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How much does Obama Care



It’s not just about working out but it’s a way you live your life. This page will give helpful hints, good eating habits, workout tips and other informational things to get your lifestyle fit.

Fit Life Is a women’s health program that encourages its members to push themselves passed their normal levels of comfort in order to achieve the results they wish to achieve for themselves physically and mentally.

FitLife is hosted by Tavi Thompson who leads encouraging workouts for free every Monday @ Chaffey College at 6 pm. Some of FitLife’s participants are transforming themselves from untoned, un-healthy, un- conditioned and un-disciplined to strong willed and determined individuals living healthy and fit lives.  Please email Tavi personally or visit the FitLife FB page and inquire of participating in this encouraging and proactive program.  Wellness takes support and encouragement, FitLife has your back!

“We only have one body why not give it the best. We are what we eat! Get your Wellness evaluation NOW, why wait, waiting doesnt change anything but putting forth an effort and doing does! – Tavi Thompson