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On the way 2 paradise

Im not sure of what the significance of my life is meant to be. But in my strive towards it I encounter alot of satan.

The more I fight for God and whats good in my heart, the more bad I attract Satan’s resistance and whats bad for me.

As a child I remember reading the “My book of Bible Stories” published by Jehovah’s Witnesses. In an illustration of Adam’s expulsion from the Garsen of Eden, there was an “angelic” man with wings and a sword hovering at the entrance of the Paradise-Garden.

This image comes to mind in reflection of my life and the many trials and adversities I’ve experienced and encountered. Read the rest of this entry


Only the Strong Willed Thrive



Pray 4 me please.
Everyone makes such request
But the sincerity of my heart
Makes my life such a test.

I’ve grown uneasy with calm
I expect calamity
I’ve grown easy in calamity
Im exceptionally calm.

How much alarm
Can a quiet soul take on fearlessly
Before the many horns of Satans torment have worn down his spirit.

Pray 4 me please.
Please don’t ignore this request
The sincerity of my heart
is under constant durress.

letterz 2 God #8

Father I thank you for the opportunity to come to you as my father. My brain aches from my hearts mistakes.  BUt you have always been true and nurturing.  I thank you for never departing in me and I wish to never depart from you.  Thank you for recognizing my strength and my aptitude as a resource of you will. I appreciate your direction upon me and my young family I am responsible for.  Please allow me to guide those people of yours back to you and not cause confusion.  Bless me indeed that I may bless and briing praise to your true name and spirit Yahweh.

Your love is my religion. and I give my worship as well as praise. Hallelujah!

please continue to use me, reach me, and teach me. In your holy son’s name. amen.

letterz 2 God #7

Thank you for my family father. I ask they be blessed as I. I appreciate the love you give me. And I appreciate the Love of your holiest son.  I ask that you blessed me indeed, that I may know you hand is with me.  I ask your will be done thru me And expand my territory, and keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain, that I may not cause confusion, that I may not cause illness, and that I may not cause disorganization. In my Christ name I pray my heart’s condition and in my Christ name I pray you accept it… amen

Stay true

Sometimes my truth won’t allow me to be successful. But as an adult man I have found that MY truth isn’t always THE truth.

I acknowledge the truth of my God and staying true to myself, as high of a priority as it is 2 me, is best accomplished by staying true to him primarily.

-The Gritz

Accelerating Ministries


 Welcome to accelerating mininstries.

Many of us have been attracted to accelerating ministries by the ministries staffing services.

These services provide jobs and secure income for over 500 members in three different california regions.

We love that we have been able to reach such a wide necessity and help so many needing families support themselves.

No matter your attraction to accelerating ministries we would like to extend to you a comfortable welcome with our Pastors theme of love and peace.

We understand that many different backgrounds may have promoted many different beliefs and traditions.

We at accelerating ministries accept all of different backgrounds as personal foundations in who we all are individually.

What we would like to represent is a loving home for all those needing  supportive encouragement in life and in their worship to God.

What We would like to represent is a loving home for Godly worship in the loving, unassuming, and peaceable environment that God intended for us.

No matter your attraction your accelerating ministries we are all united under our service to God.

We would like to welcome you in that service with love and peace from now and forever

Sincerely yours
Accelerating Ministries.

Define Devine

I shall prove to be… what I shall prove to be.

a Gritty Prayer


No part of the world

Im different. If the world hated Jesus who am I that they would accept? The more I want to succeed in this life the more I see the neccessity to attach to some part or grouping of this world. And my spirituality’s purity wants no parts of it.  I don’t part in a church, club, group, gang, or none of that shit. I don’t even want a membership to the fucking gym.  I ain’t signing up for shit. “No Parts” if it ain’t mine it ain’t what God wants for me in this world. That’s just what I hear and that’s just what I feel.

I’m tired

Jehovah save me.

I’m tired

I’ve fought to say I’m yours.

I’m tired

I’ve given life all I’ve had
And all that I am

I’m tired

I’ve wondered with no home

I’m tired

The dead rest in peace but I live in agitation

And I’m tired

My anxieties compound
And my struggle has no cease

Im tired

My faith in you is deep
But my faith in life is weak

Im tired

Let me be as Enoch And take me.

