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Older Blogs and writtings from 2006- 2008

The Dj Gritz – A Love Song ( Jay Z – Song Cry Cover)

Dj Gritz – “A Love Song”

off the 2006 What u Need!!? mixxtape

Dj gritz is in set to Release his Debut Album “Self Employed” here is Track #4 and the First Video off the Album “Payer Weight”  

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EveryDay Shit

everyday shit                                                                                            July 24,2007

  im just tryna maintain Homie. its hard for me sometimes. I always felt sole positioned even when it wasnt the case. Dependancy has never been a characteristic of mine. so at times my Independance is to a fault. But in my own Defense, thats a faultiness i could deal wit.  My whole make up is built around the principle To Need For Nobody. alota muthafuckas can’t function wit the responsibility of EVERYTHING depending solely upon themselves. they need somebody to blame in the event of failure.    but me, I feel like i need that Responsibility. I want that shit. And thats how i gotta have it.  So aint no blasphemous intents but i believe i myself as i do in GOd or Jesus.i wish u could digg it

THe Gritz               

Na’Sham Anthony Howard

Na’Sham Anthony Howard                                                                 Sept 25,2007

Na’Sham derived from “NO SHAme!” I Named My Lil Soldier NO SHame. To RId Himself of any Supposed Inferiorites or Prejudice he may be born in to and So my Baby Boy could live his life EVERYDAY In a Prided Fashion. i named him Na’SHam SO he could have a confidence about himself. Without any Insecurity of how he came about. His Heritage. His Resides oR any Crazy ass situation He was Born into.

And ON top of that I named My Baby Boy NaSham In Conveyance to him that no matter what type of Negatives developed between Me His Mother My family and Her Family. Me and His Mom will never let any of that be cast upon him or Have him viewed as a child of any type of  Shame!   So if a child outside of marriage or a committed relationship is a mistake. sHame on me, Shame on Her,  but OUR child is born of None!

but on a End Note, NaSham the Deepest Feeling I Have Every Had.The Void I Felt as A Boy Learning to Deal Without Love, I Feel Like Ive Filled Knowing That, that is No Longer the Case. I feel Towards my Baby Boy as I wish to have been felt towards. May he never do without The Love of his Mother His Father and His God. or even question the presence of the 3.  I offer and pledge my son,  my allegiance towards Him, His Passions, His Concerns, His Future, and His Well Being. And  in the Fashion of which mine Proceeds his.May Death and only Death Part us. Real Muthafuckin Shit all Day.  

Na’Sham’ Daddy…. Bitch!! lol  The Gritz

Thead Gamez

Nov 19, 2007

My lil clothing store opens December 1st.  im hopin my peeple come support my lil movement. Im Really tryna change the Game. if you know me u know i move differently. Such is the Cause wit my lil store. so come thru check my lil shit out. Get at yo peeplez “YOung Grits”

By My Dolo!!

By My DOLo

Real shit i never been a woe iz me type of nigga. SO i always just turned my shit  iNward. i always had negative shit on my lil plate. But i aint feel like i was a Negative person, so i damn sho’ aint wanna reflect that. so i always made an effort convey the shit i was dealin wit as Un-demoralizing. Even in the case where it might Be. and i think thats where i really developed my Reserve. 

Before i spoke i would have considered my response and the roots of its derives. and Alota times, in the best attempts to Reflect my Negative as Positive… I just wouldnt say shit. Especially in the case of dumb muthafuckas and fake Bitches who concern only get paid wages by the hour.(so Witty)    

 So the Lil effect turned to Be Large Amounts a filtering.  I kinda like callin that shit GOLD PANNIng.  So just as lil justification to my Solitude i aint Found a confide to feel me at the Depths i been dugg into. So at everdays End. its just me by my muthafuckin doLo. wit my planz, my Pains,Perspective  and Principals. cause im the only one that can turn all this Negative shit that been shoveled on me into Positive. U DIgg… 

YOung “Grits” (No muthafuckinSPonsors) ONEHUnIT

The Confines of My Solitude

Confines of my solitude

 Stricken to my confines, 

my Heart contents a mellow

Chellowed notes of Melancholy tones,

play off me melodicly in a bellow

Tunes of bliss to the SOLE, echoe,  in the abyss of the soul.

The solitude is a chill, but one finds warmth in his cold.

the Corrison of weakness is done in a strength.

and the makings of a soldier is done when EnTrenched.

Its reparation that is done when identified in ones own Truth.

Therefore i find no confines within confine of my solitude.

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The Word of the Day iz AUTHENTICITY

as you know I am a heavy perspective of self so is a define myself i define words in their literal sense as it is applicable to MYSELF. I have a hard time believing that I am born of… or destined to.. some type of special. what i do believe that there alot of solid characteristics of MYSELF that make me exceptional. One of These characteristics if not THEE CHaracteristic is my AUTHENTICITY. My AUTHENTICITY is what distinguishes myself for the next man that is unAware of this definition.and therefore has not developed HIMSELF as AUTHENIC.

So here it is….. Make YOurSELF better…. thats what my life is about Progression of SELF and making MYSELF better then extending this perspective down through MY (ownership) community.

