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The Gritz On… Bill Cosby Allegations

Mark Anthony Howard “The Gritz” | Opinion

Bill_cosby_1969I apologize to women that may have been in any way sexually abused, for what may convey as any of my own insensitivity.

But I also apologize to women that may have been sexually abused, for the women and media that have used such a horrific experience as leverage for their own personal gain towards relevancy.

As many of the columnist whom have chimed in on the scorching topic of Bill Cosby and the 16 claims of drugging and sexual assault; I do not know Mr. Bill Cosby personally and have no clue if these claims are legitimate or completely false.

My opinion only concerns the fact that these claims are ten, twenty, and thirty years seasoned and lack a moral message.
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The Gritz on… Mike Brown

I have to state how much I resent having or giving opinions on “pop news” as I call it. So my opinion is based around the resentment that peoples lives and dire situations can become a channel of entertainment news to be considered as current events for people who have no relative relationship nor sincere interest in the subject being illicited by media.

So with that as my disclaimer and respect to Mike and his family… I think that Mike Brown and his unjustified murder by Ferguson Police department is being exploited beyond any sincere concern for Mike Brown and his family’s situation.

I believe classism is much more predominant of a vice in our society and it systematically uses rascism as a irrelevant front to distract it’s victims into perpetuating itself further.

I think that Mike Brown is surely a victim of one man’s rascism that maybe shared by many others within Policing Departments throughout America; But I think Mike Brown has come to represent a much larger victimization of the poor and working class.

I don’t believe the truest issue represented by the death of Michael Brown is rascism in America at all. I resent and find disappointment in the illusion that it is. Classism is what enables Police departments,Government legislation, and the Judicial system to ensure Mike Brown will continue to happen again and again in America with consequence. 

And that’s what should be inspiring outrage…. Not racism.

The Gritz on…. Inland Prostitution


“The Most deleterious effect” by Mark Anthony Howard “The Gritz” is an opinions article previously  published in the  Riverside Viewpoints newspaper on the worst effect of prostitution within low income communities.

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The Gritz on…..The Best Man Holiday

Aside from Sanaa being the most beautiful women ever. Fuck that movie! 65% of Black marriages end in divorce. That means 65% of the mfkaz that lose they mind to see Lance and wonder what the fuck Robin is gonna do need to be just as enthusiastic about their own reality. They might need to keep their mind on positive resolutions in their own relationships, sustaining they own marriage and keeping their family together.

Its certain things that perpetuate  disillusions in black communities.  Tv, music, and definitely film give a channel to unrealistic ideals of relationships.

Probably why you don’t have a real  one. Ya bish. If you base your life around a movie I promise you all the drama without a happy ending.

The gritz on….Initiative

If Initiative is not my favorite word, it is absolutely one of my favorites.

I dont know what alot of people base themselves around. I can only speak for myself. I am my initiative.

Even to my fault, because when you initiate, things become the doings of who you are; all accountable faults included.

I could never imagine living my life without any initiative as some people do. I’ve grown slightly disdain and dismissive of people with solely responsive traits. Thats not who i am and thats not who I want to be around.

People with initiative are more audacious, accountable, and responsible. Overall they are more progressive and more fun in my opinion. They dont mind making mistakes and dont judge others of those same initiative because they understand what initiative entails.

Responsive personalities love and hate initiators, because they can hide all of their faults behind him or her. You can always say he/she Did it. Its always an initiators fault and most times they will absolutely accept as there own. Who wouldnt want such a perfect scapegoat for inequity?

Responsive personalities never really win and never really lose because they never really shoot. They just usually take whats given to them or what theyve earned and tend to blame, point, and excuse. An Innonocence is good to uphold but its just not at all who I am.

I love to be proactive in the pursuit of my personal growth. I love to take the blame, be pointed at, and offer no explanatory excuse. Its so empowering and surprisingly educational in its consequence.

My Initiative has taught me so many things and created so many opportunities thoughout my life.

Some from absolutely nothing! When you simply respond you have to wait for opportunities to be presented.

Even then responsive people dont tend to recognize its presence or its presentation. Unless its just totally given to you, you’d still have to initiate some form of acceptance.

The thing about being solely responsive is that most times even when opportunites are presented and hopefully recognized–a lack of initiative will limit or even minimize the size of the opportunity to the proportion of its presentation.

As an exact contrast initiative not only MAKES opportunities… it maximizes its potential.

I love to be around people of this Type of trait. There is always some engagement in proactive activity and you never know when
something significant may manifest.

Id not only like to be a success of myself– id like to initiate an optimal success of myself!

What is your response to that?

The Gritz on…. Gun Control

An objective opinion– not influenced by personal feelings, interpretations, or prejudice; based on facts and unbiased!

