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A Five Year Bull Run | RCC Viewpoints

A Five Year Bull Run | RCC Viewpoints

By Mark Anthony Howard


The cliche “What goes up, must come down” is no bull. But a five year bull run sure is fun.

The use of “bull” to describe  a market comes from the way the animal attacks its opponents.

Bull Market by Mark Anthony HowardWhen attacking a bull is known to forcibly thrust its horns up into the air. This action is a metaphor for the movement of a market. If the trend is up, it’s a bull market.
The term “bull market” is most often used to refer to the stock market, but can also be applied to anything that is publicly traded, such as bonds, currencies and commodities.

Investopedia’s dictionary tool defines a bull market as a financial market of a group of securities in which prices are rising, or are expected to rise.
The particular market usually occurs when those group of securities prices rise faster than the overall average rate.

The average duration of a bull market lasts about 4.5 years. This March, 2014 marked the start of the 5th fiscal year of  wall streets 12th historical bull market.

Since the stock market on March 8, 1817.  Only three of the 11 previous bull markets have gone on into a 6th year.
The key to capitalizing upon a bull market is optimism among investors and economic growth periods.

As the market rates return securities of higher and higher,  we’ll see if which investors and traders greedy will incline them to try to defy physics, gravity and history by riding this wild bull into a 6th year.



Commercial Real Estate | RCC Viewpoints

Commercial Real Estate | RCC Viewpoints

by Mark Anthony Howard


Adam Smith noted that there was an “invisible hand” turning the wheels of the economy. That invisible hand serves as market force that keeps the economy functioning.

I would say the hand that belongs to the consumer is definitely a visible force in the economy. A healthy consumer promotes a healthy economy and a sustainable business Market.
A healthy economy and a healthy business climate promote opportunities for healthy housing, stock and global markets.

But a hand the forces the market that is truly invisible is Commercial real estate.

Commercial real estate is property that is used solely for business purposes.

Adam Smith was definitely not referring to commercial property rates when he theorized the invisible hand but it is surely a relevant consideration.

Examples of commercial real estate include malls, office parks, restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores and office towers.  When these type of businesses struggle; they close.

The 2007 recession was devastating to the commercial tenant. Small business and nonprofit corporations defaulted on loans and were force to closed doors.

In San Bernardino and Riverside county commercial business vacancies have mirrored the struggling economy.

According to a report by Voit, a Riverside commercial Real Estate service, the vacancy rate for offices in Riverside and San Bernardino counties have now declined to 22 percent since 2007.


Muse Magazine: Chiwan Choi

Muse Magazines – Editors Lunch 2.

861859_10151329710507006_271835669_nMuse Magazine had the opportunity and privilege to interview Chiwan Choi and his sidekick
“Silent Charlie” this week. Chiwan Choi is a very established writer native to Los Angeles by way of Paraguay and Korea. He is the founder of Wednesday and author of two books of poetry, Dog fuzz on the ass crack, Tim out of space, and Lo-fidelity Lovesongs. He also is the the Chief Executive of his own publication company Writ Large Press, along-side of his wife Judeth Oden Choi who also writes. He has returned to LA after receiving his MFA in dramatic writing from Tisch School NTU. The interview was set in our “Editor’s Lunch” and based upon the questions of our editor’s staff and their inquiries of publication.

The Lunch was as fun and entertaining as any editor’s lunch could be. All the comically and jovial personality Choi conveys in his writing is absolutely amplified within his presence.  Through an short afternoon of quick pun, cleaver wit, and blatant realism– we were able to get some key points and direction from the seasoned writer.

  • You need a power structure – divide responsibility
  • Always get Physical proof copy
  • Make sure page numbers and TOC match
  • Create a power structure and delegate responsibilities referring to editorial aspects of publish.
  • You have to have a perspective
  • Stats say it’s going to fail in 2 years, so do whatever you want.
  • Editors need to have a little arrogance beyond confidence
  • Know what your publishing
  • For Self Publication : Go the chap book route first photocopy, fold, staple
  • Marketing by readings
  • Readers v. profits
  • Decide what you want

Through all of the great advice and practical knowledge Choi’s message to our editors was mainly this:  what is the purpose of writing and publishing poetry?

