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“NL2F” The Volume Series


The Volume Series By Mark Anthony Howard “The Gritz”


“NL2F” The Volume Series is my latest book in progress. Its a dedication to the professional and affluent woman in a collection of poetic prose and love letters. Its pace and its verbiage is very sophisticated, very sensual and very seductive.

All together,its super sexy and super flirty, with alot of enriching perspectives and values on mature interpersonal and sexual relationships.

I kind of want to keep the certain mystique it has do I won’t say too much, I’ll probably just leave a couple samples and snippets up between now and the books launch scheduled for late February/ early March.

It should b available at online book retailers and  for a very worthy 39.95.

So start saving for only book that’ll satisfy a professional woman’s holistic craving.

Hope you’re intrigued! Stay tuned “NL2F”coming soon.


Their Expectations

They expect me to fail.
They expect me in jail.

They expect me to quit.
They expect me to be a victim.

They expect me to lose.
They expect me to lose it.
They expect me to hoop.
They expect me to do music.

They expect me to be criminal
They expect me to be divisible

They expect me to be violent.
They expect me to stay silent.
They expect me to be hateful.
They expect me to be wasteful.

They expect me to be homeless.
They expect me to be poor.
They expect me to be vulnerable.
They expect me to be torn.

They expect me hide.
They expect me to die.
But I expect more for myself.
And I expect God to provide it.

Terrible Rush

Is success such an urgency to trade qualities for quanties?

Your Love is Not Mine…

“Your Love is Not Mine…”| Mark Anthony Howard “The Gritz


Your love is not mine

Your love is an ordinary love

Your love has no imagination

Your love is a mimic and imitation

Your love has limitationsselfish


Your love is not mine

Your love is circumstantial

Your love has impurities

Your love is immature

Your love has insecurities

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W-Double-U-Q’s (A Black Man?)

Who is a Black Man?

What makes a man Black?

Where does the Black Man come from?

When is the Black man going back?




Pray 4 me please.
Everyone makes such request
But the sincerity of my heart
Makes my life such a test.

I’ve grown uneasy with calm
I expect calamity
I’ve grown easy in calamity
Im exceptionally calm.

How much alarm
Can a quiet soul take on fearlessly
Before the many horns of Satans torment have worn down his spirit.

Pray 4 me please.
Please don’t ignore this request
The sincerity of my heart
is under constant durress.

Care is

I just want to know what care is…
But I don’t even know who care is…

I knew who care was…
So I wonder what care does…
I know care is loving
I know care is sweet
I know care is happy
But I wonder just how deep.
I know care is sincere
I know care is unique
I know care is caring
But I wonder why care doesn’t speak.
I know care is active
I know care is strong
I know care is righteous
But I wonder how care is alone.
I know care is attractive
I know care is beautiful
I know care is virtuous
But I wonder whose care is suitable.
I want to know care is truth
I want to know care is secrets
I want to be what care is interest is
I want to be who care is deep with.

Care is in my kiss
care is in my touch.
Care is in my love
Care is in my lust
Care is in my mind
Care is in my heart
Care is in my soul
Care is a part of Mark

I wonder where care is
and my heart wants to go there.
I wonder how care lives and my thoughts wanna know where?

Care is on Instagram and Facebook
But care never calls.
Care is concerned,
But care is involved.
So if care is not for me,
Should i care at alI?
I just wonder who care is?
‘Cause being careless is hard.

Heal her / Healer

I  want to heal her today,
that I may be her healer tomorrow…

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Stay true

Sometimes my truth won’t allow me to be successful. But as an adult man I have found that MY truth isn’t always THE truth.

I acknowledge the truth of my God and staying true to myself, as high of a priority as it is 2 me, is best accomplished by staying true to him primarily.

-The Gritz

Mark Morrison by The Gritz

Yesterday I believed in us.
Today I feel wiser
I’m ashamed of how foolishly
I gave my faith to a liar.

– Mark Anthony Howard “The Gritz”

Between mind and The Gritz

A different time
may better define
the grind of the gritz
but the present
has designed
his minds
ultimate existence.


Friday, Saturday, someday.

Some days I almost go crazy.
Those are days I excuse myself to be lazy. Some days I almost die. Those are days I excuse myself to cry.

Most days are grayish. Those are days I excuse myself to pray.

a Romance or nah ?

A clever man’s romance in her hands is left stranded. Only a foolish lover will advance to understand her.

