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“Hall of Justice:” Fuck Their System


Injustice happens everyday to people of all colors and backgrounds, not just to Black people and when it makes the news. 

The way the Justice system works is to take advantage of the people it is meant to serve.

At any business, retail store, or restaurant, bad service is absolutely unacceptable.
In American courtrooms of law its absolutely accepted and expected.  Read the rest of this entry


Homeless Awarness : “Thankz & Giving”


A Success! Greyland Youth Organization -Food and Clothe drive

Greyland Youth Organizations second food drive was a great success.  In spite of  terrible storm weather the commitment of Greylands community members shined bright.

13 Greyland community members from ages 5 to 55 sacrificed there warm homes for a cold and wet tent over a bench in San Bernardino Meadow Brook Park.

The tent talk was an encouraging action plan of Greylands agenda to help its community and make a positive difference.

Each volunteer did exactly that as they provide hot meals and warm (dry) clothing to over 30 homeless and needing neighbors.

The group was able to socialize personally with some of the communities poorest members and put a name to those whom actually live within the Meadow Brook parks  parameters.

Mr. Ivory was an especially touching case being 65 years old, fully native American, world traveled and amongst the humblest of spiritual men one could ever meet. Mr. Ivoryvwho calls the parks eastern most bench his home spends ever night with only a blue 8×5 tarp as his shelter.

Greylands Community members where able to trade Mr. Ivory’s as well as about 15 others wet clothing, soaked from lastnights unsheltered sleep, for new socks, new shoes, new pants, new shirts, new sweaters, new jackets, and a new blanket for tonight’s unsheltered sleep.

The warming feeling of helping others in the truest of need seem to bring the sun out through the days storming rain.

We thank all those that donated and especially thank those Greyland  participants. Our grey hearts blessings to those who we were able to serve, feed, and encourage.

We look forward to further influence within the inland  community for years to come.

“I may be broke… but I’m God’s child I can’t be broken” – Mr. Ivory


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Greyland Youth Organization’s San Bernardino Homeless Awarness Food and Clothe Drive

Last week –

In a effort to revitalize San Bernardino. Police and K9 units conducted a sweep of The Meadow Brook Park. Police officers issued 38 citations to homeless men and women, and made 50 arrest including 4 veterans.


This week –

Saturday March 1st, 2014. We would like to invite back all those and as many others that have been displaced, homeless,  and unfortunate to a free meal and free clothing.


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A grey agenda


I payed 280 for that fuckin jacket but I never felt as warm as when I gave it away in 35 degrees. She bowed her blonde head  as I wrapped her shoulders. “Don’t Fuckin freeze out here baby.”  “Thanks” she said softly. “Fasho.”

Omar’s Wireless in Rialto burned down

Last night between 4-5 am a fire was initiated at Omar’s Wireless on foothill and Meridian in Rialto.

By 6 pm the wireless services store was completely burned down. And by 11 its was being reported on abc7.

Owned and operated by Omar himself and his nephew, the wireless store was much more than a regular store for the Rialto community. 

Over the years the wireless store has simply become known as “Omar’s.”

“Omar’s,”Referring to him personally, because if you ever had any type of wireless issue, concern, or wish from barter to trade, sale or purchase, you could be confident that Omar got you.

I drove by the store today for a personal look at the news I had heard.  Rialto Police, caution-tape, abc 7 news cameras, and about 50 on lookers surrounded the store.

The store was toast and smelled liked gas vapors. Omar looked so sad as spoke to Rialto arson and police detectives.

As he caught a break in questioning to smoke a cigarette by woodys bbq. I gave em dap, shook my head, and told him to hold his head as he shook it disgustly.

As a Rialto native and community member Omars store burning felt  kind of personal because I know the dude. Everybody knows the dude.  Hell help anybody and everybody without a lot of the wireless hassle, bullshit, and overpricing you get from other stores.

Omars is in a thuggy part of Rialto so I’ve seen him thug it out with any thug, hood, loud-mouth that provoke him. But he definitely a good dude.

That’s fucked up that someone may have burnt his shit down and its fucked up if it may have burnt on its own because in either event “Omars” is burnt down.

I expect fights, arguments, and craziness, and some mild rickety to go on in Omars but I never expected his shit to burn down.

So just as a positive affirmation amidst all the negativity that may circle Omars and his businesses reputation I’d like to acknowledge Omar personally along with his store as an iconic figure and landmark in Rialto city.

Hold your head Omar. My sympathy and my respect.

Accelerating Ministries


 Welcome to accelerating mininstries.

Many of us have been attracted to accelerating ministries by the ministries staffing services.

These services provide jobs and secure income for over 500 members in three different california regions.

We love that we have been able to reach such a wide necessity and help so many needing families support themselves.