You have to have a Perspective and an objective in consideration to publication. “ You are what you publish” was a statement that stuck with me from the interview.

In a recent article of why Choi has chosen to end his 25 year career as a distinguished poet he wrote this:  “What I’ve been wondering is how publishing helps/hurts readership. Is a writer going to have a bigger readership by having a book published by a traditional publisher or poems published in a subscription journal or is that actually going to make a writer’s possible reader pool smaller?”

I think this should be a relevant consideration to any publisher or editor when considering content to fill a publication.

(Arkansas Abortion Laws)

A Human Heart-beat -(Arkansas Abortion Laws)

In the midst of a new pope, mass murders, Chris Dorner, and gun control – Abortion has taken a back-seat in the ordering of social issues. This month the issue has resurfaced with an eruption. Arkansas legislature has passed bill to revise and toughen the already strict “deadline” for the abortion of a child fetus.  The law will prohibit most abortions after about 12 weeks of pregnancy and is the most restrictive abortion law in the United States. The bill and its passing have marked Arkansas as a sort of ground zero in the battle over women’s/abortion rights in the country.

int_22WK_02aborted fetus_thumb[4]

Under the Arkansas Human Heartbeat Protection Act, which is scheduled to go into effect later this summer, women seeking an abortion who are at least 12 weeks pregnant will be required to undergo an ultrasound. If a heartbeat is detected, the abortion would not be permitted.  In addition to signing   legislature banning insurers who participate in an exchange created under the federal health care law from covering abortions in February, Arkansas’ Gov. Mike Beebe, despite great opposition, issued veto of the controversial Human Heartbeat Protection Act this march. Gov. Beebe and the bills lobbyist have claim that their vote revolves around the states’ consequent attempts to protect and save lives, particularly the unborn life. Read the rest of this entry

The Gritz on…. Gun Control

An objective opinion– not influenced by personal feelings, interpretations, or prejudice; based on facts and unbiased!

Gun control

By Mark Anthony Howard (The Gritz)

Gun control is at the fore-front of every political campaign, and the fore-issues on the America agenda across the county. The issue has spread as a wild fire in the realms of American forum. But what is Gun Control exactly? And why do we need it? Gun Control is any law, policy, practice, or proposal designed to restrict or limit the possession, production, importation, shipment, sale, and/or use of guns or other firearms by private citizens among others.

Gun Control Laws and policy vary greatly around the world. Some countries, such as the United Kingdom, have very strict limits on gun possession while others, such as the United States, have relatively modest limits. The debate grows on the role of federal law their responsibility in the adapting of legislature to limit and moderate the sale and purchase of guns, gun types, and ammunition. The topic also remains a source of intense debate with proponents generally arguing the dangers of widespread gun ownership, and opponents generally arguing individual rights of self-protection and individual liberties such as the second amendment. Read the rest of this entry

The Gritz on… “The Meanings of a Word” by Gloria Naylor

This is my reflection Journal for my English Class based on the text “The Meanings of a Word” by Gloria Gaynor

I truly hated reading this story and was completely irritated by it. I was highly offended by the reading and the discussion of it in the class. I thought the account was completely false and destructive for black people. As a black person I have never called another black person the word nigger in my life.  I thought it was unfair for the writer to volunteer this as a statement for all black people. There is a great difference between the WORD “nigger” and the expression “nigga.” I was uncomfortable with the use of the word and most of all I was I was uncomfortable with how comfortable my classmates and my professor where with using the word nigger. As if it was a relevant word in a relevant text.

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my RCC dismissal application

I wrote this on my dismissal application smh check me out… sincere though  

I have had circumstance of physical health, mental health, business adversity and homelessness during my enrollment in RCCD. All of which have contributed to my struggle as a promising student but I believe aside from all I simply struggle with academics. I truly struggle with some classes despite an assertive effort. This semester and further semesters I plan to utilize more of the schools student services and programs such as tutoring, academic counseling, personal counseling, others that may help in my successful understanding and progression in college. I think through all of my adversity I have learned how to learn. Prioritizing school is very important in succeeding as a student and I believe I have figured such out and plan to implement a prioritized focus in the approach to my academic future here at Riverside City College. I appreciate the school for its opportunity and plan to take advantage of such immediately upon my reinstatement

The Nurture of HomoSexuality?

