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Win from Here

This current incarceration is a tough situation for me and my lil family.

I have alot of plans and alot of frustrations. Im furious at how this system has stolen my productivity and the integrity of what I represent. But that same indignation is the cause of my confidence.

Im more confident in myself and in my ingenuity that I can win from here just as surely as Ive won from any other hardship and adversity.

Im too resourceful, im too resilient, im too intelligent, im too persuasive, im too productive,and im too relentless to ever lose; ever!

Winning is inevitable for me, because I simply wont quit and that’s the whole reason im The Gritz; because thats who ive proven to be consistently in spite of any and all adversity.

Im The Gritz, im currently in CDCR, and I can “Win From Here!”


“Hall of Justice:” Fuck Their System


Injustice happens everyday to people of all colors and backgrounds, not just to Black people and when it makes the news. 

The way the Justice system works is to take advantage of the people it is meant to serve.

At any business, retail store, or restaurant, bad service is absolutely unacceptable.
In American courtrooms of law its absolutely accepted and expected.  Read the rest of this entry

Letterz 2… Rita Clay

Rita Clay made a comment on fb that i read. She recently had a ride along with a young Black male for community service. She talked to him, helped him, encouraged him, and believed in him.

The young man in turn stole and passed along her credit cards for usage and abuse. She commented that she was hurt and confused and no one responded. This what I wrote her:

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More 2 life

I live a lot of life everyday. I pray. I eat. I run. I jump. I dance. I laugh. I cry. I smile. I frown. I’m up. I’m down. I win. I lose. I try. I fight. I think. I hope. I dream. I fuck. I flirt. I work. I chill.  I smoke. I hydrate. I never hate. I love and I appreciate. Its really more to my days than some’s lives. I appreciate that too.

A Success! Greyland Youth Organization -Food and Clothe drive

Greyland Youth Organizations second food drive was a great success.  In spite of  terrible storm weather the commitment of Greylands community members shined bright.

13 Greyland community members from ages 5 to 55 sacrificed there warm homes for a cold and wet tent over a bench in San Bernardino Meadow Brook Park.

The tent talk was an encouraging action plan of Greylands agenda to help its community and make a positive difference.

Each volunteer did exactly that as they provide hot meals and warm (dry) clothing to over 30 homeless and needing neighbors.

The group was able to socialize personally with some of the communities poorest members and put a name to those whom actually live within the Meadow Brook parks  parameters.

Mr. Ivory was an especially touching case being 65 years old, fully native American, world traveled and amongst the humblest of spiritual men one could ever meet. Mr. Ivoryvwho calls the parks eastern most bench his home spends ever night with only a blue 8×5 tarp as his shelter.

Greylands Community members where able to trade Mr. Ivory’s as well as about 15 others wet clothing, soaked from lastnights unsheltered sleep, for new socks, new shoes, new pants, new shirts, new sweaters, new jackets, and a new blanket for tonight’s unsheltered sleep.

The warming feeling of helping others in the truest of need seem to bring the sun out through the days storming rain.

We thank all those that donated and especially thank those Greyland  participants. Our grey hearts blessings to those who we were able to serve, feed, and encourage.

We look forward to further influence within the inland  community for years to come.

“I may be broke… but I’m God’s child I can’t be broken” – Mr. Ivory


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Greyland Youth Organization’s San Bernardino Homeless Awarness Food and Clothe Drive

Last week –

In a effort to revitalize San Bernardino. Police and K9 units conducted a sweep of The Meadow Brook Park. Police officers issued 38 citations to homeless men and women, and made 50 arrest including 4 veterans.


This week –

Saturday March 1st, 2014. We would like to invite back all those and as many others that have been displaced, homeless,  and unfortunate to a free meal and free clothing.


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The gritz on….Initiative

If Initiative is not my favorite word, it is absolutely one of my favorites.

I dont know what alot of people base themselves around. I can only speak for myself. I am my initiative.

Even to my fault, because when you initiate, things become the doings of who you are; all accountable faults included.

I could never imagine living my life without any initiative as some people do. I’ve grown slightly disdain and dismissive of people with solely responsive traits. Thats not who i am and thats not who I want to be around.

People with initiative are more audacious, accountable, and responsible. Overall they are more progressive and more fun in my opinion. They dont mind making mistakes and dont judge others of those same initiative because they understand what initiative entails.

Responsive personalities love and hate initiators, because they can hide all of their faults behind him or her. You can always say he/she Did it. Its always an initiators fault and most times they will absolutely accept as there own. Who wouldnt want such a perfect scapegoat for inequity?

Responsive personalities never really win and never really lose because they never really shoot. They just usually take whats given to them or what theyve earned and tend to blame, point, and excuse. An Innonocence is good to uphold but its just not at all who I am.

