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“This is for all my homiez”

I pick favorites. I always have. If I had two kids I wouldn’t love them equally I would pick a favorite and let the other one know everyday why their sibling was my favorite LOL.


So if I picked a favorite on my baseball team Andrew wins easy.

Not because he’s the best player on the team but because he’s the best personality.

He’s crazy af. And he don’t care. Lol Andrew just wants to do what Andrew what’s to do. And I respect it. I think its fun and challenging being his coach and I love to see him making improvements and responding to my coaching already.

as long as Andrew is around Its gonna be a fun and funny season. Im gonna let my lil homie be himself and teach him how to play baseball.


No practice Thursday 3/6 next practice is Friday 3/7 6pm @ 6th field east of waterman


Alex Haley


“Matt Barnes wants to follow you”

I’m a cool nigga, so I usually don’t come too far off my cool when cool people do cool shit, but my guy Matt Barnes sent me a follow request on IG yesterday and today I still can’t get off how cool I thought that shit was!

If u know anything about me I like unheralded ballerz with no fear, tats and attitudez. Most of all I like real men and with stand up qualities. Matty Barnes is all of that. I truly had him right after LeBron as #4 in my top 5 fav Active playerz. (Kmart. JrSmith, lbj, mb9, nateRob. And zbo as my 6th man) I say had because I had to move his ass to #1 today lol. Fuck it. He earned it . Haha.

Thats how young kidz used to pick they fav players through they first interactions. The shit may not have been much of an interaction to u but the shit was for me lol.

I was Humbled and excited I felt like a lil ass kid Good look bro bro. I love ur game , admire ur example off court and I appreciate the follow. Oh and congratz on the new contract. #GetMoney

Follow my favorite player on IG  @Matt_Barnes9. the realest player in the league, and just as real a mfka off court too.

Oh and Fwm 2 @theGritz im mbarnes certified ya bish. 


(Fohi Legend) Kris Stevens is My Guy!

Kris Stevens is Really MY GUY!!! I’ve been a fan of his since I was a 12 year old at ELks L.L. and old enough to know about Fontana baseball. Kris became a local hero back in the day when he was drafted 11th pick 3rd round  out of Fontana High to the Phillies A team (right behind Jimmy Rollins)in 1996. He maintained consistent stats (Click to view stats) and established a legitimate 6 year pro career ending in 2002. 

Not only is Kris a STAND-OUT ball player but hes also a all around STAND UP Guy as well. Anyone who knows him knows of his dedication to youth, baseball, Fontana Baseball, The City of Fontana, friends, and his family.  He was recently recognized by the FUSD Board as Lead District Safety Officer for his sole resolution in a Elementary School burgarlary where Kris responded by himself, unarmed, and completely secured the perimeter , detained the burgalar, and retained the stolen property! (Click to view article ) The dude is ICE cool. Theres nothing that can faze him and I love and admire it about him sincerely.

He’s always been a great example, coach and mentor for me and Ive always felt he personally cared for me. I’ve always been an edgy affilate of anybodies. But Kris has always accepted me and treated me as a lil brother since I the first time meeting him.  I think he means so much to the city of Fontana, and it’s Baseball community but what I really appreciate about Kris is his dedication. The Guy is so much heart and it shows in everything he does. From Baseball to Life. From his family relationships with his wife, son, brother, and pops, to all his baseball relationships with pro colleagues, moms and dads from his boys traveling teams, to the players on that team, (Go Aztecs)and many other fontana alumi ballers that have grown up idolizing or envying him and his curveball. He is completely genuine and gives his best effort no matter the situation. The Guy is an awesome example of personable and quality character and I feel such a privilege to have considered as his friend and him mine. Thats why Kris Stevens is my Guy!! 

Just a lil recognition for a stand up Guy who means so much to his community #FontanaBoyzUp!