No matter your attraction to accelerating ministries we would like to extend to you a comfortable welcome with our Pastors theme of love and peace.

We understand that many different backgrounds may have promoted many different beliefs and traditions.

We at accelerating ministries accept all of different backgrounds as personal foundations in who we all are individually.

What we would like to represent is a loving home for all those needing  supportive encouragement in life and in their worship to God.

What We would like to represent is a loving home for Godly worship in the loving, unassuming, and peaceable environment that God intended for us.

No matter your attraction your accelerating ministries we are all united under our service to God.

We would like to welcome you in that service with love and peace from now and forever

Sincerely yours
Accelerating Ministries.

Less Homes and less hope


San Bernardino is the capital of less hope and less Homes. The Home of the homeless and hopeless. Each day in San Bernardino Men women, and young children find themselves living on the streets doing anything and everything just to make it through the hot day and cold nights…. just to do it all again tommorow. Homelessness is a sad and harsh reality in the city of San Bernardino. I would like to be a spokesman and advocate to their issues and its effects on the city.

RIALTO: Man shoots stripper

RIALTO: Man shoots stripper in face, kills self

A 20-year-old female stripper was shot in the face by a male customer during a private dance at the Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen’s Club in Rialto on Thursday, April 17, 2013. The man then shot himself. The stripper was taken to the hospital and is in serious condition.

The Bat Cave – Rialto Ave


The Bat Cave

The Bat Cave – Rialto Ave

RIALTO Coach who was shot may face criminal charges


RIALTO: Coach who was shot may face criminal charges

San Bernardino police are preparing to submit a criminal complaint to prosecutors against a Rialto basketball coach who says he was shot on his way to a park bathroom.

San Bernardino Police Chief Robert Handy said Friday that detectives plan to submit a case against Eisenhower basketball coach Steve Johnson to the San Bernardino County district attorney’s office. Police are conducting a separate investigation into the shooting.

Since the shooting, Handy said detectives have learned information, independent of Johnson, about what he was doing at the park.

Handy said Johnson may have involved in potential criminal behavior, but declined to elaborate.

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Rialto Throwback : PD scandal

Rialto is my favorite lil town so I dont want to knock it or even bring any shame to the present status of the PD I truly beleive them to be the fairest of all the county at present time but this is just a lil reblog on a throwback scandal. Its always better to know  then to not. So if you missed it check this out. I also appreciated the measures the pd took to correct itself as well though. Take it from a active street participant Rialto PD is now a group of quality stand up dudes.  


Two Rialto police officers have quit and four others have been severely disciplined after an internal probe was completed into allegations they had sex with strip club workers at police union headquarters, the chief said Friday. Read the rest of this entry

Police Investigate Homicide After Rialto Apartment Fire

Police Investigate Homicide After Rialto Apartment Fire

Police say Rosa Hernandez, 74, was killed in her Rialto apartment before it was set on fire.Police say Rosa Hernandez, 74, was killed in her Rialto apartment before it was set on fire
RIALTO, Calif. — Police are investigating the possible murder of an elderly woman after a fire broke out early Saturday morning at an apartment complex in Rialto.

Police say Rosa Hernandez, 74, was killed in her Rialto apartment before it was set on fire. Read the rest of this entry

Principal suspected of having sex with student

CORONA: Principal suspected of having sex with student

Dr. Brian Garrett Joseph, 38, of Corona, the principal of Etiwanda High School in Rancho Cucamonga, was arrested Oct. 30, 2012 on suspicion of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor.The principal of Etiwanda High School in Rancho Cucamonga was arrested at his Corona home on Tuesday, Oct. 30, on suspicion of having unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor – one of his students.Dr. Brian Garrett Joseph, 38, was arrested at 12:05 a.m., according to a news release from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. He was booked at Central Detention Center with bail set at $25,000.The unidentified accuser is a Fontana resident whom allegedly began the relationship with the Dr. Joseph when she was a student at the school, according to authorities. She is now 18.

On the school’s website, Dr. Joseph lauds the positive learning environment on campus. “We believe in continuous improvement in each and every one of our students and their ability to learn and achieve,” he said.

smh crazy shit.

Fontana Class ReUnion 2002

The Fontana Class ReUnion was an absolute hit. Heather Barenchi did an absolute job of planning, coordinating and hosting such a exciting event.  Ms. Barenchi not only hosted and coordinated also left a great in impression. I had never met Heather in highschool. So in my first meeting of her tonight she was all of sweet, pleasant, fun, professional, and real rolled in to one gorgeous young lady. Just as a spirited classmate I was really proud of her commitment and execution of such an event like this. I have talk to many other alum of Fontana High and there graduation class had no Reunion. So In meeting Heath

er I really felt bad I did not participate and help as much I may have should or could. So as We spoke I promised my support anything in she may regard for our class and school. I would Just like to be the first to recognize her effort with a THANK YOU!!! and just as well a GREAT JOB!