I love to be proactive in the pursuit of my personal growth. I love to take the blame, be pointed at, and offer no explanatory excuse. Its so empowering and surprisingly educational in its consequence.

My Initiative has taught me so many things and created so many opportunities thoughout my life.

Some from absolutely nothing! When you simply respond you have to wait for opportunities to be presented.

Even then responsive people dont tend to recognize its presence or its presentation. Unless its just totally given to you, you’d still have to initiate some form of acceptance.

The thing about being solely responsive is that most times even when opportunites are presented and hopefully recognized–a lack of initiative will limit or even minimize the size of the opportunity to the proportion of its presentation.

As an exact contrast initiative not only MAKES opportunities… it maximizes its potential.

I love to be around people of this Type of trait. There is always some engagement in proactive activity and you never know when
something significant may manifest.

Id not only like to be a success of myself– id like to initiate an optimal success of myself!

What is your response to that?

Im Sorry

I Sorry to the people I care about that i talk to crazy and abusively. Ive become such a fiery personality.

I so Sorry for the brash and curt words I love to use to express myself. Im so disappointed in myself and the time ive wasted in life that I my temper and patience with the people I care about has become so short.

Im so objective and sometimes I am way to Sharp in my relation.

Ive grown to think relationships are silly. But maybe just my own….

The people you want, love, need, and care for the most– are the same people you hurt and lose. Love is Life. And Life is Hard. Mark Lives and Loves Hard as fuck and Im so sorry if I ever hurt you.


“Kaine.. do you care whether you live or die?”


My favorite movie I ever watched was Menace II Society.  I remember my popz taking me to see the movie in theatre when I was about 11.  The fact that he took me only added to the sentiment.

I was way too young to appreciate the powerful message and the relevance in a movie like that but I did.

I absolutely comprehened the messages and completely identified myself with Kaine the main character.  I felt as if I was watching an unfolding version of my own young life’s future. When kids my age where fond of Ace Ventura and watching Goosebumps series– Menace II Society became and remained my favorite movie.

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a Gritty Prayer


Watch Your Mouth

I think my writing holds so much weight because I don’t have much to say. A person’s opinion loses its validity when it chimes in loosely on everything without any applicable eduction, authoritive insight, or relative experience.  Sometimes you just have to  know when to shut the fuck up!
Less is alot more in the case of relative opinion. A reserved mouth says a lot more than words. In my case it speaks of my integrity and my sincerity without having to say anything. My short verbage and Long consideration is like visa….Every where I go i’m respected and accepted. – Gritty

The Bat Cave – Rialto Ave


The Bat Cave

The Bat Cave – Rialto Ave

A Grey Perspective : “A Grey Life”

“A Grey Life”

No matter how far up, Theres always down

No matter hwo far down , theres always up

No matter how much u win , you’ ll always lose

No matter how far you in, theres always an out

No matter how far you out, theres always a way in!

No matter how Dark, there is Light

No matter how bright a day , theres is always a night

No matter how right, there is always a wrong

No matter how weak, there is always a strong

No matter who black there is always a white

No matter who you are Grey is Life

A Grey Perspective


As you know I heavily aspire to write professional.  A Grey Perspective is actually one of my first two book ideas. I thought it be a good idea to make it available as I write. Since feedback is an absolute necessity to writing, Id appreciate your thoughts on any of my writing you may read, but especially in case of this book idea. It may take some time but I think I may need to take that time for myself and slow my wild ass down.  I hope you enjoy my reading and find it of some insight as well. I don’t know much but I do know much of myself so I hope that you find some relative to yourself. Knowledge of Self is a priceless gem. My hope is to aid you in the polish of that gem. Thank you

A Grey Perspective

chap. 1 Intro to Grey

As a man, before I die, I would like to have effectively made some type contribution to mankind and the evolution of it.  What I would like to contribute to the world is my perspective! The way I think and the way I process things internally. My perspective is my blessing and my perspective is my cursing. My perspective is why I win and it is absolutely why I lose. My perspective is consistently the median between any two extremes such as Black and White. My perspective is a GREY Perspective. 

Life is a series of ups and downs. I think it is wisdom to expect such. A Grey Perspective enables me to surf lifes waves.  Sometimes you just have to ride. Especially for less fortunate or disenfranchised folks. For people from negative backgrounds they really have to develop a tough withstanding mindset in order to succeed because life is more of a struggle than just a journey.This is why I believe a Grey Perspective can be such a profound ideal.  A grey perspective enables one to develop the fortitude necessary to succeed in life and the resilience to withstand life’s woes and setbacks………(Work in Progress, check back soon)