Im tired

An Appreciative Spirit

May god Absolutely bless everyone that has ever felt me. I’ve always been a deeper story than I’ve told. I feel My story ain’t even to be told… Its to be felt.

Spirituality isn’t so much of the churchy connotation that people figure it to be. Spirituality is simple the ability to defer to ones spirit. Of course there are many different levels but all spirituality is based upon is the ability to defer to ones own spirit as opposed to the natural physical senses.

The spirit is deaf and blind. But I believe it speaks so loud and honest if u listen. Spiritual people speak more with their heart than their mouth. I’m definitely that type.
And I’m just grateful for those that have known me attentively and truly felt me,my passioniate ambition, and the heavy spirit I carry. Thanks and blessings I appreciate it – marky Mark   (gritty)

A Heavenly Watch

I fuckin love the moon!  Ever since I was lil I felt like it was following me and watching over me. I still think that’s the case. Especially when its full.

The more I learn of God the more practical I learn things are. Everything has a reason and purpose. I think gods practical purpose for the moon is to watch over, and out for–mark. 

That’s truly how I feel and what I think-no bullshittin. I love feeling like that too. It’s so comforting a feeling to know God would put such a dynamic element in place just


constantly reassure a nothing ass nigga that he is loved, relevant special, and cared for. I appreciate that shit so much that I love it. I thank Yah for loving me and I thank God for my moon. “Goodlookin” (wink)

Take the City

Take the City.

A Bible Book of Mark’z chapter 7 (Draft)

some shit Im working on… I think its pretty good and coming along pretty well check it out….

a bible book of Markz

I speak of myself with the authority of christ and our heavenly father. I speak of the wisdom that have enabled me to receive. I speak not to boaster of my quality for it is only of my christ and my fAther thT i am any. I speak lovingly as paul to timothy and and to the thesselonikas. (θεσσαλονικης) I speak to my flock as my lord jesus spoke those great crowds. I speak to touch the hearts pure and in search of godly understanding. I speak of my self and the benefits I have know from my spirituAl resemblance of my lord yeshua the Christ. My mimic of the Christ has unstricken me of fleshly bounds. Those sceptical of my Anointing envy my freedom. It is through the christ and my mimic of him that i am free. I speak of my freedoms through christ and i speak at this instant specifically with concern of judgement. Iam free of judgement because I have judge none!
Of what authority does a man have to condemn judgment upon his brother? as David judged the parable of Nathan man has past judgements upon his brother and his fellow as if his own folly is none. As a perfect Christ- Jesus our lord made judgment of no soul in his walk through life. Amidst a deceitful test of scribes the pharisees brought a woman to my lord and spoke of Moses law of adultery which she had broken and suggest she be stoned. Jesus answered “let he who u has no sin. Cast the first stone. “My lord exclaims….. “U judge according to the flesh. I judge no one”. Is this not Godly wisdom?Is it not Godly wisdom to mimic such character?

Through the entire earthy life example of my Christ his lips condemned none. It is he I aspire to be such. It is he whom enables me to be free. The spirit of Christ can not be bound as with the flesh. And I have witnessed the works of the Christ. I have known them as I have known my own experiences. Some say to know as to have known of. I say I have know the Christ spirit as Adam knew Eve. I have known my Christ Love and My heavenly fathers love intimately and I shall never part from it nor forget! I am the Good Witness. My heart has known the truth and As I mature it burst with overflow of passioniate love. I have known the Love and reciprocation of the Almighty Yahweh and I speak to you with the authority of Christ in regards to its benefits. I speak to my flock in regards to Judgement; To obstain from it is to free yourself from its burden and its obligation. For the Judgement of God is of no mans strength to hold. And it is he that has Judged his brothers woes and folly that shall carry the gravity of Yahweh’s judgement for he is the only appointed Judge of men. So says Christ Jesus Amen.

Lost? and Found!

I always been too much personality and too much activity for alot of peoples comfort level, but Ive never been at a point where I feel Im too much for my own comfort. There’s is absolutely too much going on in my life right now and I cant even figure out where to began focusing. I guess school should be it, but shit wouldn’t be the first time I fuck that up. I just been, reading, writing and praying. I dont know what else to do. I don’t know what else to say. I dont even remember the last time I flirted with a bitch. All that player shit and all that mackin shit is so far from where Im at in my head. I dont have any extra conversation for anybody extra than what is absolute necessity for me right now.