Id also like to thank Tiffany Steward, Koby Blankson and Travis Davis for the invitation to the lil after function. haha. Alcohol is good for your body lol.
– Mark Anthony Howard Read the rest of this entry

Fontana Roots

 The City of Fontana

Fontana Steel Mill


The City of Fontana was incorporated on June 25, 1952. The City and its Sphere of Influence (SOI) encompass an area of approximately 52.4 square miles and contain a population of approximately 188,498 people. It is located in San Bernardino County, approximately 50 miles east of Los Angeles. Due to its geographic location, the City is identified as “…the crossroads of the Inland Empire” (Fontana Chamber of Commerce, 2008).

How Fontana Began
Fontana began as an agricultural community in 1913 and became a thriving industrial town by 1942 due to the opening of the Kaiser Steel Mill on the outskirts of town. Kaiser Steel remained a primary source of employment and revenue until 1984 when it ceased operation.

Since then, the City has continued to grow rapidly due to several factors, including: 

  • Development of Kaiser Permanente Hospital (one of the largest medical facilities in the region)
  • Unparalleled population growth stimulating major residential, commercial, and industrial development

Fontana Today
Since the year 2000, Fontana has been one of the fastest growing cities in Southern California (Los Angeles Times, 2003). In 2008, after reviewing data from the United States Census Bureau, the National Center for Education Statistics, the National Center for Health Statistics, and the American Bar Association, Best Life magazine deemed Fontana the 24th best place to raise a family in the United States.

Of the first 100 cities chosen by Best Life as outstanding family-oriented communities, Fontana was the fifth best place to raise a family in the State of California.

3 people shot in a San Bernardino

3 people shot in a San Bernardino

Three people wounded in a San Bernardino shooting Wednesday are expected to survive their wounds, police said today.

Police came to a large apartment complex in the 2100 block of West Chestnut Avenue at 6:48 p.m. and found a 32-year-old woman and two men – ages 27 and 33 – wounded by gunfire. Police said the shooting occurred in the pool area of the complex.

Paramedics took the victims to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in Colton where the woman and 27-year-old man underwent surgery.

The shooter is in his mid 20s, 6-feet-tall, 170 pounds and has a fade haircut. The motive for the shooting is unknown.


congrats to mY Guy – Barry Larkin (HALL OF FAMER)

I Love Players that play the WHOLE GAME! Baseball is missing these type of guyz.  My Guy Barry Larkin is the Epitome of those “WHOLE GAME” type of guyz. So im extremely excited to see such a deserving Man and stand-up ball player inducted into the Baseball HALL OF FAME!!!

Reblog-  In his third year on the ballot, Larkin received 86 percent of the vote Monday – nearly 20 percent more than second-place finisher Jack Morris – and easily surpassed the 75 percent required to be elected to Cooperstown. Larkin received 62.1 percent of the vote last year and 51.6 in 2010.

Larkin joins Johnny Bench and Bid McPhee as Hall of Famers who spent their entire career with Reds.

• Video: Larkin interviews
Barry Larkin quiz

Larkin wants to include his hometown in his big moment.

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Pregnant San Bernardino mother shot and baby killed in drive by

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. — Police were already investigating two unrelated shootings in the city when they received reports that a third shooting of the same day, critically wounded a 22-year-oldpregnant woman, killed one of her toddlers and wounded the other.

Dispatchers received the call at 7:40 p.m. from the 1300 block of D Street, said Lt. David Harp. Initial reports indicated that the shooter fired shots from a moving car into the woman’s home, but Harp said evidence now suggests that the suspect fired while on bicycles.

Why the shooter opened fire on the home is not yet clear, But the results of the shooting were undeniably tragic. Bullets hit the unidentified pregnant woman and her two children.

The woman’s daughter, 3, was pronounvced dead at St. Bernardine’s Hospital.

A second girl — also 3-years-old — is in extremely critical condition at Loma Linda University Medical Center, he said. The wounded girl is not related to the pregnant woman, said Lt. Gwen Waters.

The mother is in critical condition at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in Colton.

Homicide detectives are still processing the scene, Harp said.

Police have not yet released a description of the victim.

Two other men were wounded in other shootings in the city earlier in the day, Harp said.

The first was reported about 5:50 p.m. near the intersection of Foothill Boulevard and Meridian Avenue. A pedestrian was shot in the upper body, Harp said. The unidentified man was taken to a nearby hospital and is listed in serious but stable condition.

The second shooting was reported about 6 p.m. in the 100 block of E. Olive Street. A man was driving when he was critically wounded when struck by a bullet, Harp said. A passenger in the car drove the victim to a hospital, where he is now in grave condition

 heres the video link I was trying to post : aka channel 0