The Nurture of HomoSexuality?

Can an argument be made that Homosexuality may be a nurtured practice? I believe so! There is a common knowledge all humans need nurturance to grow.  John B. Watson’s theory of behaviorism is the theory that human behavior is learned, rather than being instinctive. I believe there can be an association in the recent boom of homosexuality and the general acceptance of GLBT today. In today’s society homosexuality is a common and familiar alternative to heterosexuality and society’s nurture of it Humans learn behavior through observation and imitation of those around them, as well as through language. It is through this social interaction that people develop their distinct personalities and behavioral patterns. Research shows that kids who have parents that smoke are much more likely to smoke as well. These kids observed and imitated the act of smoking from their parents, and possibly with input from peers, etc. They came to understand that such behavior is okay, or is right for them. I believe it would be unreasonable for a person not to consider this may be relevant to the issue of homosexual tendencies. Read the rest of this entry

Juvenile Crime; Prevention Is Not Enough

Mark Anthony Howard

May 15, 2012

Juvenile Crime; Prevention Is Not Enough

The word prevention is defined as: “the act of preventing” and as “a hindrance, obstacle, or impediment.” The exercise of “prevention” in juvenile crime by the juvenile justice system is ridiculous! Upon their first run-in with law, youth offenders are introduced to a system that is supposedly based on the principle of accountability. The Juvenile Justice System takes the position that true accountability requires juvenile offenders to repair the harm caused by their offending behavior and to understand and acknowledge the wrongfulness of their actions, their responsibility for causing harm, and the impact of the crime on the crime victim and community.   The juvenile justice system believes holding children accountable for their actions are the first of steps in prevention in criminal offenses as an adult.

The hypocrisy in this basis is that the same system refuses to accept accountability for juvenile crime desistance by using terms and practices such as prevention. The impedance of crime is a lazy and hypocritical outlook in the juvenile justice system’s responsibility to reach the mind and spirit of these children.  These juvenile offenders are the key element in which support the Juvenile Justice System’s financial lively hood. The median salary of J.J.S county worker is $62577 – $99263 annually aside from quality benefits such as health, life, and retirement insurance. I believe that the juvenile justice system is just as responsible to these delinquents as these delinquents are to their crimes. Most of all I think the juvenile justice system is especially accountable in cases of recidivism. Read the rest of this entry

Euphemisms and Government

Mark Anthony Howard

English 1A

Definition essay

Euphemisms and Government

An absolute definition can be an elusive ideal to capture, because it is subject to one’s own interpretation! A person can turn, flip, stretch, or construed the definition of anything, in order to justify an argument. The word definition means the action or the power of describing, explaining, or making definite and clear. Politicians and law officials have the power to define certain issues as an authority. The Authoritative power that some politicians have might be subject to some abuse based their interpretive definitions on the issues at hand. A politician can be an elusive master of construing definitions to support his or her own authoritative agendas. Through the passing of these agendas, the Government may sometimes hide the full truth behind euphemisms in order to manipulate the systematic society we live in. Read the rest of this entry

a perspective of Cheating

something I wrote for my lil english final last year.12/8/11

The personal perspective of Cheating

There are many different types of cheating: cheating in school, cheating in relationships, cheating in business, cheating in sports but all of these can mainly be grouped under the umbrella of the cheating personal perspective.4By individualizing the perspective of cheating we can penetrate the taboo around it and find its roots. Cheating is a prevalent issue today. To address this issue at its core one should reflect on his or her own personal and internal view of cheating and then honestly ask— why is cheating so common…. Read the rest of this entry

English Reflection Journals

English 50

Prof. Anguiano

The Bedford Reader Journals

1st Half

Nancy mairs- Disability

Disability was in interesting read for me I was really interested. I was really intrigued the the writers style because It was such an opinionated- fact. I felt a tone that whatever she said was exactly what it was in this text.  I also like the ownership the authorship took in the story. She doesn’t shy aware from her illness and its effects but she more –so embraces it, and address the misconception of her illness that the media portrays.

