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Personal Reflections of Myself and My own Perspective


Organize– arrange into a structured whole; order. “organize lessons in a planned way”

I am Currently organizing my life, because I crave and need order. With the many things and people that I am responsible for I can only thrive, survive, grow, and attain success through strategic planning. So I realized with my growing responsibilities I can NOT afford a disorganized (disorderly) spirit, mind, or space.

I’m guilty of creating clutter very quickly. My cluttered physical space has been a direct reflection of my indecisiveness and cluttered mind that easily becomes overwhelmed with anxieties, juggling in pure vain to keep all my balls in the air.

I’m TIED of being anxious, overwhelmed, unsure, and unprepared. I WANT to be the best example for my son and family. And I WANT to feel confident, peaceful, and energized in my space.

Being orderly has become priority. So I’ll be over here organizing.



Kendrick Lamar by The Gritz


“NL2F” The Volume Series


The Volume Series By Mark Anthony Howard “The Gritz”


“NL2F” The Volume Series is my latest book in progress. Its a dedication to the professional and affluent woman in a collection of poetic prose and love letters. Its pace and its verbiage is very sophisticated, very sensual and very seductive.

All together,its super sexy and super flirty, with alot of enriching perspectives and values on mature interpersonal and sexual relationships.

I kind of want to keep the certain mystique it has do I won’t say too much, I’ll probably just leave a couple samples and snippets up between now and the books launch scheduled for late February/ early March.

It should b available at online book retailers and  for a very worthy 39.95.

So start saving for only book that’ll satisfy a professional woman’s holistic craving.

Hope you’re intrigued! Stay tuned “NL2F”coming soon.


No puedes nadie impedir mi pinche ambicion.

Estoy ansioso de triunfar pero estoy muy paciente.

Con bendicion de Dios, no puedo perder.


Soy “El Gritz” compa

My Tina

Everyday I think about my sister. I miss her too much to express. I feel I may never recover from the hurt Id feel If I really let myself go into the emotions my sister’s death provokes in me.Mrs. Tina Adams
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Win from Here

This current incarceration is a tough situation for me and my lil family.

I have alot of plans and alot of frustrations. Im furious at how this system has stolen my productivity and the integrity of what I represent. But that same indignation is the cause of my confidence.

Im more confident in myself and in my ingenuity that I can win from here just as surely as Ive won from any other hardship and adversity.

Im too resourceful, im too resilient, im too intelligent, im too persuasive, im too productive,and im too relentless to ever lose; ever!

Winning is inevitable for me, because I simply wont quit and that’s the whole reason im The Gritz; because thats who ive proven to be consistently in spite of any and all adversity.

Im The Gritz, im currently in CDCR, and I can “Win From Here!”

The Self Development Mixtape by The Gritz


I am super proud of the release of this tape. Its available on and is the first of my lil soul/sole series music releases. Read the rest of this entry

On the way 2 paradise

Im not sure of what the significance of my life is meant to be. But in my strive towards it I encounter alot of satan.

The more I fight for God and whats good in my heart, the more bad I attract Satan’s resistance and whats bad for me.

As a child I remember reading the “My book of Bible Stories” published by Jehovah’s Witnesses. In an illustration of Adam’s expulsion from the Garsen of Eden, there was an “angelic” man with wings and a sword hovering at the entrance of the Paradise-Garden.

This image comes to mind in reflection of my life and the many trials and adversities I’ve experienced and encountered. Read the rest of this entry

Rest In Paradise Gil Martin


Rest in paradise Pop. We love you and miss you. I hate that you gone when we still need you so much. Thank u for being such a good man to us. bless you, your influence and my brother Whit and the babiez. Baseball has taught me so much about life.
Thank you for teaching me the Game you loved. you were truly a father to me and Ill never forget you and how significant you were to my childhood and my growth into manhood.
I’m so sad that I wont get the chance to speak to you and ask you about my ball and which direction to go with it. I hate that you wont get to watch me and whits boys play ball. I love you like baseball Pop. Rest in Peace, Paradise, and in the hearts of all the Baseball family you raised.
Mark Howard “Big Hurt”

“Hall of Justice:” Fuck Their System


Injustice happens everyday to people of all colors and backgrounds, not just to Black people and when it makes the news. 

The way the Justice system works is to take advantage of the people it is meant to serve.

At any business, retail store, or restaurant, bad service is absolutely unacceptable.
In American courtrooms of law its absolutely accepted and expected.  Read the rest of this entry

Coach Gritz


Mark Anthony Howard, “Coach Grits” is an published author, barber, Non-Profit director, and business entrepreneur from the Inland Empire.