Authenticity -refers to the truthfulness of origins, attributions, commitments, sincerity, devotion, and intentions

AUTHENTICITY-In philosophy, the conscious self is seen as coming to terms with being in a material world and with encountering external forces, pressures and influences which are very different from, and other than, itself

Authenticity is the degree to which one is true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character, despite these pressures

A Recovered MaN (2009)

im a Recovered man (2009)

i feel everything is base upon the perspective. so my perspective at 25 is relative to myself at 19 and 20. its more of an overbearing take mine, than a repressive get mine.

I really feel my family dealings has been hardest thing ive had to endure from thru my lifetime. especially my mom. as much as i would like to consider myself a positive person its been difficult to convey while owning and searching for console from such negative experiences. from my adolescents i still feel effects from scars i have socially emotionally mentally and definitely spiritually.

but my perspective at 25 is more of a “im scarred not cut.” i finally feel like im in motion past it. I took alota time to away in attempts to deal with all the issues i felt conflicted with my self. mainly a whole lota muthafuckin Recentment. but i feel ive rehabilitated all the pieces of myself which where short of the point of NON rehabilition (which is definitely the case in some areas). So i feel again confident in all of myself. cause all u could do as a man is, Try under God, for better were u fall short. and ive done that.

So after that im really back to not giving a fuck. im just me. and Ill Never repress myself again. im a deeper personality than that average shit. for good or bad i been HOnest TO God my whole life. so shall he be for me. but even if not im still intent on Being the best Mark Howard i could be, the Ultimate Mark Anthony Howard i can be. Be it Via Grits or whatever. .

So again shit is all perspective and at 25 I am a TYrant of Will. Just Relentless completely overbearing and i dont give a fuck.

Life is what u take

o and ps. bangin AZ sugarhill from like 94 u know im such a throwback

Real Shit

RealShit.                                                                                                                      apr 7, 2008

The Focus iz way too tuff for me. I cant concentrate on anything but stayin concentrated on where i wanna be for MYself. shit always been Real Life for me. and it was Hard for me sort out. but i really feel i raised myself in to a senseable person thru critique of my thought on a constant basis. So i believe in the exercise and really feel it as a comfortable zone So now even more than ever, because i feel like my Ultimate Self, and Ultimate Financial Progression(which means SOSo MUch 2 me) depends on it, I spend alota time within my thoughts. i feel like my life is on pause when i aint in a productive Frame of Thought. So RealShit. i cant even entertain an interest in whats on Bitches shallow ass head these dayz. im Just Doin what the fuck i Do. So u could fuck wit it, if u could fuck wit it, but the NonCHalant is way to muthafuckin thick for me to be concerned on a Perception Judged against me. Cause i never in my life felt my situation presentation reflected my Mental capacity (as it does in alota people. Mainly “Grown” Muthafcukaz! lol!!) but i dont think its a nigga livin more determined on transitioning, that, to such. So Im just shootin (Real)Shit at the (Bull)shit and that (Weak-Ass)shit die off gradually everyday. But Im tryna kill “shit” if u could digg that. just a fragment of where my head at. g’Z up

My understanding of “A Man (2007)

(I wrote this in 2007 still highly relative)

A MAN if anyTHing

on a loose frame of thought, IMA TRY and blog my lil perception of Being a Man and what I think its SUppose to Mean!

wanna hear it Here it Go…

First if there is no PRINCIPle involved there is no man. a Man is to be whomever the fuck he choose only as long as he is HONeST To Himself and in the principles at his core.

But as far as the Meaning, i think It’s “A CONSISTANT OWNERSHIP of His whole Self” that is best epitomized in the EXCEPTANCe and a BALANCE of not only his Strengh but also his FAULT. A Full Accountability For his wholeSelf . ( Muthafuckas theseDayz wont even take accountablity for they ageLol) like “This is WHo The Fuck I Am!” For the GoOd and the Bad. (Not some eZ shit to Do) But BEING A MAN IS HARD. and it takes work. Thats why only a Short few of muthafuckaS choose to be Such! <<<<>>>Because Being A Man “Iz” (iz as in action)Takin a Stand! Not only Once But CONSISTANTLY for HimSelf, His Principlez, His Beliefs, and Anything falling Under HIS HEADSHIP as well as the Accountability for each, NOT ONCE but CONSISTANTLY . and this where alot Dudes Fallout and have problems with they women.(never Me) cause i could get any Women as My Witness in sayin In-consistancy is MOST In-tolerable and frustrating of all the bullShit they havin to deal wit from niggaz. Like “if you u say u this, than just Be that shit.”(muthafuckas wanna change they mind when its convenient) but real shit “a Man is only a Man Of His Consistancies.” And At the first instant its compromised He’s compromised himself and a percentage that MANHOODwe supposed to be strivin for. yaDigg

sO just be a Man about it my Nigga whatever type of man you are or choose Take A CONSISTANT OWNErship of your Whole-self and your PRinciplez

If U could Digg it?

YOung “Grits!” OneHunit.

gShit(Get u Some muthaFUckin Principlez PlayBoy)