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The Present of Black is Slacking and The Future of Black is Lacking!

My first english 1A  essay. its a lil sequel to my blog “the future of Black”  just a lil more in depth.

Mark Anthony Howard

Professor. Korson

English 1A

The Present of Black is Slacking and The Future of Black is Lacking!

Whips and chains are considered far history because the photographs are in ancient black and whites and not instagramed. The images of horrible oppression and abuse lose their effect as the world grows desensitized by its exposure. The beatings, rapes, inequalities and prejudices are no longer reality, they are history. The slave days, and slave trades are recorded in history. The abolishing of slavery by the Great man Abraham Lincoln is recorded in history. Civil Rights and affirmative action is recorded in history, but what is to be recorded of Blacks in present day? What is the agenda of Black people of present day?  What is to be recorded of Blacks in their near future? What instagram photo is to be considered iconic of the present times in the next half century of Black’s history?

In a world of nearly unbounded freedom Blacks are no longer slaves and free to direct themselves, but still lack unison and resent leadership. That is why there is no clear leadership of Black people as a whole. Black people are resemblance to the Israelites of Moses day as they wandered about, lost in the wilderness. The worst thing about this is that they are without any Moses! There is no common leadership of Blacks and there is no common direction of Black people. The state of Black people as a whole is not being considerably addressed by anyone aloud. I believe the state of Black people to be in a fragile and unhealthy state that should be addressed, acknowledged, and rehabilitated. Blacks need to educate themselves further of themselves and develop a course of action towards compensation for the voids in the social gap between their American counterparts. Issues such as, land ownership, education, entrepreneurship, investing, banking, judicial structure, should be high on the list of Black concerns for equality.

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It’s a Wonderful Life Critique

Mark Anthony Howard

Professor Gourley

Intro to Theatre


It’s a Wonderful Life Critique

It’s a wonderful life was is a Christmas playwright by Wayne Scott based on the movie “It’s a wonderful life” The Play was held at Life house Theatre in Redlands California. This was a very good play to me. My experience at the of this theatre play was definitely a positive one. In contrast to my first play experience this was definitely a step down in budget but not in quality of acting and cast enthusiasm.  I was able to appreciate the contrast between a professional play with highly attributed actors and an amateur play with very enthusiastic, aspiring young actors. I believe that by attending a previous play and actually studying theatre enabled me to appreciate the quality of this production. I also watched the actual movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” that the play was based upon. Watching the movie in succession to attending the play really help me to fully appreciate the effort that entire cast brought to the play. The contrast between the movie and play was dead on. The script was pretty much exact and the acting was just as good as the cast in the original movie.

The play was also different from the first play I attended by the size of the cast. The cast of “What My husband Doesn’t Know” consist of about 10 characters. The Cast of It’s a Wonderful Life consist of about 45 characters! In this play there were scenes where 15-20 characters on stage at the same time. In this play some actors even played multiple roles. Some of the supporting characters were also extras in scenes that required background bodies.  Such as the Town scenes and bar scenes.  George was the man character of the play( played by Jonathan Bushey). Bushey did a great job.  George was my favorite character in the play. I was able to identify with his disappointment and delight in his triumph. I really enjoyed his sense of humor and his stern defiance of The towns Tyrant Mr. Potter. Mr. Potter was my second favorite character, played by Steve Sloan. These too characters made up for the best acting in the play. The Hero and the antagonist roles were highly effective and I believe truly set the tone for play. The play was truly dependent on the level of performance by these two characters and they did an excellent job.