Despite a challenging young home life, which may of suspended the opportunity for a college and professional playing career, his love and passion for the game of Baseball fuel a determination to ensure his players and staff with as many opportunities as he was denied.

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Letterz 2… Rita Clay

Rita Clay made a comment on fb that i read. She recently had a ride along with a young Black male for community service. She talked to him, helped him, encouraged him, and believed in him.

The young man in turn stole and passed along her credit cards for usage and abuse. She commented that she was hurt and confused and no one responded. This what I wrote her:

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Only the Strong Willed Thrive



Pray 4 me please.
Everyone makes such request
But the sincerity of my heart
Makes my life such a test.

I’ve grown uneasy with calm
I expect calamity
I’ve grown easy in calamity
Im exceptionally calm.

How much alarm
Can a quiet soul take on fearlessly
Before the many horns of Satans torment have worn down his spirit.

Pray 4 me please.
Please don’t ignore this request
The sincerity of my heart
is under constant durress.

letterz 2 God #8

Father I thank you for the opportunity to come to you as my father. My brain aches from my hearts mistakes.  BUt you have always been true and nurturing.  I thank you for never departing in me and I wish to never depart from you.  Thank you for recognizing my strength and my aptitude as a resource of you will. I appreciate your direction upon me and my young family I am responsible for.  Please allow me to guide those people of yours back to you and not cause confusion.  Bless me indeed that I may bless and briing praise to your true name and spirit Yahweh.

Your love is my religion. and I give my worship as well as praise. Hallelujah!

please continue to use me, reach me, and teach me. In your holy son’s name. amen.

The ABC’s of a Black Man’s Principles” Book Tour

image“The ABC’s of a Black Man’s Principles” on Amazon Books.

Check here for this fall/winter tour dates and appearances including readings, book signings, and pop-up booths by author Mark Anthony Howard “The Gritz”

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letterz 2 God #7

Thank you for my family father. I ask they be blessed as I. I appreciate the love you give me. And I appreciate the Love of your holiest son.  I ask that you blessed me indeed, that I may know you hand is with me.  I ask your will be done thru me And expand my territory, and keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain, that I may not cause confusion, that I may not cause illness, and that I may not cause disorganization. In my Christ name I pray my heart’s condition and in my Christ name I pray you accept it… amen

Make believe

I’m not talking about reality. I’m talking about Make believe.

Most people would think of make believe as a fictitious realm a child at play conceives and not as a cunning strategy. 

Well some people’s reality is what I’ve learned to call “make believe.”

I don’t want to connote any negativity, I just want to give realistic perspective on “make believers.”

What is a Make believer?
A make believer is actually a question of who?

Well Who is a make believer?

A make believer is someone who can “make” other people “believe” in anything they say.

How do they make believe?
You have to appeal to a person’s beliefs and you have to do it real fast. Because the realm of make believe only last long enough to make one believe not keep one believing.

When does a person make believe?
Usually in desperation, and selfish necesity. When make believers make themselves believe they need something they can make anybody believe in giving it.

Where does make believe come from?
It comes from a psychological compensation. If a person believes in themselves it’s not such a priority to make others  believe. There is a patience in confidence, there is absolutely none in make believe.

Why would anyone make believe?
Truthfully I’d be speculating if I tried to classify into realistic terms, but like I said we not talking about reality we talking about make believe.

Do Better

I just wanna “Do better.”  I’m always reminded of how insignificant I am to some of the people that I am the most significant to.  I just wanna “Do better.”  Im at the point were others interpretation or appreciation for my reality is unimportant.  Im committed to living the strongest representation of my character and its characteristics.  I’ve grown passed the same people who refused my growth.  I don’t have any resentment nor animosity to anyone. 

I live a life governed and directed by The Almighty Father.  There is no shame nor bashfulness in that life. 

I am a gangster at times; I am a fool at others.  Heaven cares not of the pettiness in our social classifications.  Heaven’s spirit leads me according to my allegiance to it. I cant lose in this life, or any, because my life is only what Faith intends it to be.  I cant lose in this life, or any, because my life is only what God intends it to be. I most definitely cannot lose by a judgment in less of a court than Christ. Christ death makes my life okay. No matter how or unrighteous my peeplez judge of me. 

So I just wanna “Do Better.”   

Stay true

Sometimes my truth won’t allow me to be successful. But as an adult man I have found that MY truth isn’t always THE truth.

I acknowledge the truth of my God and staying true to myself, as high of a priority as it is 2 me, is best accomplished by staying true to him primarily.

-The Gritz