Gun control

By Mark Anthony Howard (The Gritz)

Gun control is at the fore-front of every political campaign, and the fore-issues on the America agenda across the county. The issue has spread as a wild fire in the realms of American forum. But what is Gun Control exactly? And why do we need it? Gun Control is any law, policy, practice, or proposal designed to restrict or limit the possession, production, importation, shipment, sale, and/or use of guns or other firearms by private citizens among others.

Gun Control Laws and policy vary greatly around the world. Some countries, such as the United Kingdom, have very strict limits on gun possession while others, such as the United States, have relatively modest limits. The debate grows on the role of federal law their responsibility in the adapting of legislature to limit and moderate the sale and purchase of guns, gun types, and ammunition. The topic also remains a source of intense debate with proponents generally arguing the dangers of widespread gun ownership, and opponents generally arguing individual rights of self-protection and individual liberties such as the second amendment. Read the rest of this entry

The Gritz on… “The Meanings of a Word” by Gloria Naylor

This is my reflection Journal for my English Class based on the text “The Meanings of a Word” by Gloria Gaynor

I truly hated reading this story and was completely irritated by it. I was highly offended by the reading and the discussion of it in the class. I thought the account was completely false and destructive for black people. As a black person I have never called another black person the word nigger in my life.  I thought it was unfair for the writer to volunteer this as a statement for all black people. There is a great difference between the WORD “nigger” and the expression “nigga.” I was uncomfortable with the use of the word and most of all I was I was uncomfortable with how comfortable my classmates and my professor where with using the word nigger. As if it was a relevant word in a relevant text.

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u be The Judge

Lol. I fuckin hate court.. I dont like be the fuckin defendant I damn sure never been the plaintiff and Iaint nevverr been nobodys fuckin judge!!!!   but since mufkkaz wanna make life a court house everyday, let me be a representation (lawyer) for my peeple real quik.

my first argument is that nobodies perfect. thats a fuckin cliche but the shit is real. If u consider your own imperfections, why is it so hard to consider the ones others may have. I hate when people dissect other people (usual when they not even there) and express they bum ass “Judgement” on somebody that aint concerned with them. (thats usually why mfz be mad too, because shit aint about they ass).

I just be speakin for myself tho. Im way too G to give a fuck about  breaking down the flaws of other people when I got my own that I dont even give a fuck about. lol.  Especially If I actually “CARE” for a person. I feel like love is knowing a mufuckaz shortcomings and learning to work around them.  I promise I overlook some much bullshit in people because it dont matter. If shit dont affect yo money what the fuck is all the emotion over? I just feel like its fair trade; ill overlook your bullshit if you overlook mine. but if you call me out on mine… I still dont give a fuck about yours lol. so. I guess I dont judge because I dont care. If I fuck with you…. then I fuck wit you. flaws and all.  I aint no better than you are we just different. I respect differences because I have so many!

so I aint nobodiez fuckin judge…. You be the judge.

the Gritz on… “Writing”

I think writing is a skill. I think like any other skill it must be developed.  My first college English course has given me an appreciation for writing as a profession as well. My English professor took his work and his profession very seriously and even personally. I appreciated his discipline. Now for my self I have also began to intensify my writing , both as skill and a profession.

But What I would like to convey of writing is the FREEDOM of it. Writing’s only cost is time. I believe I am falling i Love with the time I spend with writing. I feel like writing nurtures all of my selfishness and caters to me completely. And I love it. Its like having a completely understand and unbias friend.  Writing has been my best friendship in the last year of blogging. Writing is a great contribution to my hold on sanity.  I feel my relationships have suffered with craziness– My relationship with writing however has grown with it.

Through writing I think I’ve grown trust in friends, lovers, business , and trust in MYSELF. Writing allows you to be completely honest and transparent to the fullest of your ability. And I love IT! I LOVE WRITING. I am in love with writing! It may be absolutely crazy to converse with yourself, but to write to yourself I so peaceable and distinguished.

Writing has enabled me to have a Loving relationship with MYSELF. I am able to counsel, console, and control myself all without a single condemn. I am free to be all of me. I am able to understand me.  and I am able to Love me. As a writer, I am my favorite writer. Through writing I allow myself to be my own bestfriend and It truly sets my spirit free! I feel paradise and freedom when I write I never want to stop. I want to grow it.

The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe. — Gustave Flaubert

New Category “The Gritz On…”

okay check me out Im starting a New Category. Since all my Post that consistent of my opionion are in regards to myself,  thought that Id open  MYSELF up a lil bit. Lol. So check me out my new category is “THE GRITZ ON” ….(exp. “Woman”). can u digg that? haha I hope somebody enjoys it. lol