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“Matt Barnes wants to follow you”

I’m a cool nigga, so I usually don’t come too far off my cool when cool people do cool shit, but my guy Matt Barnes sent me a follow request on IG yesterday and today I still can’t get off how cool I thought that shit was!

If u know anything about me I like unheralded ballerz with no fear, tats and attitudez. Most of all I like real men and with stand up qualities. Matty Barnes is all of that. I truly had him right after LeBron as #4 in my top 5 fav Active playerz. (Kmart. JrSmith, lbj, mb9, nateRob. And zbo as my 6th man) I say had because I had to move his ass to #1 today lol. Fuck it. He earned it . Haha.

Thats how young kidz used to pick they fav players through they first interactions. The shit may not have been much of an interaction to u but the shit was for me lol.

I was Humbled and excited I felt like a lil ass kid Good look bro bro. I love ur game , admire ur example off court and I appreciate the follow. Oh and congratz on the new contract. #GetMoney

Follow my favorite player on IG  @Matt_Barnes9. the realest player in the league, and just as real a mfka off court too.

Oh and Fwm 2 @theGritz im mbarnes certified ya bish. 



RIP Brandon Knight

Knight was in the wrong place at the wrong time last night. Jordan caught a Lob from Chris Paul and emotionally killed Brandon Knight.

DeAndre Jordan over brandon Knight March 11th 2013

The dunk was quickly dubbed the “best of the year” by sportscasters, basketball fans, and teammate Blake Griffin.


Matty Barnez iz my guy

I fukz with Matty Barnes. I like real people and Matt barnes is a real guy. He has problems just like regular dudes off the court and he dont back down from anybody on the court. I like players I can identify with and Identify with that. I fuckz with my guy.   The Lakers always do away with real dudes that go unheralded that fill tough roles so It frustrates me sometimes to see Matt Barnes type guys move on. so I hope he resigns and sticks around because I love to see players like Matt Barnes get rings. I was really happy to see Juwan Howard win one last year with the Heat. Nobody talks about these guys until theyre in the news for some off the court shit. So Just a lil Recognition for a real guy doing real shit whether u notice or not. S/o to mattY Matt.

In most recent news Matt  a free-agent forward who spent the last two seasons with the Lakers, faces a felony charge of threatening a public official after being arrested Monday night, said Lt. Steve Tobias of the Manhattan Beach Police Dept.
Barnes was arrested in Manhattan Beach after an officer who was aware he had an outstanding warrant for a misdemeanor traffic violation approached him on foot, Tobias said. When the officer attempted to arrest Barnes, Tobias said, “Mr. Barnes did not cooperate and threatened” the officer. Tobias declined to divulge what Barnes said to the officer.  I think thats silly as fuck to recognize a man from his stardom and arrest try to arrest in a non treating non-violent situation.  My guy was out and enjoying himself and and the officer singles Matt out based on his stardom. police do some fuckin soft shit sometimes. I have a hard time respecting bullshit like that. And you fuckin right He aint co-operate I would be like fUck YOU. smh. anyway My boy posted 510000 bail like a g and got on. S/o to real people s/o to Matt. Read the rest of this entry

My Guy K- Mart signed to Chinese League!!

Kenyon Martin Will Sign Largest Contract in Chinese League History

Keyon Martin is one of my Favorite players ever. I love my dudes game. I love to see Harder mufuckas do they stuff. haha. It’s the only shit i can relate to. congrats to my boy for signing the largest CBA in history……

Another member of the Nuggets is signing in China, where — sorry, Denver fans — he won’t have an NBA opt-out clause. Via the Denver Post: “Longtime Nuggets forward Kenyon Martin will sign a contract to play with Xingiang Guanghui in the Chinese Basketball Association. Martin’s contract will be the the biggest in CBA history. ‘It’s a great opportunity for him to stay in shape and stay fresh,’ said Andy Miller, Martin’s agent. ‘And it also gives him an opportunity to expand his name globally.’ It’s an exciting career opportunity for Martin, an unrestricted free agent, who won’t have an out-clause in his contract. The CBA ends on Feb. 16, but Martin’s team is talented and could make a playoff run toward the end of March. Wilson Chandler and J.R. Smith, Martin’s Denver teammates, are also playing in China this year.”


Marcus Camby Arrested for Marijuana Possession

Marcus Camby Arrested for Marijuana Possession

Per YourHoustonNews, Marcus Camby was booked for allegedly having weed in his possession while driving late last night: “Two-time NBA all-star Marcus Camby, 37, of the Portland Trail Blazers, was arrested by Pearland police Monday and charged with marijuana possession. Police officials say officers pulled over Camby’s black Porsche around midnight on when he was spotted driving north on Cullen Boulevard with a sun screen device blocking the front window. Officers then questioned Camby and a passenger, later identified as Kendal Lance Johnson, 25. Officers say they noticed the smell of marijuana. Camby gave permission for the car to be searched and police said they discovered what appeared to be several marijuana cigarettes and a baggie with a small amount of the same substance hidden under the front seat. Both suspects denied ownership of the marijuana. Camby and Johnson were arrested and later charged with possession of marijuana in a drug-free zone, a class A misdemeanor offense. Both suspects were released after posting $2,000 bond.”

NBA star Al Harrington knocks out a reporter

i think Im add a New category I feel like I been trying to avoid it but I have to have a Sports Category. It too much of my attention not to. So I guess I might start with these Nba Mfz. smh. They buggin out with this lockout. Most of em really dont have no sense in the first place but basketball always excuse them but these lil Lockout antics is gettin outta hand. yo boy gonna start documentment em to. smh. so I gues first and just real quik my nigga Al Harrinton wants to be an MMA fighter. smh. whatever homie do yo stuff. here go the Video lol.


NBA star Al Harrington really knocks out a reporter during an MMA sparring session in Huntington Beach, California.
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references; I get alot of my lil newz from my homeboy Necterr and Angel Kou on check us out over there too.