A grey agenda


I payed 280 for that fuckin jacket but I never felt as warm as when I gave it away in 35 degrees. She bowed her blonde head  as I wrapped her shoulders. “Don’t Fuckin freeze out here baby.”  “Thanks” she said softly. “Fasho.”

a night like this


on a night like this

I remember how cold the wind felt as it blew through my t-shirt.

the streetlights lite a path toward a distination I wasnt sure of.

 I didnt have any place to go.  and It was too cold to think.

a million thoughts frozen

I just followed my feet 

at the last of my endurance 

I past a familiar street.

Derrick Van Dusen was a great friend to me

I headed for his home.

3 am I dared not to ring but I bodaciously approached his door step with no intentions to knock.

another thought froze as his cat ran past me.

I scared her and she me

and she scurried in to the garage.

The door was open.

And I was to cold to pass

I went in and couldnt see shit but I was comforted by the walls to block the wind

Inside the garage was Ms. Joni’s Dodge caravan.

That door was open too.

I sat in a fell asleep

15 years old, that night was my first in the street.

a night like this makes me think of it.

a night like this makes me see.



If time is what we value.

why do we waste it.

If death is certain.

Why do we live with no urgency.


Truth be told…

To carry lies and tell them throughout a lifetime is terrible.  What then is a lifetime holding truth to never tell it?

To where Popz?

When he .  left
He ain’t cry he just asked him to where?

Why would he care if he could follow him there?

“I just want to be with my pops.” Little marky thought.
At seven most boys either wouldnt understand at all or would have over react dramatically.

But lil mark was fully comprehensive to the swell of stuffed Nike gym bags piling up by the small apartment’s door.

As his pops swiftly shuffled through every drawer and cabinet in every room of the apartment filling his Home Depot tool box, Marky handed him the lil screwdriver and wrench he had borrowed to fix the wheels on his monster truck.

Hed been provoked to leave to many times.  It wasnt Markys fault and it shouldnt be his consequence.

He just wanted to be with his pops.
So when he left …

He ain’t cry he just asked him to where?

Why would he care if he could follow him there?

Small pieces

Small pieces

A small woman with three boys  rustle through a large trash can in back of an alpha beta grocery store with small flashlights tossing anything unopened and salvageable into empty milk crates.

These nights are good nights to look because the stores expirations dates usually fall on Thursday, a day before trash and new incoming shipments.

Most things are still good because the store policy disposes items a week before expirations or if any small pieces are damaged or  molded.

Things like yogurts, grits, crackers, some vegetables, and even some packaged meat can be scored in the perfect conditions.

“Its really not that bad” Eleanor tells the boys.”Its a little mushy but its better to get all the way in.” They boys reserve not to ablige her invitation and stand aside the full size trashcans picking certain things within a reasonably extended reach that Eleanor may be happy with.

The two eldest boys are slightly embarassed of their mother but both are strangely comforted by the unassuming mate so willing to accompany their so very humbling expedition.

The two eldest search more assertively than the third but he is just as much service of heart and support to the cause as the bigger boys twice his age.

The team of humble scavangers recover from the dumps like a small band of raccoons. They fill the 7 seat Celebrity wagon’s cab with the milk crates and head back for little marky’s apartment where Eleanor and her two boys will be staying for a while.

“Good Deeds mates” Eleanor thanks the boys.

Times are tough and sometimes extremely humbling but such are the times where unassuming companionship, good spirit and true love is its purest.

Little marky knows directly from heaven that there is no low young angels shouldn’t go to lift the people they know.

This wouldn’t be the last dive for Eleanor and her boys but it wouldn’t little marky’s last either

Sometimes life situations discard good people for small pieces of disatisfactory. The humility of those persons are the grits that nurture the spirit of heaven’s will here on earth forever.

Relevant across culture

The exploration of culture is always relevant.

Its preservation as well.

The crossing of each unto another’s is the cultivation of earth.

To understand ones native is necessary to sustain in ones own life, but to understand foreign is truly to gain within all of it.

The workings of thy neighbor confuses the ignorant.  But the wise is comprehensive to the doings of all.

The concerning neighbor is inquisitive to those who surround him and acknowledges their practices.

The rich neighbor visits freely  and thoughtfully adds to those whos dwelling is closest to his inhabitants.

The wisest of all is seeking an education across natives and speaking that he may educate those foreign as well.