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Theatre Production Critique – What My Husband Doesn’t Know

my lil term paper I wrote for my online theatre class on the David E Talbert play What My Husband Doesnt know with Morris Chestnut and Michelle Williams. tell me what u think

Mark Anthony Howard
Prof. Gourley
Into to Theatre

Production Critique; What My Husband Doesn’t Know

My production critique of a theatre play was based on the script What My Husband doesn’t know by playwright David e Talbert. The play was in was held at the San Diego. This was my actually my first attendance to a theatre play as an adult and I found it was a very enjoyable play. I believe the chapters in our books reading (chapters 2 and 3 ) really gave me the proper preparation as far as expectations of good theatre. Through preparation in the book I felt as I was a distinguished attendee in the plays particular audience. The books reading also really enabled me to enjoy the experience of the play on a deeper level than I would have without such reading. I was able to identify the play type, critique the entirety of the play, and I believe I was able to follow along with the developments in the play much better. I understood the structure, and I even found the play deeply inspiring. I am a very ambitious person, and I truly feel that I would love to right scripts as a playwright. So even as this was my first theatre experience I imagined myself as the playwright for this very play.

There only a total 9 characters in the play. Paul- a plumber falls in love with the lady of the house “Lena” the neglected young housewife of the much older husband “Franklin” who is a very busy businessman who later realizes the importance of quality time with his wife in his home after her affair and dilemma with Paul. The characters agenda’s where developed thoroughly in the script. I really felt I understood the full of each character as well as the motives, the perspective, and I thought the playwright was excellent in this area. Paul the hero of Act 1 became the Antagonist of Act 2. Paul was a tall, handsome, charming character and caused the women in the audience to screaming, cheer and whistling every time he walked on to the stage. I found that amusing and imagined myself as capable of playing that character as well.

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definitive essay – “Leadership”

my last essay i wrote for my english class. feel free to make edits for me. lol. i need em.

Mark Anthony Howard in a definitive rhettorical mode on Leadership

English 50



If you were to ask ten people to define Leadership, you will likely hear ten different answers. For this reason, leadership can be a wide array of things, with many different types and levels. Leadership can be a talent, or a developed exercise. But the main idea of Leadership is the ability to obtain followers. So Leadership in all its illusiveness is simply one’s ability to influence; Basically, one’s ability to influence his followers.

Everybody at one time or another is influenced by, and influential to, someone.  

Parents influence children; teachers influence students, and managers influence employees. In these examples parents, teachers, and managers, become leaders. Each leader has a responsibility to his follower. A leader’s leadership capabilities depend highly upon his acknowledgement and acceptance of responsibility to his followers. Good leadership acknowledges a responsibility, display distinct characteristics.

            Leadership qualities are what actually make a leader influential. Integrity, magnanimity, humility, dedication, transparency, creativity, assertiveness, and humor are all traits of leadership that determine the ability of a leader. 

            Leadership is not just complete by simply holding a position of leadership, but the ability to lead others towards an objective. Leaders that wish to be he leaders based on entitlement are truly not the leaders they think they are. True leaders are chosen and true leadership is of earned.

Whether in business, church, school or just life we all are chosen to be leaders at one time or another. Our leadership capabilities and influence are the things that will keep us in that position. We must all grow our skills as leaders in order to be successful in our ambitions.

Two Ways Out. Where Will I Be in five years? (english midterm)

this my lil midterm for my english class at rcc. I chose “Where will you be in 5 years?” from a set of prompts and compare and contrast as my rhettorical mode.  check it out let me know what u think.

Mark Anthony Howard

Prof. Angiuano

English 50

Midterm/Compare and Contrast

Two Ways Out. Where Will I Be in five years?

“On the road to riches and diamond rings, real niggaz do real things!” That’s a song I was listening to while I was reading through topic prompts for my midterm essay. The author of that song died at age twenty six. Where will I be in five years? I do not know; I think I’d be grateful to simply be alive. I’ve always been a strong character with a strong and ambitious drive towards business. But in contrast to my great ambition to be wealthy and successful, I’ve always felt I would never live past the age of twenty nine.  I feel like I’m sort of racing against an invisible clock and I hear it ticking fast. So I pursue my business passions with a passion. Where will I be in five years? I’d like to be simply be alive, but in my most positive depiction, I’d liked be in success as a business.

