in California one can find a woman with a tapered hair, cut 501 jeans, and backwards baseball cap. You can just as easily find a young man working inventory at forever 21 with as many bangles on his wrist as one of his female coworkers.

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Featured Blog – Juvenile Crime; Prevention Is Not Enough

The word prevention is defined as: “the act of preventing” and as “a hindrance, obstacle, or impediment.” The exercise of “prevention” in juvenile crime by the juvenile justice system is ridiculous! Upon their first run-in with law, youth offenders are introduced to a system that is supposedly based on the principle of accountability. The Juvenile Justice System takes the position that true accountability requires juvenile offenders to repair the harm caused by their offending behavior and to understand and acknowledge the wrongfulness of their actions, their responsibility for causing harm, and the impact of the crime on the crime victim and community.   The juvenile justice system believes holding children accountable for their actions are the first of steps in prevention in criminal offenses as an adult.

The hypocrisy in this basis is that the same system refuses to accept accountability for juvenile crime desistance by using terms and practices such as prevention. The impedance of crime is a lazy and hypocritical outlook in the juvenile justice system’s responsibility to reach the mind and spirit of these children.  These juvenile offenders are the key element in which support the Juvenile Justice System’s financial lively hood. The median salary of J.J.S county worker is $62577 – $99263 annually aside from quality benefits such as health, life, and retirement insurance. I believe that the juvenile justice system is just as responsible to these delinquents as these delinquents are to their crimes. Most of all I think the juvenile justice system is especially accountable in cases of recidivism. Read the rest of this entry →


Featured Blog –The Future Of Black Should Be Present 

As I sit down to write I think about my kid. I think about his future. I think about my future. I feel that Black people are resemblance to the Israelites of Moses day, “Lost in the Wilderness” I think that we are Free to direct ourselves but resent leadership. That is why there is no clear leadership of Black people as a whole. Black people are in an unhealthy state, refuse to acknowledge it, and refuse to seek rehabilitation. Black people do not provision for their future; we think only of our Present. Read More




Featured Blog –The Gritz On… Writing

I think writing is a skill. I think like any other skill it must be developed.  My first college English course has given me an appreciation for writing as a profession as well. My English professor took his work and his profession very seriously and even personally. I appreciated his discipline. Now for my self I have also began to intensify my writing , both as skill and a profession.

But What I would like to convey of writing is the FREEDOM of it. Writing’s only cost is time. I believe I am falling i Love with the time I spend with writing. I feel like writing nurtures all of my selfishness and caters to me completely. And I love it. Its like having a completely understanding and unbiased friend.  Writing has been my best friendship in the last year of blogging. Writing is a great contribution to my hold on sanity.  I feel my relationships have suffered with craziness– My relationship with writing however has grown with it! …Read More