I hope I aint fuck up my life with the lil bullshit I got wrapped up in but Im not ready to quit. I still went and got me a new shop to do my thing at. no matter how bad shit get, Im Mark, and theres no dilluting that. Its crazy how clear my view of heaven is when I get knocked on the ground smh. I thank God for not deserting me when I need his direction most. As of matter of fact everytime I get lost is when I find God the easiest. I love how available he makes himself for me. I feel like God is my Triple A. lol. I got a flat, im outta gas, lost, my battery dead, and I need a tow all at the same time smh. Wild nigga, cold world. Thank God for God. I need him so much. I love him for loving me so much. Im so fucked up right now. Im so lost right now. Im so confused right now. Im so tired. Im so sad. Im so frustrated, Im so scared. Thank you Jehovah for having my back even when Im frontin’  in your sons name I ask you repress my anxieties and nourish the faith I have in me. A’ humble fuckin-men. smh. – gritty

Letterz To God #4

Letters to god
Goodmorning father my blessing to u through my sons mouth this holy day. I ask for ur forgiveness through and for any of my error and inequity. I love that I am forgiven for my sin through Christ. I am of such awe in the teachings in his examples. I pray that I may be able to respond to adversity, persecution, and opposition of my faith with the same stern authority and confidence.

He has said to me he that believes in him will not die in sin but live forever through Christ. It is not my intention to live forever but to simply be a child of god, a friend of Christ, and a good student of holy doctrine. The gospel of mine is an account of a modern spiritual witness. I am witness that god and his gracious spirit live in present times. God and his spiritual will live in the discarded youth. God and his spirit live in the prisoners of state and of county. God and his gracious influence live in the violent ghettos and streets in the disfynctioning homes of poor and un educated. God and his doctrine live in the church, the temples the congregation,  the kingdom halls in the schools, in men , in woman.

The will of god and god himself live in the hearts of those who need him. In the hearts of those whom have faith that christ lives is the presence of the almighty god yahweh. The living god “he that causes to become” what mighty of a name to have for such a kind and friendly power! He who has creates us has not done such to stricken us to constant reproach and punishment. He that causes you to become has done such with loving intentions to groom grow and nurture your necessity to become a happy gracious soul in his liikeness of his own! Rejoice in the knowledge of god. For the knowledge of him is the universe only insoluble truth.

Christ proverbs in reference to knowledge of him and his father saying the truth will make u free!  Therefore I say to you in my epistle to say be happy, be joyous, be free! Come into the knowledge of god and know truth! Come to know freedom with the peace of Christ and safeguard of his father as your your own.

A Quick Scripture #2

Isaiah Chapter 12

 And in that day thou shalt say, O LORD, I will praise thee: though thou wast angry with me, thine anger is turned away, and thou comfortedst me.2 Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid: for the LORD JEHOVAH is my strength and my song; he also is become my salvation.3 Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation.

4 And in that day shall ye say, Praise the LORD, call upon his name, declare his doings among the people, make mention that his name is exalted.5 Sing unto the LORD; for he hath done excellent things: this is known in all the earth.6 Cry out and shout, thou inhabitant of Zion: for great is the Holy One of Israel in the midst of thee.


“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”
Everything is based around faith. Before you can achieve anything in life you have to believe such things are possible for you. A little faith in yourself can go a long way— a little faith in God can go the longest way. My new favorite thing is faith. Ofcourse it is a very spiritual idea but I think it’s a very fun mental exercise as well. Im not a faith pro yet,  (Im like a D1 prospect) so im doing alot of “practice.” any athletic sport requires practice. So I find my self coaching my mind into faith.

I affirm to myself that things are well and will be well. I trust that God knows more, further, and better than I and that he will truly maneuver me into the optimal position. This is the practice. The fun part is the benefit. The fun part is witnessing your faith pay fare in the ride of your life as all of your affirmations come true to pass right before your eyes!

So my new favorite thing again is faith. And I’d love for you to try it. Results guaranteed! Exercise faith in yourself and God and I can guarantee you with all my faith a positive result! Take care and have faith – gritty

A Quick Scripture #1

Ecc 5:5 better to vow not, then to vow and not pay