I’ve always been a product of harsh living situations, and even when these situations ease, I feel like I have sharp internal disfunctions as repercussion to these situations. My immediate family has been disfunctional and my extended family has been disfunctional. I feel that a successful business of my own is the resolution to every problem I ever had. As a child I felt a hopeless feeling in the situations I went through, and I think I truly only saw two ways out — my death or my business. I truly could never see myself living past the age of twenty nine, without being extremely successful as a businessman.  “A Change Is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke says, “It’s been too hard living, but I’m afraid to die!” I think this a song relates to me emotionally, but I am sincerely not afraid. With me it’s either business or death, and that is honestly my outlook on life. Sometimes, I feel my change may come, and sometimes — I do not.

The way I imagine my business in five years is obviously a complete contrast to being dead. I imagine myself incorporated as Tyrant Business Groupings. Tyrant Business Groupings is a conglomerate of my own business aspirations, with the ultimate goal to enrich the lifestyle and potential lifestyle of all its affiliated youth. The objective of Tyrant is to “Enrich, Educate, Communicate, Influence, and Participate” in the lives of its surrounding area youth on a daily basis. My business groupings, as of now, consist of a batting cage, a recording label, a youth organization, barber shop and a promotional business service. In five years I would like to have developed upon these businesses to the point of half a million dollars net.

The contrast between death and business success is a plain reality for me now, but I see other Black boys face the same daily ultimatum and don’t realize it. The hopelessness and feelings that nothing is for them, is unacceptable to me ; And I am making it my business, to salvage the successful hope in Black youth as a Tyranny. I would like to counter the childhood disparities of my own, and others, by establishing a “Tyranny of Success,” because a solemn, no hope mentality is absolutely unacceptable.

I feel my business is not only my own resolution and lifesaver, but it could very well be the same thing for a lot of young Black men with some of my same hopeless background. I feel that if I am successful as a business man I can simply buy more time. Way too many of young Black men are not even as fortunate to live a life as long as twenty five. A majority of  Black men are truly living a condensed lifetime and expiring way too early. I feel my business is my solution. I feel Black business is the Black solution. And I feel it is the only way out.

descriptive essay; “a night’s unsettling”

Mark Anthony Howard

Prof. Angiuanno

English 50


Back to Reality: A Night’s unsettling

Ever Since I was a little kid, I’ve either had very realistic dreams or nightmares!  I always felt that my dreams were in guidance of my actual daily dilemmas, thoughts and concerns, so I really have never shared my dreams with anybody, because I felt them to be highly boring.  But In contrast to these very insightful dreams I would have, I sporadically, but consistently would have these frighteningly realistic nightmares.  I actually remember the first dream I had to be a nightmare. But most recently I had this wild nightmare the night before my essay was due.

This is my dream.  As it starts, I sit behind the register in my clothing store. The register sits facing eastern towards the front of the store, on top of the display counter, right next to my laptop.  Inside the display counter are watches and stickers and all the accessories we carry in the store.  It’s way too late to be open, but I’m a night owl, so I’m chilling listening to Dj quik while we close.  I say “we” because I have this super pretty-faced, sweet-smelling, cutie with huge breasts working for me.  She wearing a little low-cut shirt, gold chain and Holister shorts. So as we close, she asks me “what happened last month.”  I guess I had been trying to move on and forget, but as she asks I remember the whole frightening ass occurrence that went on last week.  

I don’t want to scare miss pretty too much, but I just tell her the truth.  I tell her, “ boo last month was crazy.” As I say this, my dream puts me back into last month’s scene just as a horror movie would, with my conversation with my pretty clerk as the narrative.

 I told her how it was around the same time it is now, it was sprinkling outside as I was closing and somebody knocks on the store window.  I didn’t pay it much attention because the door was still open. But as I’m ready to close, I go to the door anyway and there’s nobody there.  As I look out the door it starts to rain a little harder, so you can smell the dust stirring up in the air. So as I locked at the Front glass door I hear somebody kicking at my back door!  The lights are off in the store, so I can see the entire night scene through my store window and now I’m starting to get an attitude at whoever thinks that kicking at my stuff is cool like that. My pretty little assistance laughs because she knows how I act. So I’m ready to go off on my way to the back door, and I don’t even make it all the way, before I hear two kicks at the front door! (Boom Boom) Somebody is kicking at the outer frame on my front glass door and loudly, (Boom , Boom).  All I have to do is turn around to see there is still nobody there. I tell pretty “ by then I’m scared and nervous like ‘what the fuck is going on.”  Both doors are locked and I’m standing in the middle of the store with only the display cabinet lights on. I feel somebody outside, and I hear somebody outside but I don’t see anything or anybody outside! The only thing I see outside is the rain falling really hard now and as I’m looking out the front I hear “AYE” inside the store and then (boom ,boom, boom) and see the front door’s window rattle and shake from three more kicks at the door frame.