His card is still available on ebay if you still want to support my guy and what he represents. (click the link)

Dear Seau.. Rest In Absolute Peace My guy.

Check it out. I hate writing about “trendy” topics. When something is trending people only have an oppinion on it because its just something to talk about not because it is relevant to their concern. That is why all the concern dies when a new trend topic pops.  Anyway I like to consider things thoroughly before I chime in with an oppinion or even a perspective view. So the thing I really been concerned with and disturbed by for some time now is the suicide of Junior Seau. 


Tiaina Baul “Junior” Seau Jr. was a linebacker in the National Football League (NFL) who became a San Diego sports icon. Known for his passionate playing style, he was a 10-time All-Pro, 12-time Pro Bowl selection, and named to the NFL 1990s All-Decade Team.

Seau retired from pro football in 2010. A standout on San Diego’s only Super Bowl team, he was later inducted into the Chargers Hall of Fame and the team retired his number 55. Seau committed suicide with a gun shot wound to the chest in 2012 at the age of 43.

I just really cant imagine the type of things that he was feeling to make him resolve in his own death. I think suicide is a build up long before the actualization. It really makes me sad to think about how his life ended, and the things people said him negatively. Suicide is such a taboo in our society but it happens everyday frequently. Junior Seau is just one of those people I wouldnt have expect to do such a thing. Ive never met the man, but I personally feel like I need to know why! For my own growth and development to maybe stay clear of such a fate, I need to know what he was feeling on his heart and why those things escalated to such a resolve. I just really feel like I miss the Guy. I definitely wasn’t anybody important in his life but I truly feel like some relative perspective that may be essential to my life, died with Junior Seau.  I think this of J Seau weekly.

rest in paradise my guy. I hope your free of the pressures you may have felt. Life is not all the jubilee some try to portray it. I pray for you and anybody who may resemble your heart – amen

“Real life is not what You things you post on facebook. Real life is the private struggles we go through with few people to relate and understand. S/o to everybody dealing with real life issues in private.” #godBless – The Gritz


Matty Barnez iz my guy

I fukz with Matty Barnes. I like real people and Matt barnes is a real guy. He has problems just like regular dudes off the court and he dont back down from anybody on the court. I like players I can identify with and Identify with that. I fuckz with my guy.   The Lakers always do away with real dudes that go unheralded that fill tough roles so It frustrates me sometimes to see Matt Barnes type guys move on. so I hope he resigns and sticks around because I love to see players like Matt Barnes get rings. I was really happy to see Juwan Howard win one last year with the Heat. Nobody talks about these guys until theyre in the news for some off the court shit. So Just a lil Recognition for a real guy doing real shit whether u notice or not. S/o to mattY Matt.

In most recent news Matt  a free-agent forward who spent the last two seasons with the Lakers, faces a felony charge of threatening a public official after being arrested Monday night, said Lt. Steve Tobias of the Manhattan Beach Police Dept.
Barnes was arrested in Manhattan Beach after an officer who was aware he had an outstanding warrant for a misdemeanor traffic violation approached him on foot, Tobias said. When the officer attempted to arrest Barnes, Tobias said, “Mr. Barnes did not cooperate and threatened” the officer. Tobias declined to divulge what Barnes said to the officer.  I think thats silly as fuck to recognize a man from his stardom and arrest try to arrest in a non treating non-violent situation.  My guy was out and enjoying himself and and the officer singles Matt out based on his stardom. police do some fuckin soft shit sometimes. I have a hard time respecting bullshit like that. And you fuckin right He aint co-operate I would be like fUck YOU. smh. anyway My boy posted 510000 bail like a g and got on. S/o to real people s/o to Matt. Read the rest of this entry

my Guy Mateo Williams.

