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Taylor’d Fitness Tips


I’m going in with my man J.peezy. All these fad fitness boomers and pussyfitness tips are fraudulent. Men shouldn’t train like women and no two women should train alike. Every workout should be personally “Taylor’d”

J. Peezy is a psychology/kinesiology major who has won countless weight and fitness competitions with his coined “all natural” dietary meals, lifting, and exercise. The boy is an outright Championship Beast!

I will be featuring myself(The Gritz), J.Peezy’s, and D’ Mclean’s effective and practical Taylor’d fitness’ tips to include in your personal diet and exercise or to encourage you to enroll in their Taylor’d 4 U personal training program.

Stay tuned


“Everythings Taylor’D”


It’s not just about working out but it’s a way you live your life. This page will give helpful hints, good eating habits, workout tips and other informational things to get your lifestyle fit.

Fit Life Is a women’s health program that encourages its members to push themselves passed their normal levels of comfort in order to achieve the results they wish to achieve for themselves physically and mentally.

FitLife is hosted by Tavi Thompson who leads encouraging workouts for free every Monday @ Chaffey College at 6 pm. Some of FitLife’s participants are transforming themselves from untoned, un-healthy, un- conditioned and un-disciplined to strong willed and determined individuals living healthy and fit lives.  Please email Tavi personally or visit the FitLife FB page and inquire of participating in this encouraging and proactive program.  Wellness takes support and encouragement, FitLife has your back!

“We only have one body why not give it the best. We are what we eat! Get your Wellness evaluation NOW, why wait, waiting doesnt change anything but putting forth an effort and doing does! – Tavi Thompson

Annual “JG” Holiday Baseball Camp

Annual “JG” Holiday Baseball Camp

JG holiday baseball camp is a annual camp hosted by James JG Guerrero. The camp is motivated by James aspirations to give back to baseball’s youth. Three days of instruction are held in fielding, hitting, and fundamentals of quality baseball.

The camp is directed by a staff of current and former professional coaches,scouts, and ball players from minor leagues such as: Greg Burn. James R. Matt Williams ( Tiger), and James “JG” Guerrero (Marlins/Rockies) to Major league players such as Tony Gwynn Jr (Dodgers). and Jesse Chavez(Giants).

JG Holiday Baseball Camp is great place to get a jump on your child’s baseball career. “Talent Is Never Enough” is the theme of our camp and one of the baseball perspectives taught that set our campers apart from their recreational opponents. Campers learn the mental game, increase baseball IQ, and learn the proper mechanics taught by professional ball clubs.

The Holiday Camp is 3 days of fun and applicable instruction that may lay the foundation for your campers Baseball Career. See you soon.

“Talent Is Never Enough” /

RRRaaagggzz.. what UP VIc!!?

Victor garcia. is my dude. Vic been fuckin wit me for whatever since 07!! I met vic online on myspace when I was opening my clothing store THread Gamez in fontana. I put out a bulletin that I wanted to feature up and coming Local clothing Lines. Vic hit me about his RAGZ 2 ROYALTY line and I loved it.

He had 2 designs in 4 different color ways and the was the number one selling featured seller in my store. I felt bad when the store closed I felt like I let him down because the Line would have blown. But anyway since then when been like lowkey fam. whatever he doing im doing and WHHHHAAAATTTTTEEEEVVVVER im doin he fuck with me and support from the store to the label the shows to the grams Vic is my dude!

I truly believe that this lil blog shit has been my vent and avenue TOWARDS a calm of my spirit. Vic garcia is the person that told me about wordpress in coaching of the sites i could fuck with in efforts of my Literary and Recording  aspirations.
I have a talent for the sequence of “Listening then Applying” as additive to my strong creativity… Vic says alot of shit that are completely ingenuitive and practical, and he just a wonderful and essential additive to my whole shit.

I love his perspective of life and his lil hustle. I feel like he draggin to put his line out but he come from a good fam thats very supportive of his future so shit aint really as urgent with him as EVVERRYTHING is to me lol. So my dude just chillin workin on new designs for the line and tryna finish school @ the same RCC campus im at. so we just comin up together! doing our stuff we gon be a major lil team when these degrees start kickin in.
My youngN just released a new Ragz 2 Royalty Tankz in 2 color ways white/Red and Black/purp. check out his line its offffffffiiicccial he come hard everytime out. the tanks is what I believe to be his best work since his last and original!

Push like on the fb page!/pages/Ragz-Two-Royalty/105592272857340  We did a lite weight promo video photo shoot in the last shirt print


Pink is alwayz In!! (Proud and Pretty In Pink)

I recently deeJayed my good friend Dominique Ferrells 26 birthday party.(what UP Sis!!?) And hung out with some of her very close friends since Highschool and I ran into Chelsie Mogan (BS in Kinesiology / Health Education- California State Polytechnic University, Pomona) and  was introduce to the Company Proud and Pretty in Pink!

Proud and Pretty in Pink is an organization founded by my close friend Chelsie Mogan and spearheaded Chandra Mogan and other friends as the Organization’s biggest supporters . The “Mogan girls” are a set of the most fun, loving and enjoyable, young women you could meet and through “Proud and Pretty” are sharing their congeniality with young girls everywhere. Proud and “Pretty In Pink” was started in 2009 and is beginning towards its depths of service towards young women and the awareness of themselves as young women!

The mission of “Proud & Pretty in Pink” is for girls of all ethnicities, social classes, sexual orientations, and backgrounds to feel united, powerful and educated. Thru body image, self esteem, and sex education all girls can learn to feel good in their own skin.

Thru activities, demonstrations, lectures, and speakers girls will be given the opportunity to express themselves and learn about others. Coming together and feeling better about who they are, girls will gain the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their sexual health. Along the way better self esteem will be created and a positive body image can be obtained.

Body Image, Self Esteem, and Sex Education! Helping girls build with a steady foundation of image, esteem, & education. Feeling Proud & Pretty is possible for all girls. Seeing the World in Pink is so much better than black and white.

 Proud and Pretty in Pink Weblinks:
visit the “Proud and Pretty in Pink” facebook page and push “like”
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