  By now my sexy clerk’s eyes are wide open and she is looking at me like she making up her mind to quit after tonight. But I keep going with my little story anyway and I tell her how I went behind the counter and got the pistol but I still don’t see anybody. I don’t think I’m getting robbed, but I much rather would have been.  I’m just scared like some spiritual kind of scared.  My dream breaks from there as if a scene skipped in a movie and I lose the rhetoric with my clerk and I’m just back in the store by myself.  But as It comes back the scene seems to climax and it starts to rain even harder now and as lightening and thunder booms I hear voices inside the store saying my nickname sharply in a crescendo  grits grits grit grits grits grits . And in a succession I hear a whole series of kicks. (Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, BOOM) and my whole front windows breaks, shatters and crashes!

I’m so conditioned to having these type of dreams, I somehow realize I’m dreaming as I’m dreaming, I settle myself and wake up calmly.  Back to reality is my talent, my strength, and my comfort. For some of these nights dreams are extremely unsettling.

An Inappropriate Nostalgia

i wrote this silly shit for my english class I had better sense not to write it and  should of reWrote it but i dont be giving a fuck smh.   I scared all the females in my lil group. and they dont even look at me in class no more. lol

 here it go….

An Inappropriate Nostalgia

The term nostalgia describes a yearning for the past, often in idealized form.  The word is a learned formation of a Greek compound, consisting of (nóstos), meaning “returning home”, a Homeric word, and (álgos), meaning “pain, ache”. In common, less clinical usage, nostalgia sometimes includes a general interest in past eras and their personalities and events.  The term of “feeling nostalgic” is more commonly used to describe pleasurable emotions associated with and/or a longing to go back to a particular period of time. Nostalgia is often triggered by and image, a scent or something reminding the individual of an event or item from their past.

As I refer to my recollects of the word Nostalgia, I try to jog my memory of the fondest scent…… but I come up blank. I’m highly aware that I’ve had the phenomenon, but an outstanding scent, reminiscent of a time and feeling escapes me. The funny thing is, I believe I know why!

My favorite make – up of a woman is her scent and the way she smells! I think it’s the wolf in me.  The sweeter the smell,  the heavier my attraction. Smells never lie. If u inhale in a pleasant woman’s air, I believe, her peace becomes you. So I love the peace in a pleasant woman’s air! But if you inhale in a Seductive woman’s air…. You have been seduced!!

Even in my mildest manner I’ve been Wolfish since early. There’s no women’s scent I can ignore. I believe it tells too much of whom they are. So there’s especially no way, for me to ignore the scent of any GORGEOUS woman. And even more especially the scent of a gorgeous woman’s hair.

So as I dug in reference to the most nostalgic phenomenon I’ve experienced, I inappropriately dug up the sexiest, most seductive, most gorgeous smelling woman a now monogamist wolf could try to bury!!! HOWWWWWWLLLLL!!!!!

That girl used to smell so good and so sexy! And when I’d catch a whiff,  I’d inhale. As I inhaled I’d trance in the nostalgia she gave me when I had her this way…. And that way… and in there … and over there, in the shower, the floor, the bed, the chair, the table…… HOWwwwwllLLLl!!!

So As I refer to my recollects of a(n) Nostalgic experience , I tried to forget because its such a n inappropriate feeling aloud, but has Eric Hoffer Philosophies; “we lie the loudest when we lie to ourselves.” In honesty to myself, I’m a Wolf and I Love the scent a woman. I love the scent of sexy woman. And, I Love the scent of a sexy woman’s sex. I’ve buried a lot of bones but the reminiscent of my most honestly fond nostalgia, makes me want to dig a couple up! Hooooowwwwwwwllllllll