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My bestie


Whatever is whatever but whenever or wherever I was my lil woman was there.

Some people care when most people don’t.

Sometimes friends become ur family. I appreciate the family I’ve made with my best friend.

And through whatever or whoever Im prioritizing our continuance.

Thanks momma


The homie Donald Sterling


A sketch of Donald Sterling by Mark Anthony Howard “the gritz”




Inland Scenics –


Linden ave Bloomington CA. 10 am

Inland Scenes – Highlands


Highland Ave / highway 330 Highland CA @3pm

Tales from the Gritz: Volume One – “Blam”


The party was scheduled for later and the tables had already been arranged and set.  They were expected the cake to arrive in about an hour and guest in about two. What wasn’t expected was what happened next…image

Blam Blam Blam Blam.   “Oh my God,” Tynisha said as she froze stiff.  Something in her automated a motion to close the door.  No sooner than it was closed and locked the knob rattled from an attempt at its opening. The air in her lungs froze still and her eyes flared open wide.  She stumbled back as far as her daughter Naila’s tiny bedroom would allow and she heard blam as whoever kicked at the door. Petrified into an anxiety attack her mouth opened wide and her hands shook frantically.  She grabbed in at a color pencil on Naila’s nightstand and Blam.  As the door flung open she screamed, held up her color pencil, and lunged forward in a violent panic. BLam.

She dropped to the floor and dropped Naila’s colored pencil.

Mark Anthony Howard – The Gritz


Fuck Money


Signature Rep Blake Turner

TeamSig is geared up for fall and ready to release its fall line-up by introducing our newest Sig-Reps.  Blake Turner is a 15 year motocross “diaper dandy.” Mr. 316 as we like to call him sat down for an interview with our team sig writer and rep “The Gritz.”  Check out the exclusive Blake Turner/ Team Sig interview and fall line at

Blake Turner SIG byStormy

Blake turner interview

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Inland Scenics – Mt Baldy


Mt. Baldy Upland CA 6:35 pm

What’s up Fred?


Born a slave in 1818 on a plantation in Maryland, Douglas taught himself to read and write. In 1845, seven years after escaping ti the north, he published Narrative, the first if three autobiographies.

In this narrative Douglas calmly but dramatically recounts the horrors and accomplishments of his early years. An astonishing orator and a skillful writer Douglas became a newspaper editor; a political activist, and a an eloquent spokesperson for the civil rights of African Americans.

He was celebrated internationally as the leading black intellectual of his time, and his story still resonated today! Now that’s what’s up! Thanks Fred looking forward to reading your books sir.

Alex Haley


The Vinyl – Soul II Soul


Soul 2 soul- back to life. Back to reality back to the here and now of things. Can u digg it.? #ditc

The Gritz

The Gritz
photo by Khalfani Amour

Fairmount- the gritz


2pm market st. Riverside CA

BNSF – the gritz


12pm Bnsf Rialto ave San Bernardino CA

Sante Fe history and museum – The Gritz


Sante Fe history and museum 1pm Mt. Vernon/2nd San Bernardino CA

Arrowhead Regional – The Gritz


5pm Arrowhead Regional Colton Ca Pepper/san Bernardino

Mountains and Valleys


4pm Maine st. Riverside Ca

A Tuesday peek


7am Fontana CA Juniper/Miller

Inland Scenics by The Gritz