Im a baseball head. I like players that I can Identify with. So my favorite ballers are the ones I know. Matt Williams is my homeboy I went to school with. Fam was a stud on the bases, nice with the stick and awesome in the field. Back when Fontana High was Fontana High, Matt was the Guy. In 2001 after a dope senior year Matt was drafted 14th round by the Detroit Tigers . Heres a link to my guyz Minor league stats. just a lil recognition for a stand up guy. Even after ball Matt is just as successful and just as cool raising his first lil baller with his wife Siti. S/o to my guy Mateo. keep up the good work bro bro. #FontanaBoyzUP

My Guy Tony Stewart winz Daytona Coke 400…again

Stewart Scores Fourth Coke Zero 400 Win at Daytona

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Andrew McCutchen… iz My Guy

Andrew McCuthen

Posted on July 8, 2012 by

Andrew McCuthen  is on fire right now and still heating up. In my opinion he is one of the most exciting players in todays game. McCuthen is one of those “WholeGame” type of players that I love. He fields amazing with weekly webgems, Steals bases, hits for situation, and can absolutely hit for power.  This ALLSTAR season McCuthen has entered into the HomeRun derby as a last minute substitution fill for Miami Marlins Right field slugger Giancarlo Stanton who is out recovering after undergoing arthroscopic right knee surgery. Whether McCuthen does well of not Just to have the young exciting Bucc in the contest is exciting for Pittsburgh fans. McCuthen is batting an amazing .362 with 18 HR and 60 RBI’s anchoring the Pirates into first place into the NL Central for the first time in 20 years.

A day before he takes part in the home run derby as part of the All-Star festivities in Kansas City, Andrew McCutchen put on a show for the home fans.McCutchen hit two home runs in a 13 to 2 rout of the Giants off a struggling Tim Lincecum whos pitching a terrible 6.42 ERA with 10 loses in 13 starts this season.

McCuthen is Signed to the buccs thru 2017, 6 yrs/$51.5M (12-17) & 18 team option. Thats alot of time for the young allstar to grow and develop into a game superstar for the Pirates. In the meanwhile keep a eye on my guy Duece Duece and the streaking Buccs.

Follow Andrew McCuthen on twitter @TheCUTCH22    

Prince Fielder is my Guy! 214 million with Detroit

Prince Fielder is truly one of My Guyz of all my guyz!! I love what he represent for the sport. I think black players are still a scarcity to this day and there talent doesnt go as far mentioned as others, especially as superstars and Prince Is every bit of superstar in his league.  This is undeniable now in his signing this week of 214 million dollars for 9 years.  Im super proud of him for cashing in where he belongs and also doing it in such a legendary fashion playing in Detroit as his father did despite their relationship difference. Prince is a BIG MAN! and I appreciate what he does for the sport! Prince has been nothing but consistant Power and clutch since 2006 hitting 30 + homers in every season since then with a batting average

Prince Fielder by the numbers

Fielder, 27, hit .299/.415/.566 with 38 homers, 120 RBI, 95 runs and 36 doubles last season for the NL Central champion Brewers. He finished third in MVP voting and also took home the All-Star Game MVP. Though Fielder is a large man, he is as durable as they come. He hasn’t played in less than 157 games in a season since becoming a regular. He played in all 162 last season, following up seasons where he appeared in 161 and 162 games, respectively.

Prince Fielder finished third in the NL MVP voting last season; it’s his third top-four finish in the past five seasons. Here’s a look at Fielder’s career regular-season stats with the Brewers:

2005 39 59 2 17 4 2 10 2 17 .288 .306 .458
2006 157 569 82 154 35 28 81 59 125 .271 .347 .483
2007 158 573 109 165 35 50 119 90 121 .288 .395 .618
2008 159 588 86 162 30 34 102 84 134 .276 .372 .507
2009 162 591 103 177 35 46 141 110 138 .299 .412 .602
2010 161 578 94 151 25 32 83 114 138 .261 .401 .471
2011 162 569 95 170 36 38 120 107 106 .299 .415 .566
TOT 998 3527 571 996 200 230 656 566 779 .282 .390 .540